One Potato Two




Gunbuster Site is Up

The Gunbuster English site is up.

Although the work I did on it is not up yet...

I'm assuming it's supposed to go here.

In other news...

I got a new client.
Company DQ.

I also got new work from Company T.
I will be taking over from volume 3.
I can't say the title yet, because it's not official.
(It is when I get the work order).

Still working on Title M & Title D.

Finished Title A

I finished Title A from Company T.

I was really tired from it, but I stayed awake to watch Late Night with Conan.
I mean, it's the day after elections.
And Will Ferrell.
(Even if I haven't seen most of his movies).

Anyway, Title A.
I really liked the last story.
It's a story you have to read a couple of times.
I looked it up on the net and I guess other people like that story the best too.

Next is the novel, now that I'm feeling a little bet better, and Title M from Company B.