One Potato Two




Ai Yazawa Connection

I didn't do ANY work today.

Maybe a few pages of KAGETORA.


I think I'm recovering from the party.
Or the deadline last week.

Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow.

Anyway, the party was at our friend VA S's house.
She recently directed the anime Paradise Kiss, so she was showing me a Hello Kitty cell strap she received from a Company GE staff.

The Hello Kitties (I guess one is Kitty's boyfriend) were dressed like George and Yukari from Paradise Kiss.

Stephanie commented Yukari Kitty was wearing a dress she didn't recognize.
And then, as a manga otaku I went on explaining which volume she was wearing it in and what it looked like.
(Well, it was I think the first Paradise Kiss brand dress Yukari wore).

No, I'm not a manga otaku.
I just re-read Paradise Kiss about a week or so ago.

And once you read Paradise Kiss you want to read Gokinjo Monogatari because the characters are connected.
And when you read Gokinjo, you also want to read Tenshi Nanka Janai.

It's a trap.

I might like Gokinjo most out of all her manga.
I like Mikako's character a lot.
And I hate Hachiko from Nana the most.

In fact, I stopped reading Nana.
It's one of those where I can wait for the whole series to finish.
Like X by CLAMP, Death Note (I didn't read it yet...not in the mood yet), Full Metal Alchemist, Bronze no Tenshi by Chiho Saitoh, etc etc.