One Potato Two




Aftermath Notes

I am done with the interview translation/subtitling.

It went faster later on because I started to just transcribe the stuff first, then translate.

Very similar to when I interpret at panels or something.
But I can pause and rewind, so it's easier.

When I'm taking notes interpreting at a panel, I usually just translate in my head and write it down as English.
So I can deliver faster.

But since there was no rush today it was all Japanese.

I took a picture of one of the notes.

It's mostly in hiragana, but with some kanji.

I discovered that I have a harder time writing katakana fast, and I can write kanji faster.
Which is weird.
I think I tend to mix up katakana and hiragana when I'm writing fast.
The similar-looking ones, like "ka" or "ya."

So katakana ones I mostly write in English, I guess.

I'm going to have a similar job next week (eek!), and it's 120 minutes of film.
(What a long interview...this one I just finished was 90 minutes)

But at least the next job I'll have 3 weeks to work on it.

Tomorrow I'll have a full day to work on June Pride, and hopefully clean my room.
I need to decide my outfit for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test proctoring job, which is this Sunday.
After I quit Company H, I haven't really touched my business casual closet.