One Potato Two




Couple of New Projects

I got two new assignments on the same day.
Is this a message to pull away from playing Dragon Quest and start working?

*whip crack*

One is a video game for kids, for Company A.
My favorite kid game I played as an unkid was Pokemon Snap on N64.
The pokemon were sooooo cute!
Actually, that was my first pokemon game.

The other one is a two-volume manga series for Company DQ.

I'm not sure if it was announced, so more details later.

World of Disgaea Released

The World of Disgaea is released today.

It's a nice book.
Loads and loads of information.

My favorite page is page 43.
"The Anatomy of the Mysterious Prinny."

I like the green Prinny.

Speaking of video games, I'm looking around for games to buy when I'm in Japan.
One of them is a PS2 game, even though I can't find our PS2 (we had the Japanese one).
I might have to borrow my friend's.

It's really too bad that Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) 4 is coming out in April, after I leave.
Maybe I can ask one of the Japanese people coming to AX to get it for me?