One Potato Two


Like Any Other Day

I have to keep reminding myself that today is the last day of 2006.

I have a hard time remembering because I'm spending it like any other day.

I woke up, checked email, and worked.

Later today I will be going to my mom's house to spend a semi-Japanese ohmisoka, or New Year's Eve.

We won't be eating soba, mainly because I don't really like soba.
We won't go to a temple, although there are many around my mom's house because she lives in Japan Town.
I don't think the temples ring the bell either...but I'll check.
If they do, they'd ring it 108 times to get rid of the 108 worldly desires.

The only thing we'll do is watch kouhaku and eat osechi.
We'll have mochi too.

Osechi is supposed to be eaten on the 1st, but we're doing it early.

We don't have traditional osechi.
We just have dishes we like plus alpha.

Our osechi includes
- kuri kinton
- kuro mame
- date maki
- kamaboko
- kazunoko
- sashimi

The only thing my mom makes are the kuro mame and the mochi and the rest are bought or provided.
The sashimi will come from our sushi chef friend, and my dad provides kamaboko because he's in the kamaboko business.

Of course, even while I'm there I'll be working.
I won't take my laptop but I'll take a manga and a novel.

Folk Tale in Ghost Hunt

I'm working on Ghost Hunt #9 because I have many many deadlines in January.

Including the Innocent W #3 that I already turned in, I have 6 deadlines.

5 manga and 10 pages of a novel.

This is not including any last minute stuff I may get from the movie or anime industry.

Anyway, so I'm working on Ghost Hunt.
I'm almost halfway through, but before I reach that point, there is about 10 pages explaining a Japanese folk tale.

...If I remember correctly, this is not the only place they talk about the folk tale.
It comes up later too, to connect the incidents with the folk tale.
And to explain why so many people are dying.

In my opinion, this folk tale is the hardest part of this manga volume.

I'm thinking it'll generate a bunch of translation notes.
Maybe, maybe not.

When I do translation notes, I try to gather the information for them while I do the translation.
I do my research, paste them (or type in) on a separate document, and translate the notes at the end.

I try to gather several information for the same note, then consolidate when I translate it to English.

Then I triple check to make sure all of the information is objective and correct.

I hope people realize the amount of work that goes into the translation notes (by all translators and editors, not just me) and learn something new today!

Finished Innocent W #3

I finished Innocent W #3 because I'm feeling a little bit better.

I still have to take drugs though.

And I still can't talk much.
Which is torture because I love to talk.

Even if it is mostly word vomit.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm done with Innocent W because now I can eat spicy tuna while working.

The release date is not set yet, but volume 2 is coming out soon, in January.
(I didn't work on it though).

Started on Ghost Hunt #9

I am not done with Innocent W #3 yet, but since my brain isn't functioning yet, I decided to go ahead and start formatting for Ghost Hunt #9.

First, I had to cut up the book actually takes a lot of strength, and I had a hard time.

This has nothing to do with work, but when I first saw the cover for volume 4, I thought the person on the left side (with the long hair) was a guy, cross-dressing as a woman.

Please see image below.

I thought it was another manga with one of those characters, you know?
(Like Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi, or Xxxxxx in E'S...censored because I don't want to spoil volume 4 just yet)

Even as I was reading the series I thought it was the monk cross-dressing.

Sorry, Ayako!

Unannounced Shtuff

I have a sinus infection.

It was really hurting yesterday, and not so much today, but I have blown my nose off of my face.

Today I had more of a headache...the pounding kind that makes you woozy.

So since I couldn't work at the computer, I read the books to be translated in the next few months.

I read:

Unannouncend novel F
Unannounced manga P
Unannounced manga T
Unannounced manga D

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better so I can finish Innocent W.

ParaKiss Night

My friend, VA/ADR director S brought over her newest work, Paradise Kiss, released by Company GE.

So we had a ParaKiss night.

We watched the first volume extras and there is an extra of the press conference.

As soon as the Japanese director came on, my friend A screamed out,

"It's FAT GOKU!"


Please buy the DVD and check it out.

The ADR director is much cuter, by the way.
Please support her work!

KAGETORA #4 Released

KAGETORA #4 is released today, although I think it's been out in bookstores already.

Since there's not much of an overall theme, I'll do a breakdown of the chapters instead.

Chapter 16
Kagetora, Yuki, and the gang get to a resort where they decide they'll enter an obstacle course in the pool.
Since the girls are in bikinis, there are many shonen manga incidents. (Bras coming off, etc).

Chapter 17
Yuki gets a hold of Kagetora's ninja sake and he discovers that she is better in martial arts when she's drunk.
Kagetora's older brother (one of the better characters in my opinion) Taka is in it too.

Chapter 18
Yuki's cousin Tomoe comes to visit. There is a very unrealistic bathtub scene with Kagetora and Tomoe. But that's what makes this manga so cute.

Chapter 19
Kagetora decides to go visit his mother, and brings Yuki along. Yuki learns more about Kagetora.

Chapter 20
Kagetora, Yuki, and the gang go visit the shrines for New Year's Eve. They challenge a long flight of stairs that lead to a smaller shrine where you can see the sunrise, and make a wish that will most likely come true.

There are a bunch of translation notes that I spent a lot of time on, so I hope people will take a look just for random Japanese information.

E'S! E'S! E'S!

I visited Company B the other day, and they showed me the sample they had for E'S #1.

Mmm...I like it.

It's a whopping 224 pages...loaded with extra content that will help readers get through the complex story.

Well, not really.

It's just there to help you enjoy the story...that's what I hoped to achieve.

Nobody wants CliffsNotes or Wikipedia spoilers, right?

I hope everyone enjoys it.

I also saw E'S #2 because it came back from the graphics person.

And then I came home to work on E'S #3.

It's taking me longer than I expected (I keep getting distracted), so maybe I'll work on Innocent W first.

The Course of E'S Extras

I have to put Innocent W #3 and Ghost Hunt #9 on hold to briefly work on the E'S #3 extra pages that I sort of started almost a month ago.

The Company B blog reminded me to finish it.

I've been giving it much thought, but I guess I'll go with comparing the "prelude version" with the actual series.

It MIGHT get rejected though.
That is why I have to turn it in for approval as soon as the new year starts.

The content has to go through many people.

First, I have to give it to the editorial staff at Company B.
I think the editor looks at it first.
Then it goes to the adapter for grammar check.
Then it goes to the layout person.
I think then it goes to the managing editor.
(If she decides it's not good, it goes to the cutting actually when I think of the concept I briefly talk to her about it)

Then...the biggest obstacle to overcome, like I said it many times before, is the licensor.

By the way, all of this process is handled by the editor at Company B.
It's pretty much out of my hands until I get an email from the editor asking to change something (or the whole thing).
Or, if it's approved with no problems, I just look it over to see if it's perfect.

Princess Showdown

Since I worked on both violent princess stories, I wanted to see who would win if they battled each other.


Alita uses a katana called Himezuru. She also has knives on her thighs.

Hime uses various things, from fencing swords to chainsaws to bowguns.

Winner: Tie. Hime's weapons can destruct more, perhaps, but Alita makes up for it with martial art skills.


Alita has a shinigami and a big guy (not sure what he is) helping her.

Hime has an android, Flandre and Hiro, a blood warrior.

Winner: Alita, because Hiro constantly needs to be supplied with Hime's blood to function. And most of the time he is not useful.


Alita wears a white dress with long sleeves and it comes down to her shin.

Hime wears a black dress with no sleeves, and it comes down to her knees.

Winner: Alita, because her dress rips more in the story.


Alita's enemies are the lolita twins, Dr. Akamashi, and the black knight.

Hime's enemies are werewolves, invisible men, vampires, etc.

Winner: Alita's enemies are cuter (the twins) and hotter (the black knight).

Violence Factor

Alita tears off the stinger from a monster bee.

Hime uses a chainsaw to slash the invisible man in half.

Winner: Hime. That invisible man episode was not the favorite for me.


Alita will be featured on an OVA, voiced by Park Ro Mi (voice of Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist).

Hime will be featured in a TV anime series.

Winner: Tie. Although TV anime has more advantage with marketing and exposure, OVA has higher quality animation.


Lolita vs Twin Lolitas

Yuna and Anna are twin androids with gimmicks inside of their bodies.

Flandre is an android made out of...was it steel? She can stop a chainsaw with her bare hands.

Winner: Yuna/Anna, for they cosplay as bees!

There are more factors, but I didn't want to put that many spoilers before the series were released.

Maybe when they are, MangaCast or someone can do a poll.
(Hint, hint)

Kei Kusunoki Recommendations

I'm still working on Innocent W #3.

I looked up the Izanagi-style shamans so I can translate accurately.
(A character named Rinko is the Izanagi-style shaman)

Found out interesting things.

Anyway, this was the first time I read a horror manga by Kei Kusunoki.

I usually read her romantic comedies.

My recommended manga by her:

Koi Shite Frozen

This, according to her, was loosely based on the story of the Little Mermaid. It is about a snow girl Miyuki and the boy she falls in love with. (I forgot his name)

Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijou

Roughly translates to "The Situation with Yagami-kun's House," it is a story about Yagami-kun who has mother complex because she looks really young.
(The "girl" on the cover is the mother).

Donmai Princess

Something for the otaku. A knight and a princess do not get to be together, so they wish that in their next life they will be. They reincarnate, but the princess doesn't remember the knight...not only that, she's an otaku who's in love with a two-dimensional character.

into your heart

"into your heart" is the ending theme song for Cutie Honey live action.

Since there was no script for it, I had to translate by ear.

Really hard when they put English sentences in the song!!

Originally I didn't have to translate it, but I guess when they sent it to the subtitling house, they asked for it and decided to put it in.

It was a short song so it didn't take that long.
I got the job at 5:45pm and finished it at 6:30pm.

The transcribing took so much longer than the actual translation.

The coordinator for Company N said the dub came out pretty good.
Please look forward to it.

KAMUI #7 Finished

KAMUI #7 is finished!

Some delicious parts?

Well...Sumire looks pretty hot, even to me, a straight female.

There is also a kinky shot of Aika and Sumire (more kinkiness from Aika), in a splash page.

For the girls?
Atsuma is getting hotter and hotter.
Utsuho, always the hot one, is hot even when he's younger.

And there's a chained up Shui.

I really like this manga because it has fanservice to both guys and girls.
The first 4 volumes' covers were eye candy to girls, but I think KAMUI received more guy fans with volume 5.

Covers for volume 6 and 7 are guys again, but 8 and 9 will be girls, I believe.
Although Yanagi (cover for volume 6) is half a girl to me.



I've been reading Innocent W and Ghost Hunt for work, and I have to say it's gloomify-ing my holiday season.
Doyoyon is the sound of this gloomification.

(Not that I celebrate Xmas anyway...)

Innocent W, especially volume 1, is super gory.
It's especially bad when people who don't deserve it die a violent death.

Likewise in Ghost Hunt; innocent people are killed by ghosts.

That is the thing with Japanese horror.
Bad things happen to innocent people.

I think that makes it scarier?

I was watching The Grudge extras and someone was saying that's what makes Japanese horror different from American horror.

I can't really make a statement because I am so not the horror expert.
I wouldn't be reading horror manga or watching horror movies unless it was for work...

Princess Resurrection was violent enough for me.

Oh, and happy birthday to my dear friend Huy.

Finished Interview

I finished the interview work.

It was good that I worked on the movie she's being interviewed for, so I knew what she was talking about.

Although I don't remember much of the details.

It was the first depressing movie of the three I translated in a row.

She kept referring to the next movie she worked on with the same director, and that movie is also highly regarded, so I would like to see it.

One day, when I have time.

Goodbye Gundam the Ride

I found out on Anime News Network that Gundam the Ride is closing.

I think I rode it when it was brand-new...I really don't remember, but I rode it when I was still not in the industry, and I didn't know what Gundam was about.

So I remember not really understanding the ride.

I also rode Star Tours before I saw Star Wars.
I also rode it in Japanese (Tokyo Disneyland) first, so it was a pretty lame experience.

Anyway, Gundam the Ride won't really be missed by me, because I think the only good ride at FujiQ is FUJIYAMA, the first roller coaster I rode with a really, really, nice view.

(Before you drop you can see Mount Fuji really close).

Server Down

I went to Company S to work but I guess the server that has my video was down, and I couldn't work.

I could've called IT, but then someone will be pissy and it wasn't that I went home.

I'm glad I'm only 1/2 a mile away from Company S.

It's due tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have to go in the morning and finish.
I have about 500 subtitles to do.

Since I was up late playing Mario Party, I guess I'll take a nap before the Survivor Finale.

Horror Double Punch

While working on the interview for Company S, I'm working on manga at home.

Do I smell a workaholic?

Anyway, I started on Innocent W #3 today.

I also got bits and pieces of Ghost Hunt, and I'll be working on that as well.

Is Ghost Hunt horror?

Volume 9 is about a cursed house, so it seems like it.
I think the other volumes weren't.
I'll be taking over from #9.

Finished KAGETORA #11

I just finished KAGETORA #11.
Proves that I can work faster while playing video games.

When I was in college, I used to play Dragon Quest 3 (Super Famicom version) while studying for Psychology.

Everyone in my dorm used to accuse that I was "not really studying," but actually it helped me memorize.
I would be like, "Yeah, the XXXX. I was reading about this when I found the Red Orb..." sort of thing.

KAGETORA is done.

I'm happy that I don't have to type the word "Kagetora" anymore.
It's a long name.

I'll be spending the next two days working on 900 more subtitles for Company S.

Juggle Report...+ Alpha Party

I received manga from Company DQ, and I will start working on it after the movie interview, KAGETORA #11, Innocent W #3, Title GH #9 from Company DR, and KAMUI #7.

Uh...yeah. That's how much I have on my plate.

I'm hooked on Mario Party 6 that I borrowed from my good friend Dave, so I'm playing as I work on KAGETORA #11.

Hopefully I'll finish soon so I can leave my GameCube and go to Company S to finish the interview.

Last night was my bounenkai with my Company S co-workers.

I had a lot of cow intestine. Mmm.

Rude Interpreter

I went to Company S to continue my work on the interview.
I'm glad my outer ear stopped bleeding, because working at Company S requires wearing a headphone.

As I listened to the audio carefully, I realized that the interpreter/interviewer is pretty rude.

She would make comments to the producer (?) guy saying, "This question was already answered" or "I don't get the question. How is it different from the previous question?"
She would also make comments to the actress saying "I don't think that's correct."

She also interrupts the actress.

From her voice and the way she refers to the actress with "-chan," she's probably an old lady in the industry.

Even so, she shouldn't be interrupting because it's hard for me to translate!!

I hope I can finish in time...
I had a lot of time but I was too busy with other work to go in, and now I'm out of time.

My January 2007 schedule is already filling up too.
Shiku shiku...

Cat Attack

I was supposed to go to Company S to work on the interview, but then towards the end of the Lakers @ Houstons game, the cat attacked me and my laptop.

She sliced my left ear, my left arm, and took away my F2 key, /? key, and left my W key wobbly.


So I guess I have to go early tomorrow.
Grr. I hate going during regular work hours because it's crowded, noisy, and there's no parking.

I am just about done formatting KAGETORA #11.

Ai Yazawa Connection

I didn't do ANY work today.

Maybe a few pages of KAGETORA.


I think I'm recovering from the party.
Or the deadline last week.

Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow.

Anyway, the party was at our friend VA S's house.
She recently directed the anime Paradise Kiss, so she was showing me a Hello Kitty cell strap she received from a Company GE staff.

The Hello Kitties (I guess one is Kitty's boyfriend) were dressed like George and Yukari from Paradise Kiss.

Stephanie commented Yukari Kitty was wearing a dress she didn't recognize.
And then, as a manga otaku I went on explaining which volume she was wearing it in and what it looked like.
(Well, it was I think the first Paradise Kiss brand dress Yukari wore).

No, I'm not a manga otaku.
I just re-read Paradise Kiss about a week or so ago.

And once you read Paradise Kiss you want to read Gokinjo Monogatari because the characters are connected.
And when you read Gokinjo, you also want to read Tenshi Nanka Janai.

It's a trap.

I might like Gokinjo most out of all her manga.
I like Mikako's character a lot.
And I hate Hachiko from Nana the most.

In fact, I stopped reading Nana.
It's one of those where I can wait for the whole series to finish.
Like X by CLAMP, Death Note (I didn't read it yet...not in the mood yet), Full Metal Alchemist, Bronze no Tenshi by Chiho Saitoh, etc etc.

Work? Bah.

I just came back from our annual holiday party among our group of friends + alpha.

Roughly 40 people of geeky people.
Some anime industry, some game industry, some manga industry...all geeks.
Har har.

I had a doctor's appointment and I had to cook croquette for the party, plus go early to set up the games, blah blah blah, so I didn't get any work done today.

When I went to the neighborhood post office (never crowded, one guy working there), I went up to the man (P-san is his name) and asked him in perfect English if there are 84 cent stamps.
(84 cents is how much it costs to send a xmas card to Japan)

And he answered,

"Nai kedo...daijoubu."

in perfect Japanese.

I knew he's a happa (half caucasian, half Japanese) and spoke Japanese because my mom had told me before.
But I thought he'd be more comfortable speaking in English.
I guess I was wrong.

It was weird he assumed I knew Japanese too.
Maybe he remembered me from the last time I went with my mom, or just assumed from my appearance.

I did take Innocent W to the party to see if I can at least number the pages, but nooooo luck.

I guess I'm still too hyper from the drive back from Burbank, so I could work on KAGETORA.

Okay, I'll at least try.

It's raining in Los Angeles.

Interview with Actress

I started work on the interview subtitling.

This time it is an actress, and luckily I do know her.

I saw her in one TV show.

I remember her acting a lot.
It was very good.
She played an obedient middle-class rich wife who one day loses it and starts destroying her husband's life.
Oh, it was good.
Of course, this part isn't the main story.

I spent the other half of the day working on the xmas party stuff and KAGETORA #11.

Finished June Pride

I woke up early this morning to finish formatting June Pride.

And I'm done!

I'll first go to sleep, and when I wake up I will start on KAGETORA #11.

Tomorrow I also have to start working on the DVD interview feature.

Almost Done with June Pride

I am just about done with June Pride, I just need to finish the interview in the end.
It's pretty long...8 pages.
Then I have 2 more pages of afterwords by the artist and the author.

According to the book, the artist was in love with her AIBO at the time this book was published.

I've played with some AIBO at JAPAN EXPO before, and I really found it annoying how long it takes for them to react.
(I'm a very impatient person)

No Holiday Break

I am still working on June Pride.
I didn't get work done yesterday because it was hot, dry, and I went shopping.

I was looking through my schedule (of deadlines) and I realized I will get no holiday break.

After I finish June Pride I will be working on the DVD interview thing and KAGETORA #11 (the final volume).

After that, I will be working on Innocent W #3 and a new title from Company DR.

I still didn't get notices about a couple of titles from Company B, but I'm hoping it's coming up soon.
(Unless they decide they don't like me anymore...which is always a fear I have to deal with, with any company)

I was hoping to join Ed from MangaCast in Tokyo for Comiket, but it looks like I have to skip it.

Maybe I can go in March for TAF.

Proctoring for JLPT 2006

Today I spent almost all day working as a proctor for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Also known as JLPT.

This year I was in charge of level 4, which is the lowest level.

I like the different variety of the people who take level 4.
There were kids who were about 10 up to men in their 60's.

The room I was in was really small, stuff with 32 people.
On tiny desks.
It was sad.

Since my partner and I didn't want to walk around the tiny spaces and drop someone's test, we just stood around in the front.
I made the mistake of wearing squeaky shoes.
Next year I'll try not to.

One of the proctors came wearing a UCLA hat.
The site was at USC, and since it was the day after the upset, I don't know if that was a good idea...
Fortunately he didn't get jumped.
At least, not that I know of.

I'm tired so I'll go back to my main work tomorrow.

Worked on June Pride

Today I went to Costco (it was crowded) to buy Xmas cards.

I was surprised they have cute designs.
I was really expecting some ugly santa or boring sceneries.

I was originally thinking about buying Xmas cards from USTA (US Tennis Association), but they're much more expensive.
And since I'm sending these to clients, I thought a tennis-playing snowman/santa or a snowy tennis court would confuse them.

Anyway, and the rest of the day I spent writing Xmas cards and working on June Pride.

It is generous to translators (and adapters and letterers) because of the big, round bubbles.

In the interview at the end of the book, the writer says that Takumi-kun is not at all a bishounen.
Or...he's not supposed to be, in her mind.
But she acknowledges that her job is to sell dreams (she sounds just like Disneyland!), so she knows that the artist had to draw him cute.

I'm thinking this is the reason why Takumi-kun has a boring haircut.
It's very dasao-kun.

Hopefully I'll finish over the weekend.