One Potato Two


Started Work on E'S #3 Extras

I was extremely sleepy last night, but for some reason I couldn't go to sleep.

So I decided to work on the E'S #3 extra pages.

I have an idea going, but I don't know if the licensors will approve it.

I've already had several rejected ideas, or ideas I had to fight for with E'S Press.
The Yaoi-Con/Mikomi Con version was one of them...I had to fight for it.
That's why it made me happy when people liked it when I passed it out to them at Yaoi-Con.

GA II Stuff

Today I paid a visit to Company B to help them look over GA II.

I'm not credited in the book, but I did translate 2 pages in there.


I think that still justifies my attachment.
(And Amazon product link)

You don't need to read GA I & Beta to appreciate GA II, but knowing all the characters make it much more fun.

It's like the relationship between Disgaea and Disgaea 2.

While I was at Company B, I read their newest From Gamers magazine.
And guess what I found on the Aquarian Age spread!

The Juvenile Orion manga characters are featured in Aquarian Age Saga 3 Highpriestess' Eye!
And since there are 6 factions now, they have a new character...
Kaimu Kirihara is in the Polestar Empire.
It says that he's someone's son from a different dimension.


Aftermath Notes

I am done with the interview translation/subtitling.

It went faster later on because I started to just transcribe the stuff first, then translate.

Very similar to when I interpret at panels or something.
But I can pause and rewind, so it's easier.

When I'm taking notes interpreting at a panel, I usually just translate in my head and write it down as English.
So I can deliver faster.

But since there was no rush today it was all Japanese.

I took a picture of one of the notes.

It's mostly in hiragana, but with some kanji.

I discovered that I have a harder time writing katakana fast, and I can write kanji faster.
Which is weird.
I think I tend to mix up katakana and hiragana when I'm writing fast.
The similar-looking ones, like "ka" or "ya."

So katakana ones I mostly write in English, I guess.

I'm going to have a similar job next week (eek!), and it's 120 minutes of film.
(What a long interview...this one I just finished was 90 minutes)

But at least the next job I'll have 3 weeks to work on it.

Tomorrow I'll have a full day to work on June Pride, and hopefully clean my room.
I need to decide my outfit for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test proctoring job, which is this Sunday.
After I quit Company H, I haven't really touched my business casual closet.


I am almost done with my part for the interview project.

But I guess I'll have to take over the other part too, and my co-worker said she only did about 45%.

And I thought it was due Thursday, but when I looked at the date again it's due Wednesday.


I'll be going in again tomorrow.


I'm still only 55% done with my project.

Then I checked my email and I have more work on the other file.
(I thought a co-worker was doing it, but I guess not. She only did maybe...a quarter of it?)

While I was working the fire alarm went off so I semi-evacuated.
Since there was no supervisor to check me and a couple other workaholics off, we went back in after a few minutes.

Maybe it was the NFL people (they are in the same building). They got too hot over the game.

Later I will work on June Pride while I watch the Amazing Race.
The Cho brothers I was rooting for are out now, and the remaining teams I don't really care for, but I'll still watch Rob and Kim bicker throughout the show.
Hee hee.

I like working at other sites (like, companies and not my house) because at least it forces me out of the house.
But...I wish I can control the temperature more.
And I wish I can take my hantens and wear it.
I have two types, the sleeved one and the vest one, but I think I'll look too ridiculous at Company S.
Even if there are a lot of international people working there.

Japanese Films

Today I worked mostly on the Japanese film critic interview for Company S.

He names a bunch of films I have never heard of (I'm not familiar at all with Japanese films; in college I studied some Korean films).

I would like to watch some of them:

"Woman in the Dunes"
"The Face of Another"
"Intensions of Murder"

But...I won't have time for a while.
At least for the next 4 weeks.

At least.
I'm sure I'll get more work from Company T and Company B during the month of December.

E'S #2 Extra Pages

Today instead of going to Company S, I decided to stay home and work on E'S #2 extras.
(The part that makes the book DELUXE).

I can't say what it is, because I still didn't pass it through the managing editor (I guess I should email her now), but it'll be introducing Ashurum.

So far it's going to be 6 pages.

Wow...I have to think of all that text?

I realized that it's hard to write something while watching TV, especially if it's a show with a lot of talking.
(I was watching Studio 60).

So now I'm watching Lakers vs Jazz, and that isn't that distracting. It's been a close game though.

Two Documents for Company JRI

I thought I had a week off from Company JRI (I get work from them weekly), but they sent me some documents tonight.


So I think I'll finish that up first, because they are least time consuming.

I was at my college friend's house today and we were watching a taped Iron Chef episode.
I was trying to make note of the way they describe the food when the judges make comments, because that's my job for JRI sometimes.
I have to describe how the food is great in many different ways.

Three for Thanks

I went to work today for Company S and when I told them I'm going to be using the access key over the weekend, they called me "nuts."

But I have to go in...

Other than this "interview of an old man talking about a Japanese director" thing I have to translate, I have E'S #2 extra pages, and June Pride.

So this weekend I'll be at home or at Company S.

The worst part of the interview is that there's no script, and the audio is very bad.
I'm okay with the bad pronounciation of the interviewee.
I mean, he's like 70. What can he do?

Paprika Screening in LA

Paprika's going to be showing for a week in downtown LA.

I'm still trying to decide whether I should see it or not.

I mean, I've seen the Japanese and subtitled version many times already...
Do I really need to go through the trouble of seeing it again?
Or can I wait until the DVD comes out next October?

I'm assuming the dub version is going to be shown.

So that's another issue.
(I usually don't watch dubs)

But it's something I worked on.
I should go support it!

And I should see how they adapted my translation!

Bah, I guess I'll decide tomorrow.
I need to finish KAGETORA.
I got distracted by the Clippers vs Lakers game and SVU.


I am currently working on KAGETORA #10, which is due Wednesday.

There is a scene with a butsuma in it, and I thought I should keep it Japanese and write a translation note.

I remember everytime I went to my grandma's house in Niigata, Japan, the first thing I had to do is sit in front of the butsuma and say hello to my late great-grandma.
I didn't say much to the other ancestors since I didn't know them.

Next time I go I guess I have to say hello to my grandma & grandpa, who both died last year.

Maybe because this was on my grandpa was in my dream last night.
It's weird because in my dream, grandma was dead but not grandpa.

In reality, it was grandpa who died first.
Maybe I don't feel he died because I didn't really witness his death or funeral. I only went to his 49-day thing.

Finished Title M

I finished title M from Company B last night.

There were some translation notes, but I can only talk about one.

A guy makes a reference to Kaguya Hime, one of my favorite stories in Japan.
(Official? title is Taketori Monogatari)
There's actually various versions of Kaguya Hime.
And lots of manga that use the concept.

My favorite sci-fi shojo manga is "Kaguya Hime," by Reiko Shimizu.
I think it has the most interesting interpretation (adaptation?) of the Kaguya Hime story.

Anyway, back to work stuff.

I got more E'S stuff to do, and I also have to work on KAGETORA #10.

I guess after that I can enjoy like a day of vacation, and start working on June Pride and KAGETORA #11.

Happy Holidays to me!

Princess Resurrection Listed

I found out from MangaCast that Princess Resurrection is now listed for a May 2007 release date.

This is one of the many manga I translated with a "Princess" in it.
I was working on this while working on Kagetora, and both Kagetora and the main character of Princess R calls the main girl "Hime."

Okay, that was random.

A short synopsis on the story:

Hiro came to Sasanaki City to live with his sister, who was hired to be an in-house maid for a big mansion. Once there, Hiro is hit by a truck and dies. He is then resurrected by Hime by drinking her blood. He is therefore transformed into a blood warrior, and his duty is to protect Hime for the rest of his life. He is semi-immortal, but will need to replenish with Hime's blood every few days or will die.
Hime is a princess of a royal family that stands above all monsters. Currently she is in a battle against her siblings for the throne. Werewolves, vampires, and other monsters are sent by her siblings to kill her, and it is up to Hiro to protect her.

My favorite character is Flandre, Hime's android maid.
Not only is she cute and strong, but she only says one thing!
Which means...she's easy to translate.

Done with Novel

I'm done with the novel.

I just proofread it and turned it in.

Since this was my first job with Company 7S, I hope I did everything correctly...
I'm sure I did, but you never know!

A few translation notes.

Doraemon, the blue robot cat (with no ears) who can pull various gadgets from his fourth dimension pocket.
My friend Yuri loved him for some reason.

Uwabaki, the "inside shoes" kids have to wear in Japanese schools.
I think it keeps it cleaner. Easier for kids to clean the floors (I hated doing that when I went to a school in Japan for summers...even at that young age, I was used to janitors. Bad habit?)

By the way, visitors to a school would have to wear slippers.
And since Japan has bathroom specific slippers, there are often times when you have to switch slippers.
People who are not used to this (like me) always forget, and wear bathroom slippers out of the bathroom.
This is frowned upon.

Chikara udon, udon with mochi in it. In my opinion it makes it harder to eat (hence the name "chikara," meaning "power"). I prefer to have them separately.

Teru teru bouzu, the rain-repelling mascot you hang in your window. Kids would hang them the night before a field trip or a picnic.

Pachinko, the pinball-like game.
Being in a parlor hurts my ears, so I hate it.
It is also filled with cigarette smoke. Bu-.

English Proficiency Test

Today I spent most of the day at the English proficiency test.

The 1st grade test involves the examinee choosing a topic and making a speech, and then we (the examiners) ask some questions asking about related issues.

I tried to pick up on what the examinee focused, and expand on it.

I like how in 1st grade I can adjust to the examinee's level of common knowledge.
For example, I would bring up chatting and instant messaging to a younger generation, but I wouldn't to a woman in her 40s.

All but one of the examiners are bilingual, so this was my chance to get chummy with other bilinguals.
One person is a translator like me (although in a different field, I assume), so we exchanged email addresses.

After work, I stopped by Gardena to go to a yakitori-to-go store.
I got a yakitori donburi. Since I got to choose which yakitori, I got bara (pork belly), nankotsu (cartilage), and negima (meat pieces with green onion).

I usually prefer the negima with salt, not sauce, but I guess for the over-rice dish it's better with sauce.

E'S #1 Extra Page Tweaks

The E'S #1 extra pages were done by the graphics person, so it came back to me to do some tweaking.

It's so cute!!

One part is called "Asuka's Guide to Gald," and I made a note to "please make it cute and Asuka-ish."

It's perfect.

Now I have to start thinking about E'S #2 extra pages.
I don't know...Shin-lu's Access to Ashurum?

Juvenile Orion Illustration Book

I got my Juvenile Orion illustration book sample today.

Heh heh heh.

I really like it.

There are some artist names people in the U.S. might recognize now more than before.

For example, the artist who draws for Le Chevalier d’Eon (recently licensed by Del Rey Manga), is one of the artists for the JO illust book.

Gunbuster Site is Up

The Gunbuster English site is up.

Although the work I did on it is not up yet...

I'm assuming it's supposed to go here.

In other news...

I got a new client.
Company DQ.

I also got new work from Company T.
I will be taking over from volume 3.
I can't say the title yet, because it's not official.
(It is when I get the work order).

Still working on Title M & Title D.

Finished Title A

I finished Title A from Company T.

I was really tired from it, but I stayed awake to watch Late Night with Conan.
I mean, it's the day after elections.
And Will Ferrell.
(Even if I haven't seen most of his movies).

Anyway, Title A.
I really liked the last story.
It's a story you have to read a couple of times.
I looked it up on the net and I guess other people like that story the best too.

Next is the novel, now that I'm feeling a little bet better, and Title M from Company B.

What About Wasabi

Today I translated a short blurb about wasabi.

The proper way to eat sashimi with wasabi is to not stir in the wasabi with the soy sauce.
This is because the flavor and smell of the wasabi will disappear in the soy sauce.

You're actually supposed to place it on the sashimi and dip a little bit of the non-wasabi area of the sashimi into the soy sauce.

I think I learned this from the great gourmet manga, Oishinbo.

The best way to grind the wasabi is to use a shark skin grinder too.

Of course, this is recommended when you're having delicious wasabi.

I mean, if you're just going to buy some sashimi at the market and eat it, I don't think anything matters.

By the way, reading Oishinbo in the restroom is not recommended.

Hell Week! Yay!

I really don't want to be looking at my calendar right now...

I have nothing due this week, but for the next two weeks I have something due almost every other day.

Starting with Nov 12 (Sun), I'll be working the whole day doing English Proficiency test interviews.
Usually the day is divided into morning and afternoon.
And usually morning would be one level, and afternoon another.

Sigh...I was told I'll be doing the highest level (1st grade) the whole day.

On Nov 15 (Wed), my novel is due.
I'm still not where I want to be...

On Nov 17 (Fri), I have some E'S #2 stuff due.
This one is easy, but considering the amount of work I have right now, it puts pressure on me.

On Nov 20 (Mon), I have two manga due.
Both are unannounced, and they are for different companies.

On Nov 22 (Wed), I KAGETORA #10 is due.

On Nov 24 (Fri), something else for E'S #2 is due.
Although this is the day after Thanksgiving, so I'm assuming they want it on Monday after or Wednesday before.
It'll kill me if it's the Wednesday before.


I need to get rid of my cold too.

I was asked by Company S to come in to do work on EverQuest II, but I think I have to say no.
I really hate doing that, but the fever killed me.

What's So Wrong?

I was watching Studio 60 and the executive (Jordan, played by Amanda Peet) was saying how it was bad that a publication released info about her:

1) She hates kids, she'll never have kids, she'll never hire women with kids.
2) She hates dogs.

...What's wrong with that?

I don't like kids.
Although I do want a kid and I don't think a woman with kids would want to work for me.

I'm not necessarily fond of dogs either.

See, when I was younger, I had a friend who lived about 2 blocks away.
She had a dog.
Everytime I went to go see her, her dog would get excited over the "visitor" and pee.
Sometimes on my shoes, sometimes on my pants...

Sometimes he would step on his pee and then jump on me...

Yeah, so I'm not really fond of dogs.

Although...our house cat thinks she's a dog.

My fever is gone but now I have a sore throat.
I was told that I have large tonsils, but unlike before, they don't take out tonsils anymore.
I was told it's the last resort.
Like, if I get strep throat 6 times a year, then they will take it out.

Oh yeah, this is a work blog.
Since my fever is gone I worked on manga some more.

Bibimba = Chocolate Popsicle?

I'm sick with a headache so I know I'm not supposed to, but I'm on the internet watching some Japanese drama.

To protect privacy I shouldn't say the title.
It's Japanese with English subtitles.

Anyway, one part's lines were:

"What do you want to eat?"
"I want bibimba!"

Bibimba (or Bibinba) is a Korean dish with rice and veggies & ground meat.
What makes it good is the hot sauce.
It's served with the rice on the bottom, topped with the ingredients, but you're supposed to mix it all up before you eat it.
The term "bibim" means to "mix" and "ba" is "rice."

They serve it on Korean Air whenever I go to Japan.
This is why I choose Korean Air.

Anyway, in the English subtitle it said:
"What do you want to eat?"
"I want a chocolate popsicle!"

Hee hee.

That's funny.

And that's what happens when you don't have a script in front of you when translating.

Yaoi &Fever

I am taking a break from working on the novel to work on the unannounced title from Company T.

It's because I'm a little sick, and the shorter sentences are easier.

Right now I have a slight fever...
My whole body is aching because it's fighting. doesn't help that our fridge broke yesterday.
We're getting a new one delivered tomorrow.


Wheel of Fortune

This is the game show, the one that airs (at least in my area) after Jeopardy.

Why do they always talk about their family?
"And you are married?" -Pat
"Yes. I am happily married..."
"Yes. I am married to my beautiful wife _____..."

"And I have 3 children, _____, ____, and ____"
"And I have 4 children, 6 grandchildren..."

Is it important?

I Wiki'ed it to see if family played an important part in Wheel of Fortune, but the long article bored me.

For those who are interested in the history, rules, and etc, please Wiki it.

Today I just worked on the novel.


KAMUI #5 should've been out for a while.

No, I haven't gotten my copy yet.

But I heard from Sales Manager A at Company B that the workers there are big fans.

When her assistant N saw the book shipment come in, she went upstairs to editor D and asked about it.

And I guess the men are liking the cover.
I guess the last 4 volumes were guys, it was a good change of pace.

I guess among the covers my favorite is volume 8, which features Aika.
I like Utsuho the most in the story (he's UtsuHOT), but the composition of the cover wasn't that interesting. (He's just standing there).

My favorite volumes in KAMUI are 6 and 7...coming up soon! I hope.

E'Ssed out

I seriously don't know how to spell "E'Ssed out."

It just means that I looked through every single volume of E'S today:

1) Looking for images
2) Looking for information
3) Just for fun, cuz #14 just came in

I think that's the only thing I worked on today.

I spent the other hours trying to learn songs to karaoke.


I have a tendency to learn "kid songs."
You know, like Morning Musume (or any other group from the same producer) or Ojamajo Doremi.
This is because I was told my voice matches those.

I actually sing better with guy songs.
If there's a guy/girl duet, I prefer to do the guy part.