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Almost Done with Coyote Ragtime Show #1

I am almost done with Coyote Ragtime Show #1.
What a long title.

Speaking of coyotes, my friend Yuna used to live in Escondido, where they had coyotes nearby.

That reminds me of a story about my friend Anita who was scheduled to buy a puppy from a breeder, but was eaten by a hawk.
The puppy was just sitting in a basket in a car (or truck?), and the hawk just swooped down and took the puppy.

...No, this has nothing to do with Coyote Ragtime Show.
They are just random stories I like to share.

By the way, I chose Katana to be my thumbnail image instead of Mister or Franca because he's the hottest.
I mean, I like oyaji, but Mister is a little too...grizzly for me.