One Potato Two





I am currently working on KAGETORA #10, which is due Wednesday.

There is a scene with a butsuma in it, and I thought I should keep it Japanese and write a translation note.

I remember everytime I went to my grandma's house in Niigata, Japan, the first thing I had to do is sit in front of the butsuma and say hello to my late great-grandma.
I didn't say much to the other ancestors since I didn't know them.

Next time I go I guess I have to say hello to my grandma & grandpa, who both died last year.

Maybe because this was on my grandpa was in my dream last night.
It's weird because in my dream, grandma was dead but not grandpa.

In reality, it was grandpa who died first.
Maybe I don't feel he died because I didn't really witness his death or funeral. I only went to his 49-day thing.