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Kindaichi Shonen Randomness

Happy October!

Before I go back to working on the novel from Company 7S, I have to work on a secret something.

I have to time a part of it, which is a bit difficult for me.

This is because when I'm stuck on something (like how to word it best), I stop.
Sometimes I leave it alone for a whole day, thinking about the terms and how to translate it.

And once I figure it out, I come back.
But then I forget to start the timer.

In the hours I was "thinking," I read Detective Conan and watched Kindaichi Shonen's Jikenbo (live action drama, 1st season).

The main difference between these two mysteries is that in Kindaichi, most of the murderers kill themselves in the end.

I think in Conan, the only one that dies is the piano-playing doctor Seiji in the "Moonlight Sonata Case."

I like watching the 1st and 2nd seasons of Kindaichi live because both actors who play Kindaichi and Miyuki are my age.
I used to watch it as a high schooler.
They also do a good job.
I can't compare to the 3rd and 4th seasons because I didn't see them yet (and I really don't intend to), but it's said that they are not that good.

Which is sad because my favorite cases are mostly in season 3.

One is the "Magician's Train Murders," which introduces Kindaichi's nemesis "Puppetmaster from Hell."

Another is the "Reika Hayami Kidnapping Murders," which also features the Puppetmaster from Hell.

And lastly, the "Russian Dolls Murders." Actually, this one has the Puppetmaster from Hell too.

...I guess I just like the Puppetmaster from Hell.

I also like the "Black Butterfly of Death Murders" because it has Detective (?) Inokawa, which is a character based on Major Eberbach from "From Eroica with Love."
I love love love Major Eberbach.
He is Eber-hot.

Okay, back to blogging about work.
Hopefully I can finish this secret something soon so I can get back to the novel.
KAGETORA is coming soon too.