One Potato Two




Finished Kitchen Princess

I don't know if it was the motivation of Jaguar, but I finished Kitchen Princess #6.

After translating all those recipes, I wish I can have a "Kitchen Princess Party."
I'll serve dishes that are introduced in Kitchen Princess.

The bruschetta looks easy, and the curry roll looks like something my friends can eat.
I can make flan if I have a steamer.

For some reason, my sister buys a lot of unwanted junk (popcorn maker, deep fryer, cheese grater) but we don't have the important things.
Like a food processor or a steamer.
Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray would agree that you would need the latter two more.

The Jaguar Blows Twice

I finally got my Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar #12 today.

But...I'm going to save it for a rainy day.

Actually, I'm going to save it until I finish ALL of my work I'm sitting on.
And clean my room.

That's how big of a reward reading this manga is for me.

It is the one gag manga I have trouble breathing because I laugh too much.
I have to actually put the book down to laugh, because I won't be able to stop if I keep looking at it.

Great amount of motivation for a $6 manga.