One Potato Two


Shugo Chara Terminology

I'm starting work on Shugo Chara #2.

I like this series.
I like the deep themes it covers.
Well done by PEACH-PIT, who makes it seem like a simple magical shojo.

Thanks to Company DR for giving it to me.

I also like the terminology, which is why in order to keep everything consistent, I made a terminology sheet.

Amu's Guardian Character, Ran, always says "Hop Step Jump!" when performing something, and all the other Guardian Characters say something else, so everything is in a chart.

(It's irrelevant, but "Hop Step" reminds me of the Shonen Jump manga awards).

It's also to keep track of all the characters and their Guardian Characters.

Ikuto is a rival character, and he is paired up with Yoru.
Yaya is the Ace Chair, and she is paired up with Pepe.
So on and so forth.

I know it'll come in handy when I work on future volumes.
I hope.
I spent like 30 minutes on it!!!

Projects Out, Projects In

I finished Devil X Devil.

So...please look for it when it comes out.

Not in Walmart, though.

Now to other manga...
I will work on Coyote Ragtime Show and Shugo Chara.
I also have the novel too.

In addition to my publishing projects, I got an anime project.
Luckily I don't have to do the entire season all at once...they're giving it to me little by little.

It's still a lot of text though.

Kitchen Princess #1 Released

Kitchen Princess #1 is released today.

I wrote the synopsis in this blog entry, so this time I'll talk about the recipes featured at the end of the book.

Flan in a Cup
I don't have a steamer at home, but I love flan!

Do USA people eat roe?

Rainbow Jelly
This is time consuming and a big hassle...but it shows your love.

Christmas Cookies
Not sure if I'll make them into ornaments.

Onion Gratin Soup
I don't really like onions.

Finished Kon Kon Kokon 1

I finished Kon Kon Kokon #1.

It's a story about demons, and there is a demon called the Umi Bouzu that appears towards the end of volume 1.

Umi Bouzu is a demon that lives in the ocean.
It's supposed to be bald and big (for the most part. Some are small).
And it sinks ships and stuff.
(Detailed notes will be featured in the manga release).

But to me, Umi Bouzu is the bald, bazooka-shooting, coffee shop owner big guy in City Hunter.
His real name is Hayato, and his code name was "Falcon," but the main character called him Umi Bouzu.

Kokon & Kitsuneko

I'm almost about half way done with Kon Kon Kokon.

Like the previous Yoki Koto Kiku that I worked on, there are a lot of Koge-Donbo-style jokes.
I'm doing my best to bring that out, and hopefully the adapter can understand the subtle funniness of it all.

I especially like the way Ren acts around his classmates.

I'm wondering if anyone can cosplay as Kokon and Kitsuneko.
They have fairly simple outfits.
Well, I guess I can't say anything because I'm not a seamstress or anything.

But I think it'll be cute to see two girls dressed up as them.

Anime LA Gunbuster Premiere

I went to Anime LA to help out a little with Company BV's Gunbuster Premiere.
(Episode 1 only)

The president of Company BV USA was there, and he made a couple of big (?) announcements.
Like...something people would be interested in.

I wonder if any reporters were there?
At least forum posters.

This was the first time seeing the Gunbuster packaging, and it's sooooo good.
K-san, the president, was very proud of it.
And he has the right to be.
The booklet is nice too.

The image below is K-san and a major Gunbuster fan holding the DVD, booklet, and a figure set the fan brought to the panel.
(Figures are not part of the DVD set).

And here are some One Piece cosplayers I took that came out well.
(It was outside and still sunny then).

Oh, that was my first time watching Gunbuster, and I fell in love with coach Ohta when he took off his sunglasses!!!

If I tell the Company G staff, they will once again claim I like oyaji's...

DVD Viewing

When I work on translations, I usually play a DVD or something to keep me company.

I try to pick something that fits the work I'm doing.

For example, I played the Furuhata episode with the Kindaichi parody while I worked on Yoki Koto Kiku.

The episode stars Koji Ishizaka and Tatsuya Fujiwara.
Koji Ishizaka is known for portraying Kosuke Kindaichi, the fictional detective.
Tatsuya Fujiwara is known for Death Note now, but before that he was in Battle Royale.

In this episode, four owners of a bread factory die, and Furuhata goes to investigate.

This episode has my favorite trick out of the entire series.

I don't know what to watch when I start work on Kokon, but I have a DVD series in mind when I start work on the novel.

I am looking forward to it.

Half X Way

I am just about half way done with Devil X Devil.

I don't like using vulgar words, so I usually don't use them in my translations too, but I might have to in this book.

What can I say? They're devils and very emotional.

The first two stories are about devils, the third is a short about angels, then a monk-in-training and his childhood friend, then a spoiled brat and his servant, then childhood friends again.

So far I haven't done any hentai (yaoi or yuri) that use a name I am familiar with.
You know, like a friend or cousin's name.
I hope it stays that way.

Finished Manga

I finished Title V from Company 7S.


There were 3 different stories in one volume.

Now I'll move on to Devil X Devil...with a week to finish.

Finished Video Game

I finished the video game files!!

The video game is a DS version of a previously released game.
I've never heard of it, but there are some walk throughs of it online.

And really, that is all I know about this game.

Now I have 2 days to finish the manga for Company 7S.
I am about 1/3 done.
I also started on Devil X Devil and Kon Kon Kokon.

Almost Done

I am almost done with the video game files.

I just have the character name file, which is actually the longest file.

Why are fantasy names so weird?

If I ever had to come up with a list of fantasy names, I'll use tennis player last names.
Ancic, Ferrer, Blake, Wawrinka, Nadal...

And the Blake character will be hot hot hot.

Paprika Coming in May

According to the Sony site, Paprika is coming to theaters May 25, 2007.

The site plays music and video, so those reading at work, please watch out.

Down Time

My computer's been having trouble so I had a lot of down time.

So I cut up some books and numbered them.

I love it when I have work that I can do during down time.

I should save some for when I have Jury Duty too...
But actually, a lot of the qued manga are not something I want to take out to the public...

If they show naked women or naked men, I really don't want to.

I don't like spreading the "those Japanese are all about kinkiness" idea, you know?
Sigh. When I was younger it was more like, "Japanese things are so cute!" (referring to Hello Kitty stuff).

Speaking of nakedness, even Kon Kon Kokon has a naked person in it.

Devil X Devil Announced

Company DQ announced Devil x Devil by Sachiyo Sawauchi.

There are a couple of stories in here, but the main one is about a devil named Hotei and a fallen angel Suzaku.
Hotei is a runt among devils who even has a hard time transforming into human. Suzaku always picks on him for that.

One day, Hotei finds a way to transform into a young boy, and decides to have revenge against Suzaku.

...Something like that.

Definitely an 18+ manga.

I will start working on this next week.

Kokon DX

I got the contract for Kon Kon Kokon the other day, so I will be translating that in February.

I asked if I can decide the contents as well, and managing editor gave me the okay.

So she also said I can leak the information here that Kon Kon Kokon will be a Broccoli Books Deluxe.

I'll keep the contents a secret, although they are already decided.

The contents will be written by the editor though, because I think he wants to work on it.

So...please look forward to Kon Kon Kokon this summer!

Switching Off

I am switching off working on Title V and Title H for Company 7S and Company A, respectively.

They are both due on the same day, which is next Wednesday.
But I do want to finish a little early so I can get a head start on Title D for Company DQ.

...It's confusing with all the "title X" thing going on.
It does suck because I can't openly talk about them.

The one project I can talk about is Kon Kon Kokon.
But that'll be in the next post.

Aka-chan to Boku 13

I've been re-reading Akachan to Boku (English title: Baby and Me) and I do like volume 13 the most.
(Volume 13 as in the older version, not the bunko version).

Volume 13 features the story about Takuya's dad and mom when they were younger.

Takuya's dad, Harumi, is one of my favorite characters in AkaBoku.

In volume 13 Harumi is in his 20s, he meets Takuya's mom Yukako, and they start living together.
I don't want to give details because I don't think this story arc is released in English.

Anyway, my friend A calls young Harumi an asshole, but I like this story.
When Harumi is in his 30s he is a loving dad and considerate of other people's feelings.
I think he turned out like this because of his experiences as an "asshole" when he met Yukako.
So volume 13 shows Harumi's growth, and I think that's important.

Volume 13 also introduces a very awesome character named Yuuki, Harumi's best friend.
He'll make an appearance again at the very end of the series.

E'S #3 Finished

E'S #3 translation is done!

Volume 3 is one of my favorite covers.
Yuuki is very handsome.

So as a reward I went to a friend's house to play Wii.

I also got an upgrade on my laptop!
It's 1000x faster!

Finished Title H

I finished title H.
I just have to do some formatting stuff and it's ready to be turned in.

Title H is one of my later deadlines, but since it was the easiest for me I did it first.

That way I won't feel so overwhelmed with all of the work I have.

Title H is semi-announced, but since I don't see it on the publisher's website, I'll keep it a secret.

I really never know when I can openly talk about my projects, because sometimes it's really unclear if it's been announced.

Usually I'll wait for the publisher's website to put it up, but Amazon is faster.

Even if it is up on Amazon, I try to wait until the cover image is uploaded or something.

So currently there are about 2 titles up on Amazon, but I'm still waiting for the cover images.

Another title I'll be working on soon was announced, I heard, at a convention, but I'm still waiting for confirmation on the website.

Movie Project, Part 4

I finished my part of the movie project.

The director was on the Today show today, and basically he said the same thing I've heard on my project.

Now I will start on 4 manga, 1 novel, and 1 video game.

2 manga and 1 video game are due the week after the next.

Good luck to me!

A Shiku Shiku Post

I went to Company A today to discuss a new video game project.

Luckily I won't have to commute to Company A to work on it. He said I can work from home. Yay!

Unfortunately my due date is the same as title V from Company 7S.


After Company A I went to Company S to work on the movie project.
I am halfway done, but it's due tomorrow.

Shiku shiku...

This post is pointless.

Hm. I would like to talk about something funny with the kansai dialect.
It's a common story.

Kansai dialect people say "horu" when they mean to "throw away."

So "hotte oite" is "throw it away."


Standard Japanese speaker named Satsuma says, "What do you want me to do with this empty soda can on the table?"

Kansai dialect speaker Potato says, "Hotte oite."

Potato meant to say "please throw it away."

But Satsuma will think to "please leave it alone," because "hotte oite" means to "leave it alone" in standard Japanese.

Another useless information for people to enjoy.

Gunbuster Manga Card

I translated something else for Gunbuster.

Company BV announced on their Gunbuster site a while ago that they will be giving away manga cards.

The details from the Gunbuster website:

For a limited time only, we will give away a Trailer Manga Card drawn by renowned illustrator & manga artist Haruhiko Mikimoto (also famous for character designer for Macross) to EVERYBODY who purchases a Gunbuster DVD!! All you need to do is as easy as picking a bean with hands of Machine Weapon.

Step 1: Buy the DVD
Step 2: Watch all six episodes
Step 3: Fill out the survey postcard enclosed in the DVD
Step 4: Mail the postcard (don’t forget to put a stamp on it)
Step 5: Keep practicing Lightning Kick until Gunbuster delivers the Trailer Manga Card to you

The Trailer Manga Card is highly collectible. Do you know why? Because it’s never been available anywhere in the world…or even in the galaxy! It was drawn back in 1988, even before Gunbuster was released in Japan! Don’t worry. We won’t keep you wait for 12,000 years to send you the card.

Though, keep it in mind that this offer is first-come-first-served. This jaw-dropping campaign ends March 30th, 2007 as long as supplies last.

I think the coach drawn by Mikimoto is very hot.

E'S #1 Released

E'S #1 is released today.

Since I'll be in Torrance later on to translate video games, maybe I'll stop by the Borders there to look at it.
(One of the highest manga-selling Borders in the nation, I heard).

Volume 1 is about the E'S military troop's first Gald-related assignment.
And, of course by manga law, it goes wrong.

Yuuki is "kidnapped" to find that he has a job offer (which is more baggage than he asked for), then later Asuka finds Kai, another baggage Yuuki has to deal with.

At the end, there's extra manga by the author with SD (or "chibi," to be PC) Shin-lu and Shen-long.

And then there's Asuka introducing the city of Gald.
Even if most of volume 2 will be in Gald, it's there for people who can't wait until volume 2 is released.

Movie Project, Part 3

I did some research on one of the actors in the movie, since he was the only one I've never seen before.
The other actors at the premiere were people I knew.

Anyway, it turns out that he was in Cutie Honey too.
I totally didn't notice.

I decided to look him up because in his speech at the premiere, he said that he used to live in the states.
So in another footage, I understood why he was able to talk to the American director.

His premiere speech was horrible, and he knew it.
He said at the press conference that his parents, who saw the premiere, called him right after and without saying anything about the movie, they pointed out how bad his speech was.

That was funny.

He is also in the "Hachimitsu & Clover" movie.

E'S #1 Samples

I got my samples for E'S #1 today.

It's pretty.

And heavy.

It's printed on nice, white paper so the printing comes out very nice.

Satol Yuiga is one of the artists who has assistants draw out the background very carefully, and all of that came out beautifully.

It'll be released this week on Wednesday, so please look for it in bookstores.
It's a black spine with Kai on it.

Movie Project, Part 2

I went to Company S to work on the movie project.

I finished the premiere screening talking part, and then moved on to the footage of the red carpet.
Uh...there were only about 60 subtitles, and I couldn't hear most of it because of the screaming of the Japanese girls.

When Japanese girls are screaming at a movie/rock star or a pop idol, it's called "yellow cheering."

I don't know why, but there's a theory that it came from the old days.
Before the Heian period, they used to read scriptures in various pitches, almost like a song.
And they used colors to indicated if you read a word low or high, and yellow was used for high "notes."

There is another theory that during the Edo period there was a fad to express voices with colors, and one of them was yellow.

Anyway, after I finished that I moved onto a press conference.

The director talks a lot!
I have so much respect for the interpreter.

I'll go back later tonight to work on it more.

Subtitle 01/03 English

I was watching the movie Idiocracy at a friend's house today.

It was pretty depressing...since I know many smart couples who have decided not to have children.

Anyway, we didn't watch it with subtitles, which feels weird to me.
I almost always watch DVDs with the English subtitle on.

I have various reasons:

1) I have a hard time hearing in general, so it helps me
2) I work with subtitles, so I have a general interest
3) I want to see how things are translated
(When I watch with Japanese audio and English subtitles)

Subtitles are handled differently depending on the studio, so I like to just check it out.
I also like to see which words are omitted when the lines are too long.

And of course, it comes in handy when you watch movies like Memoirs of a Geisha.

Movie Project, Part 1

Currently I am working on a bonus feature for a DVD.

I think the movie is going to be nominated for an well as the director and the actor.

There are going to be several clips that I have to translate.
Today I worked on the world premiere of the movie held in Japan.

Before the screening they had some of the actors, the producer, the script writer, and the director say a few things.

I was surprised at how well the young actor (teen idol) spoke.
When he came on stage, a bunch of his female fans (obviously just there to see/support him) screamed out and it was funny.

I have about 50 minutes of footage, and then I'll get more next week.


Oh, I got an update. I got 30 more minutes of footage, also due next week.

Actually, the earlier they come, the better, because starting Thursday I have to commute to Company A to work on a video game.

E'S #3 Extras

I went back to work on E'S #3 extras.

Yeah...I didn't have it done yet.

The first two pages are pretty much done.

The layout is done for all the pages, and I just have to fill it in with text.
Since it's a "discussion" between Shin-lu and Shen-long, it's harder because I have to think about their personalities...what would they say and how?

Yes, I would be very sad if this gets rejected.

I also got a new project from the movie industry.
Jinxed myself, I guess.

I'm a little swamped but I took the job because it's a movie I wanted to see.
It's out in theaters but no one wanted to go see it with me.
I'm guessing I'll be doing translations for a bonus feature for the DVD release.

Finished Ghost Hunt #9

I finished Ghost Hunt #9 and turned it in.

I guess I did end up with a good amount of translation notes.

There is one about Shinobu Origuchi, who is mentioned a little bit in the manga.

He is a scholar of Japanese folklore.

But if you do a search of him on Google (Japan), it focuses a lot on his sexual orientation.
Since it was irrelevent, I of course left it out of the notes.

Ghost Hunt was fun.
I just hope I don't have to wait 3 years for the next volume to come out.

My favorite arcs are the "Forbidden Game" (volumes 4 and 5), "Bloodstained Labyrinth" (volumes 6 and 7), and the one I worked on, which is the "Cursed House" (volumes 8 and 9).
Of course I like the "Cursed House" the most, because I am attached to all of my work.

Now I will move on to a novel, which involves European history.
So I have to switch gears.
Click click.
I already read the novel, so I think I might first do research first.
I can't write details yet because it's unannounced.
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