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Japanese Dolls are Still Scary

I saw the newest trailer for Paprika, and although I saw the movie many times already, I still think Japanese dolls are scary.

There's a part where the big Japanese doll laughs and the glasses shatter, but I hate hate hate that part.

I watched it with headphones on too, so it made it worse.

My favorite part of the movie?

Actually, I like all of the jibberish lines the characters in the "dream" say.

When I was given the work, I was told there will be a lot of them and it will be hard to translate.

But actually, I enjoyed it.
They are...I don't know, poetic?
I wrote in my notes to the adapter to please make it as poetic as possible.

Among the jibberish lines, I like Himuro's lines that talk about the sun, shadows, and residents of the dark.

Please look for it when you see the movie.