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Princess Resurrection Listed

I found out from MangaCast that Princess Resurrection is now listed for a May 2007 release date.

This is one of the many manga I translated with a "Princess" in it.
I was working on this while working on Kagetora, and both Kagetora and the main character of Princess R calls the main girl "Hime."

Okay, that was random.

A short synopsis on the story:

Hiro came to Sasanaki City to live with his sister, who was hired to be an in-house maid for a big mansion. Once there, Hiro is hit by a truck and dies. He is then resurrected by Hime by drinking her blood. He is therefore transformed into a blood warrior, and his duty is to protect Hime for the rest of his life. He is semi-immortal, but will need to replenish with Hime's blood every few days or will die.
Hime is a princess of a royal family that stands above all monsters. Currently she is in a battle against her siblings for the throne. Werewolves, vampires, and other monsters are sent by her siblings to kill her, and it is up to Hiro to protect her.

My favorite character is Flandre, Hime's android maid.
Not only is she cute and strong, but she only says one thing!
Which means...she's easy to translate.