One Potato Two




E'S Press Mikomi & Yaoi Version

I worked on E'S Press issue 0.2 today.

It will be distributed at Mikomi Con and Yaoi Con, which will be held the next two weekends, respectively.

Since I made it with Yaoi Con in mind, it is a like a bishounen/biseinen issue.

I finished re-watching Koi no Chikara with Fukatsu Eri in it.

And now I'm watching Yamato Nadeshiko with Matsushima Nanako.
It's weird because 3 actors in Koi no Chikara are in Yamato Nadeshiko.
Tsutsumi Shinichi, Nishimura Masahiko, and Yada Akiko.
Nishimura Masahiko is famous for his role in Furuhata as the idiot cop.
I can see why he was casted, because the producer is the same for both dramas.

I guess it's habit to check the staff credits for anything I read or watch...