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Worked on June Pride

Today I went to Costco (it was crowded) to buy Xmas cards.

I was surprised they have cute designs.
I was really expecting some ugly santa or boring sceneries.

I was originally thinking about buying Xmas cards from USTA (US Tennis Association), but they're much more expensive.
And since I'm sending these to clients, I thought a tennis-playing snowman/santa or a snowy tennis court would confuse them.

Anyway, and the rest of the day I spent writing Xmas cards and working on June Pride.

It is generous to translators (and adapters and letterers) because of the big, round bubbles.

In the interview at the end of the book, the writer says that Takumi-kun is not at all a bishounen.
Or...he's not supposed to be, in her mind.
But she acknowledges that her job is to sell dreams (she sounds just like Disneyland!), so she knows that the artist had to draw him cute.

I'm thinking this is the reason why Takumi-kun has a boring haircut.
It's very dasao-kun.

Hopefully I'll finish over the weekend.