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FLCL All Over Again?

I am currently working on something for Gunbuster.

It's a short blurb about the various movies, books, and etc that influenced Gunbuster.

With the old references, I feel like I'm working on the FLCL booklet all over again.

I never knew the title came from "Top Gun" and "Ace wo Nerae!"
I know it must be obvious, but I really didn't think a tennis manga would inspire a sci-fi anime, you know?

Anyway, I remember talking to Tsurumaki-san, the director of FLCL and Gunbuster 2, and he said he joined GAINAX because of Gunbuster.
So I guess the similarities of the otaku-ness of both work is understandable.

I'm not making much progress because I am distracted by the newest light novel I got.
It's by author Jiro Akagawa, probably most famous for his "Calico Cat Holmes" series and "Sailor Uniform and a Machine Gun" series.
Actually, I haven't read much of both series.

I'm reading his "Sayaka Sugihara" series, where the characters age every year as the book is released every year.
Sayaka was 15 when the series started, she is now 32 in the book I'm reading.
(This book was released last year, she's actually 33 now).

I didn't take it to Yaoi Con because I knew it'll distract me from my freelance work.
And it is distracting me...sigh.
(This is my 3rd time reading the same book).