One Potato Two


All That Racquet

I finished Delivery Cupid, but I have no time to rest.

I just received the materials for the video game, so I have to start on that immediately.
It's a lot of text...and it's a very popular title, so there's pressure!!

So...I went to go play tennis.

It was freezing.
Freezing, in terms of Southern California.

My hands were cold and I couldn't grip the racquet well.
My tennis friend got several demo racquets, so we were trying those.

He got two Yonex and two Prince.

I currently use a Prince, but I grew up with Yonex.
Japanese family...go figure.

Why don't Prince of Tennis guys use more Yonex?
All the Japanese players in my league use Yonex.

Anyway, after the demo I realized that Yonex is the best.

Yonex is distinct because of its oval-shaped head.
People who are not used to is ask if it's harder to hit the ball with the smaller head.
But actually, you get more control.
Since I usually play against guys, control is important to me.

Going back to the Prince of Tennis.
I'm glad that because of the manga (and the anime and musicals) that tennis is getting recognition.
But it also means there are more beginners going to public courts to hit.

Beginners are okay, and I'd love to help if they want to learn, but I wish they would learn the etiquette (tenniquette) first.
Like, you're not supposed to walk inside the court when someone is playing a point.
You can't wear dark-soled shoes.
You're not supposed to jump over the net.
There are many more things you need to learn!

I wish they teach that in Prince of Tennis.

After that, you can teach about eastern grips and whatnot.

Anyway, I have to pack because I have jury duty tomorrow.
I'm sleeping over my mom's house tonight in downtown LA.

Couple of New Projects

I got two new assignments on the same day.
Is this a message to pull away from playing Dragon Quest and start working?

*whip crack*

One is a video game for kids, for Company A.
My favorite kid game I played as an unkid was Pokemon Snap on N64.
The pokemon were sooooo cute!
Actually, that was my first pokemon game.

The other one is a two-volume manga series for Company DQ.

I'm not sure if it was announced, so more details later.

World of Disgaea Released

The World of Disgaea is released today.

It's a nice book.
Loads and loads of information.

My favorite page is page 43.
"The Anatomy of the Mysterious Prinny."

I like the green Prinny.

Speaking of video games, I'm looking around for games to buy when I'm in Japan.
One of them is a PS2 game, even though I can't find our PS2 (we had the Japanese one).
I might have to borrow my friend's.

It's really too bad that Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) 4 is coming out in April, after I leave.
Maybe I can ask one of the Japanese people coming to AX to get it for me?

Oishinbo Blurb

My second series of choice for Hikikomori Weekend (TM) was Oishinbo.

Is there a Japanese person living in Japan who doesn't know this manga?

It's been animated, appeared on quiz shows (I first saw it on Magical Brain Power...same show I first saw Evangelion), became live action dramas and a movie.

My mom was watching the newest drama special.
Shirou was TOKIO's drummer, Shuzo Matsuoka.
Yuuko was Yuuka.
Yuuzan was by Ken Matsudaira (MatsuKen Samba guy).

I was thinking that Oishinbo would be hard to translate because of all the text.
English text usually becomes longer than Japanese text.
And according to the writer Tetsu Kariya, he says that when he writes the story he sends to the artist Akira Hanasaki, he sends in over 60 pages per episode.
The norm is about 20 pages.

Hanasaki and the editor condenses all of that text into a 22 page manga.
So you can imagine how much text is in there.

I hope someone does translate this manga one day.
It's informative and entertaining.
Although there are some graphic images that makes me consider becoming a vegetarian.
I just wish they don't show "the best way to kill a fish" as much.

Barefoot? Waltz Announced

I guess they announced what I've been calling Title H.
(H for Hadashi no Waltz).

It will be called Barefoot Waltz?
Not sure now.
MangaCast has it up for Autumn Waltz, which I think is a better title.
No one is barefoot in the story dancing, if I recall correctly.

The first story arc:
Takumi and Gie's school invites a violinist to come play at their school. Takumi is a big fan of the prodigy, which makes Gie a bit uneasy.

The second story arc:
Takumi and Gie are right in the middle of their school festival. Their class is serving sweets to lure in the girls. The plan works, but all the girls are there for Gie.
Then one of the girls asks Takumi to deliver a love letter to Gie. Takumi does, but Gie doesn't take it well.
In this story, the supposedly popular couple Shingyoji and Misu show up.

I don't know when Barefoot Waltz is coming out, but June Pride is due out in September.
Please look for them!

Kaze Hikaru Blurb

Since I am pushuuuuu, I decided to take the day off.
Which means to stay home, like any other day, but just not do any work.
By the way, pushuuu means "pffffft" or something similar.
Like a balloon losing air.

I should've cleaned my room or something else that's productive, but instead I read manga, played video games, watched TV, etc.

I'm like a hikikomori!
Hurray for hikikomori!

Anyway, one of the manga I read was Kaze Hikaru.
I read volumes 8 to 21.

*Some spoilers(?) ahead*

Kaze Hikaru is a story about a girl named Sei who pretends to be a boy (named Seizaburo) to join the Shinsengumi to avenge her father and brother.

There she meets Souji Okita and falls in love with him, and even after she kills her brother and father's murderers, she decides to stay and live (and die) for Souji.
By the way, Souji finds out that Sei is really a girl.

I don't really care for Sei and Souji.
While going through the history of the Shinsengumi, the romantic plot is about Souji being mean to Sei so that she'll "return to being a girl," and Sei struggling to figure out Souji's true intents.
And usually Souji only does it because he wants Sei to be stronger, or he wants Sei to find happiness as a girl/wife, or he thinks Shinsengumi is too harsh for her, etc.
Ultimately, because he cares for her.

It's cute, but I don't read it to find out what happens between them.

I read it for Hajime Saito!
Hajime falls in love with Sei/Seizaburo, of course not knowing that Sei is a girl.
Not that it matters, because homosexual love is true love! the thing during this time period in Japan.

So...I'm reading the manga from Hajime's point of view.
Go for it, Saito!!

He's sooooooo cute!
Even if he looks like Kuririn (from Dragon Ball) when Kuririn first arrives at Kame Sen'nin's house.

I've always liked Saito the best out of Shinsengumi.
Hajime is number one!! (A pun on his name)

Especially in Kaze Hikaru, because the artist can't really draw hot men...I can't find Toshizo Hijikata that attractive.
Things will be different if Toshi and Souji look like the Juvenile Orion versions by Toru Azumi.
(Please look in pages 30-31 of Juvenile Orion Illustration Book: Realm of Light).

Anyway, I would recommend this manga to girls who are interested in Shinsengumi.
Studying for your Japanese class will be more fun!
There's always an afterword with various information, so even reading that is interesting.
Oh, I wouldn't recommend it to girls who thought Hajime was hot hot hot in Kenshin.
He looks very...different.

But he's still awesome as the XXXX for the XXXX.

Working on Delivery Cupid

Since Company B announced it yesterday, I can talk about it now.

I'm on the second story, which I find the funniest out of the six.
It's about a boy who gets a hold of a "Love Beam."
(It looks like a water gun).
You can shoot it to whoever you like and that person will fall in love with you.
So the boy decides to shoot a guy at school he secretly likes.
But...??? the story.

The funny part is the twist at the ending.

By the way, this book was the one my mother was cutting up and said that it's "kimochi warui."
(Japanese for gross).

You know, my mother used to call yaoi "iyarashii" (kinky or perverted), but now it went down to "kimochi warui."
Oh well.
She could've said worse things about my job.

Finished Kitchen Princess

I don't know if it was the motivation of Jaguar, but I finished Kitchen Princess #6.

After translating all those recipes, I wish I can have a "Kitchen Princess Party."
I'll serve dishes that are introduced in Kitchen Princess.

The bruschetta looks easy, and the curry roll looks like something my friends can eat.
I can make flan if I have a steamer.

For some reason, my sister buys a lot of unwanted junk (popcorn maker, deep fryer, cheese grater) but we don't have the important things.
Like a food processor or a steamer.
Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray would agree that you would need the latter two more.

The Jaguar Blows Twice

I finally got my Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar #12 today.

But...I'm going to save it for a rainy day.

Actually, I'm going to save it until I finish ALL of my work I'm sitting on.
And clean my room.

That's how big of a reward reading this manga is for me.

It is the one gag manga I have trouble breathing because I laugh too much.
I have to actually put the book down to laugh, because I won't be able to stop if I keep looking at it.

Great amount of motivation for a $6 manga.

Gunbuster DVD Released

Gunbuster DVD is out today.

Please look for it.


Well I injured my left middle finger while making curry, so I guess my work will go slower.

Too bad, because I was on a roll with Kitchen Princess and yaoi title D.

Blogging is difficult already.

At least now I'm excused from cleaning up after cooking.

Sweet Potato Two

Usually when I translate a manga volume, I start with translating the chapters, if there are any.
Then I take post-its and make notes of the chapters and paste it on the splash page so I don't have to scroll up my document at each chapter.

With Kitchen Princess, since the chapter titles have to do with the recipe items at the end, I first have to look up the recipe.

For example, in volume 6 there is a chapter called "Najika and Sweet Potato."
She makes a snack out of sweet potatoes and simply calls it "sweet potato."

In Japanese you can do this because the Japanese word for sweet potato is "satsuma imo."
(By the way, this potato is where I get my blogger name).

So in the recipe it says:
How to make Sweet Potato
Wash a sweet potato and cut it up into round slices of about 1cm.

So on and so forth.

Since the reader might be "???" with this, I'm going to ask the editor if it's okay to name the snack differently.

My suggestion is "Baked Sweet Potato Mash."

But if anyone has something better, please let me know.
The recipe is similar to a "Southern Sweet Potato Pie" (I looked it up), but without the pie shell.

This is only the second time (I think) that I had to change a recipe item name.
Another one was "Rice Cake," which was a cake made out of rice.
But rice cake is the English term for mochi.

I forgot what I suggested, and I don't know what the adapter and editor ended up with.
I guess I'll find out with the rest of the USA readers.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Starting Kitchen Princess #6

I got Kitchen Princess #6 and will start working on it tomorrow.

I haven't been working because my left arm has been hurting.

I had heard earlier that Kitchen Princess was supposed to finish at volume 6.
But then my editor said it's continuing.
Maybe the popularity of the title (and the award) is affecting it?

Either way, more will be coming.

Because of the shocking story twist in volume 5, I've been following the Japanese Nakayoshi volumes on the net.

Starting in volume 6, the "kitchen princess" Najika will resemble another "princess" story from the UK.
Sort of.

I shouldn't laugh, but I found that funny.

Oh, and there is a new character too.

I can't say much because it'll be spoilers.

Up the Bu++

I currently have 4 yaoi books waiting to be translated.

Since I cut up my books, I had my mom help me cut them up this time.

Naturally, she skims over it while she cuts it.
I thought it'd be okay because she knows that I work on these kinds of books, but I guess she never looked through them.

So she was surprised at all the oral sex scenes.

I had to apologize.

I should've thought twice, but my mom is the best book-cutter I've seen.
Must be the water in Niigata.

Anyway, after taking on so much yaoi work, I'm worried I'm going to be typehired (a version of typecasted) as a yaoi translator.

Honestly, I'd rather be a hentai translator.
The reaction I get from my friends are different.
(Yaoi = Oh. or Ew.
Hentai = Awesome!
Yuri = What? Oh. Awesome! *thumbs up*)

I remember there's a scene in Sex & the City where Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) is prompted to have anal sex, and she was worried if she went through with it, she'd be known as the "up the butt girl."

That IS a valid concern...

Heh heh heh.

My Emiko Sugi Picks (?) + Alpha

I saw the news article about Emiko Sugi passing away.
Gomeifuku wo oinori itashimasu.

I haven't read her manga lately, but when I was in junior high? Something like that, I used to read her manga.
One was called "The Equation of Adam and Eve" (bad translation of a title!), and another was "Magic From the Lips." (Sorry, another bad translation...)

I hardly remember both titles.

"Equation" was about a teenaged girl who was a soft porn author?
I completely forgot.

The cover above is the bunko version.
I would recommend it to people who liked "Sensual Phrase."
(Not for the art, but the storyline).

"Magic" was about a girl who could do fortune-telling, and her boyfriend was also had fortune-telling abilities, and they have to overcome obstacles brought upon other people with fortune-telling abilities.
The girl used crystals for fortune-telling, but her boyfriend could fortune-tell when he kissed the person.
Hence the title.

I would recommend it to someone who doesn't mind that the main couple are step(?) siblings.
Rize's mom adopted Hiro after she divorced Rize's what does that make them?

With all these manga artists passing away, I sometimes worry that Suzue Miuchi will die suddenly without finishing her classic manga title "The Glass Mask."

Of course, I can't die yet either.
I need to find out what happens to Maya and Hayami-san!!!

I recommend this manga to anyone and everyone who likes shojo manga.

KAMUI #6 Released

KAMUI #6 is out today.

I feel sorry for guy fans who have to buy this in the stores.

And is Jarred from MangaCast going to read this on the bus!?

Done Done Done!

I finished Coyote Ragtime Show #1, and I finished Hakoiri Devil Princess #1 too.

I'm not sure what title they decided on for Devil Princess.
Either way, it's another manga I worked on with the word "princess" in it.

This title has many panty shots and naked women, so men will like it.
But it's also a sweet love story (?) between Maki and Keita, so girls can enjoy it too.

Please look for it this summer!

Gravitation EX #1 Released

Gravitation EX #1 is released today.

I said it before, but I only worked on about 30 pages.
I don't think I'm even credited.
But still, that doesn't mean I can't promote it here.

I only read the original series once, and a long time ago, so I don't really remember the story.

I just remember the s&m relationship they had and I felt sorry for the main character.

I don't know which part of the book I worked on for EX #1.
It was a scene with the main character shooting machine guns at someone while going to a hospital...or something.

I worked on it back in October.

Anyway, please look for it!

Almost Done with Coyote Ragtime Show #1

I am almost done with Coyote Ragtime Show #1.
What a long title.

Speaking of coyotes, my friend Yuna used to live in Escondido, where they had coyotes nearby.

That reminds me of a story about my friend Anita who was scheduled to buy a puppy from a breeder, but was eaten by a hawk.
The puppy was just sitting in a basket in a car (or truck?), and the hawk just swooped down and took the puppy.

...No, this has nothing to do with Coyote Ragtime Show.
They are just random stories I like to share.

By the way, I chose Katana to be my thumbnail image instead of Mister or Franca because he's the hottest.
I mean, I like oyaji, but Mister is a little too...grizzly for me.

Japan Japan

I'm preparing for my trip to Japan in March.
So early?

It's cheaper when you plan early!!

It's going to be for half work, half pleasure.

Well, and I'll have to continue work there too, but...still!
I'm going to Japan.
:D :D :D

It's going to be my first time on a plane since the liquid ban, so I don't know if I'll survive...
I can't take in eye drops, right?
I'm glad I wear glasses now.

I'll be staying at the hotel I always stay at in Sunshine Ikebukuro.
Very convenient from the airport and to the city.

So I guess I should start finishing off my current deadlines...

Galaxy Angel II Released

Galaxy Angel II is out today.
I didn't translate it, but I did help out with bits and parts.

You can read it without reading the first series (Galaxy Angel and Galaxy Angel Beta), but it's more fun if you read the whole thing.

Of course, fans of the first series can enjoy it too.

Personally, I want more Lester.

Finished Shugo Chara #2

I finished Shugo Chara #2.
Well, almost. I have translation notes left to do.
Volume 2 ends with a cliffhanger!
I hate it when that happens, because I have to wait 6+ months to find out what goes on next.

There is a short Q & A with one of the authors, and she says that she can't choose between Tadase (the prince of the story) and Ikuto (the knight).

I prefer Ikuto.
I like his Guardian Character too.
When Ikuto transforms, he has cat ears.
That's not why I like him, but I do like cats.

Now I will move on to Coyote Ragtime Show.
Both are due on the same day! Yeay!

The Professional O

I guess the Ghost Hunt adapter went over my translation for Ghost Hunt #9, because I got some questions regarding it.

I like working on this series not only because it's a good story, but also because the adapter is insightful and smart (I've never met him), and my editor is on top of things and coordinates the process smoothly (I've never met her either).

Thanks to them, volume 9 will be a good read! :D
So if you weren't considering buying Ghost Hunt, please at least buy volume 9.
Well, of course you'll have to buy volume 8 too because the story is connected.

Anyway, I love getting questions about the translation, because the otaku side of me thinks, "Cool, I can talk about the manga to someone!" "I can elaborate!"

But then I also get discouraged because the professional side of me thinks, "Dang, I should be more clear with my translations."

Being a manga aikouka (manga lover) but also being a manga translator makes me deal with the angel and devil on my shoulders.
I'm always struggling if I should show my otaku side, or be a professional and hide it.

It's best to balance it out, but it's really hard to be a professional otaku.

Lovers in the Night

My first manga with Company T was recently announced.

The original title was "Ai towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono."

Looks like this:

The title means "Love is something you realize at night" or something along that line.
It can be interpreted as "You realize love at night" or "You fall in love at night."
Either way, it's a long title.
Even the Japanese title is long.

They will be releasing it as "Lovers in the Night."

Please look for it in May.

Cutie Honey Release Details

I guess the Cutie Honey Live Action movie is going to be released in April.

The normal version will be $29.98.
The limited edition will be limited to 5000 units and will come with a lunchbox and a keychain.

Please look at the page for more information.