One Potato Two




Finished Title M

I finished title M from Company B last night.

There were some translation notes, but I can only talk about one.

A guy makes a reference to Kaguya Hime, one of my favorite stories in Japan.
(Official? title is Taketori Monogatari)
There's actually various versions of Kaguya Hime.
And lots of manga that use the concept.

My favorite sci-fi shojo manga is "Kaguya Hime," by Reiko Shimizu.
I think it has the most interesting interpretation (adaptation?) of the Kaguya Hime story.

Anyway, back to work stuff.

I got more E'S stuff to do, and I also have to work on KAGETORA #10.

I guess after that I can enjoy like a day of vacation, and start working on June Pride and KAGETORA #11.

Happy Holidays to me!