One Potato Two




Working on Delivery Cupid

Since Company B announced it yesterday, I can talk about it now.

I'm on the second story, which I find the funniest out of the six.
It's about a boy who gets a hold of a "Love Beam."
(It looks like a water gun).
You can shoot it to whoever you like and that person will fall in love with you.
So the boy decides to shoot a guy at school he secretly likes.
But...??? the story.

The funny part is the twist at the ending.

By the way, this book was the one my mother was cutting up and said that it's "kimochi warui."
(Japanese for gross).

You know, my mother used to call yaoi "iyarashii" (kinky or perverted), but now it went down to "kimochi warui."
Oh well.
She could've said worse things about my job.