One Potato Two


Finished Gunbuster

Happy Halloween.

The whole day I totally forgot it was Halloween, but the neighborhood kids and TV keeps reminding me.
Oh, and Google, who helped me much during the translation notes.

Anyway, I couldn't go anywhere or do anything Halloween-ish because of my deadlines.

Just an update on all the work I have of today:

(in order of due date)

E'S #1 extra pages
Light novel
E'S #2 stuff
Unannounced manga A
June Pride (deadline not set yet)
Other unannounced manga

Okay, I finally finished the Gunbuster thing.
I learned a lot about stuff that happened before I was born...

I guess it's going to be on their website, so please look for it when it goes up.

Pictures from Yaoi Con

I finally got the pictures from Yaoi Con 2006.

Actually, it's not even from the con.

This is the view I had from my inn room.

And this is the chocolate volcano cake Ed, sales manager A, and I shared at Elephant Bar.

I didn't take pictures of the con because it was so dark inside.
And I have one of those small cameras that don't do well in dark places.

Finished Everything But

I didn't work at all Saturday because of the Endless Shrimp(TM) party at Red Lobster, then some geekiness at A's house.

We also had an Ugly Betty marathon.

The telemundo parts are very funny.

I think I like the show because there are a lot of mean people.

I like mean people, because they are funny.
I'm mean but I'm not funny.
Well, it's funny to me and I laugh silently inside my head, but I'm sure the people I'm mean to don't think it's funny.

Anyway, I finished the Company JRI documents first because they were the easiest.

Then I did the English proficiency test thing so I can get that out of the way.

Now I'm back to working on Gunbuster.

What's going to take me long are the translation notes.
I hope I can finish tomorrow so I can go back to working on the manga and the novel...

Triple Trouble

I have three projects that are all due at the end of the month (after the weekend).

There is the Gunbuster small project, which is fairly simple but time consuming.

I have some documents from Company JRI I need to finish.

And then I have some work to do for my English Proficiency testing Company.
This is also time consuming, because I have to review some old materials, watch a bunch of video, and send back something.

I have qualifications for pre-1st grade and 2nd grade, but now they also want me to have qualifications for 1st grade. (The highest grade).

Busy weekend.

FLCL All Over Again?

I am currently working on something for Gunbuster.

It's a short blurb about the various movies, books, and etc that influenced Gunbuster.

With the old references, I feel like I'm working on the FLCL booklet all over again.

I never knew the title came from "Top Gun" and "Ace wo Nerae!"
I know it must be obvious, but I really didn't think a tennis manga would inspire a sci-fi anime, you know?

Anyway, I remember talking to Tsurumaki-san, the director of FLCL and Gunbuster 2, and he said he joined GAINAX because of Gunbuster.
So I guess the similarities of the otaku-ness of both work is understandable.

I'm not making much progress because I am distracted by the newest light novel I got.
It's by author Jiro Akagawa, probably most famous for his "Calico Cat Holmes" series and "Sailor Uniform and a Machine Gun" series.
Actually, I haven't read much of both series.

I'm reading his "Sayaka Sugihara" series, where the characters age every year as the book is released every year.
Sayaka was 15 when the series started, she is now 32 in the book I'm reading.
(This book was released last year, she's actually 33 now).

I didn't take it to Yaoi Con because I knew it'll distract me from my freelance work.
And it is distracting me...sigh.
(This is my 3rd time reading the same book).

Finished Kagetora #9

I finished Kagetora #9 today.

The translation note I had the most fun with this time was takoyaki.

I love takoyaki.

It is one of the foods I must eat when I am in Japan.

I can make takoyaki since I have a takoyaki grill at home, but it just doesn't taste the same as the ones sold in stores in Japan.
It's especially good when you buy them at festivals.
I think it's the atmosphere.

Anyway, I did the translation note like I'm doing one of the recipes for Kitchen Princess...

I'll be working on the novel for Company 7S next...

Actually, I won't.
I got something from Company BV that's due at the end of this month.

There's No Place Like Home

As much as I love going to cons, I always come back and love LA all over again.

Well, maybe not this time...

I came home to a pile of work.

Since I don't work for a company, I didn't come home to find my inbox piled up with documents.

(In fact, the cat had jumped up on my desk and dropped stuff...)

But I did get a couple of things:

I got some work to do for the English Proficiency test.
I got more books from Company T. (Yay!)
I got an email from Company DR to clarify something.
I got an email from Company B to look over something E'S #1 related.
I got an email from Company 7S about a minor change.

...So I guess I got minor things from almost all of my clients.

It'll be a busy week.

Yoki Koto Kiku has been out

Yoki Koto Kiku's been out...but since it was an exclusive, it took a while to be on Amazon.

But it's finally up!

If you like dark comedy with cute characters, this is the book to pick up.

Update From San Fran

I found some WiFi.

So I update my I a geek?

Also, do people get offended when I call San Francisco "San Fran?"

But it's definitely easier to say.

Anyway, I am almost done with my work for Yaoi Con.
I just need to drive back, help them clean up, and report to the big boss.

Yaoi Con was tiring but fun.
I finally got to meet one of my editors from Company T.
I also met someone else too.
They were both nice people.

It's funny how I would meet them in SF when I live only 10 miles away from Company T.

I also met the president and staff from Company DQ.
They are very nice.

I was very tired yesterday nite and only got through about 10 pages of KAGETORA #9.

Tonight I will ganbaru.

Company B sales manager A and I are supposed to go eat dinner with Ed, the famous podcast guy at MangaCast.

Gu-. (I'm hungry)

Barely? Finished Lament of Lamb

Today was a so-so busy day.

Since I'm helping out for Yaoi Con for Company B, I went to help pack and load as well.
I love doing conventions.
I wish more companies would hire me to do it.

After I finished that, I came home to work on Lament of the Lamb.
They wanted it Friday, so I had to finish it by tonight.

And I finished!!

I haven't read the manga, but now I know the ending.
Unless they're changing it.

Oh well. I'm scared of horror, so it's better that I know the ending.

So...there's a change of plans on what to do at Yaoi Con.

I will be taking the last 20 pages of KAGETORA #9 for Company DR, something for E'S #1 for Company B, and novel D for Company 7S.

Now let's see how much of that I can finish...

I won't have internet access in San Francisco.
That's almost 4 days.

Very very sad.

A Typical Day

Today I worked from 9am until way late in the night.

I guess that would happen from time to time.

My work hours vary from day to day.

Sometimes I work for 3 hours a day, sometimes 5...and sometimes 12.

When I went to go visit my old workplace (a huge Japanese electronics company) and some people would say,
"It must be nice to be able to sleep in everyday."

But actually I wake up around the same time everyday.
I get up at 8 or 8:30.
Sure, it's later than most people, but still in the "morning" hours.

If I don't get up in the morning, it's hard to get motivated to work.

So I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth, and check email.
While I check email I also work (I leave my computer and work documents open).

I continue working (because I'm on a roll) until I get hungry.
So I make something, eat it while I check email and websites.

After I eat, I work some more and then I try to go to the gym.
I do this so I can get off my butt, go outside, stretch my arms, and get exercise.
On days when I don't go to the gym, I just stay indoors and work.
Sometimes I don't leave the house.

When I come back from the gym I eat lunch while checking email again.

And I continue working until there's something exciting to watch on TV.
I continue to work while watching TV, during commercial breaks.

Currently I'm watching the following shows:
Sunday: The Amazing Race (CBS)
Monday: What About Brian (ABC)
(I chose What About Brian over Studio 60 because Studio 60 is available to watch online)
Tuesday: Law & Order Criminal Intent, Law & Order SVU (NBC)
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: Survivor (CBS)
Friday: Law & Order (NBC)
Saturday: nothing

Today wasn't a typical day because I had to get up, go to a company to work.
Then I came back and finished up some work for Company JRI and on Lament of the Lamb stuff for Company T.
I had to stop working on the LoL because my mind wasn't functioning anymore.

Non-Con Work at the Con

Since I got more work, it has been determined that I will be working on non-con stuff at the con.

I'm sure I'll finish KAGETORA #9 by tonight or tomorrow.
(Although I'll be out the whole day tomorrow doing something else).

I will be taking:

Company T = Lament of the Lamb stuff
Company 7S = Novel D
Company T = Yaoi Title A

I have other work, but for now these are the ones with the closest deadlines.

Kagetora vs Kitty

Today I came home to find my cut up KAGETORA #9 scattered on the floor.

When the publisher lets me keep the manga I translate, I cut them up so they are easier to work with.

Like this:

And I guess while I was gone this morning, the cat was on my desk and dropped the manga.

I had to pick it up and sort it out again.
Shiku shiku... (sound for sobbing)

KAGETORA is ending at volume 11.

Kitchen Princess is ending at volume 6.

The other title...takes a while coming out.

Oh no, I have no more work from Company DR!

Lament of the Lamb

I guess it really is a rush.

Company T's press release about it:

Press Release

People in the forums weren't too hot on the idea, but I actually think it'll work.

I can see the storyline appealing to the people who have been watching The Grudge, The Ring, etc.

The Grudge was a big hit.
And I guess we'll have to see about Grudge 2 after this weekend.

I finished my part of the work...for now.
There's more to come.

The Film Industry Rush Factor

I guess today is a rush job day.

Luckily I finished title G from Company T.
They were amazed how fast I was, but it was only 30 pages.

I finished the FLCL booklet check (which is really fast) for Company B, so I guess I had time.

I got a rush rush rush job from a company I can't name for a brief translation to Japanese.
And since it's the film industry, it's super-rush.
It's due Monday.

Film is always a rush, isn't it.

Well, I did the TV industry before too, and that was more rush-rush.

I guess that's why I'm happy with the publishing industry.
That is where I get most of the work.

I did a pie chart the other day, and it turns out that 78% of the payments I received this year was for publishing.

...Anyway, if I look at my schedule Monday has 3 deadlines.
E'S #2 was due that day (I finished it), and yaoi title T was due too (I finished it).

Good planning!

Ultimate FLCL

I was asked by the head producer of Company B to take a look at the FLCL booklet, which will be included in the FLCL Ultimate Edition DVD set.

Even after 4(?) years, I still remember the FLCL booklet.
It was one of my first professional translation jobs in the anime/manga industry.

(My first official job was Sister Princess related).

I did the hardcore translation notes that people would say "What? Where'd that come from!?" like the Kabaya JuiC (pronounced "juicy") and Kuma High/Maeda-san & Okoshi/Waseda/Daiye baseball stories.
Even the president of Company B (born and raised in Japan) was like, "where in the world did you get this information?"

I remember having a hard time translating director Sakurai's hardcore bass column, and trying to find the origin of the word "moe."

Anyway, I spent a lot of hard work on it.
Much like how the Japanese creators worked on it, and much like how the English producers worked on it.

After FLCL was aired on Cartoon Network, I met a lot of people (at conventions and stuff) who said they didn't own the DVD, but rather had tapes from the airing on TV.

I was a little sad at that fact that people didn't own the DVD because the work I did on it is only featured in the DVD.
(I did the director's commentary translation in addition to the work I did in the booklet).

So for those who still didn't get the DVD, the Ultimate Edition is the perfect excuse to get one now.

FLCL is a "kame ba kamu hodo aji ga deru" anime.
This translates to "the more you chew, the more taste comes out of it."
I hope people watch it many times.

This is what I recommend:

Watch it once subtitled.
Watch it again in dub.
Watch it with the director's commentary.
Read over the booklet and find translation notes you didn't pick up from the three viewings.
Watch it again (subbed or dubbed) to look for those references.

You can watch it again to play drinking games.
Take a drink when:
1) There's a panty shot
2) Something comes out of Naota's head
3) A cat appears

...Okay, that was a long post.

New Project - Rush

I got a rush job from Company T.

It's a continuation of a very popular title, and I am excited to do it.
Even if it's partial work...

I'm still working on the other yaoi title from Company T also.

I haven't been working much lately because I've been out and I've been lazy.

Juggling Report

Company B = E'S #1 extra pages

Company B = Yaoi Con preparation

Company DR = KAGETORA #9

Company T = Yaoi title A

Company T = Yaoi title G

Company 7S = novel

Meeting with Company A

I had a meeting with Company A today.

They are a game translating house and publisher.

They are a fairly new company, with a young president.

Yeah, he's something I want to be in a few years.
A company with about 5 employees and a nice office...

He said he used to work from home too.

Today I received KAGETORA from Company DR, and I was supposed to get some files from Company T...but not here yet.
This is a rush-rush job.
I also got an email from the company that does English proficiency tests to do some interviewing.
(I'm an interviewer for the second round of the test).

Finished E'S #2

I finished E'S #2 and turned it in.

This volume shows more of Gald, along with Yuuki and Asuka.

I'm still working on E'S #1 extra pages and almost done with E'S Press Issue 0.2.

I bought a Samsung printer for a really good deal, but Staples emailed me saying it's unavailable.
I'm very sad.

I also forgot that it was a 3-day weekend, which is common because holidays don't really matter to me.
In fact, holidays are just a pain in the butt for me.
I don't get holiday pay, and banks, post offices, etc are all closed.

Kancho Kandy

Today I worked on the yaoi title from Company T while learning a new song to sing for karaoke.

I was shopping around the other day and found this snack.

I know it's a rip-off of a snack called "Pakkun cho."
Pakkun is like the way Pac-Man gobbles up those pellets.
Which is where he gets his name.

Anyway, Kancho.

Kancho is a word for an enema.

And it's probably a coincidence that the character is holding some arrow-like thing.

Although it's not coincidence that I brought it up, now that I'm working on yaoi...

Smiling Faces in E'S

I was scanning images for the newest E'S Press, and since it's a bishonen/biseinen special issue, I was flipping through all the volumes to look for the boys smiling.

...Actually, there aren't much.

Kai usually has a worried look.
Yuuki is always injured...
Eiji's smile is evil-looking.
So is Maxim's.
The only one with a good smiling face was Jyuma.

There are 4 more people introduced, so please take a look at Mikomi Con or Yaoi Con.
(And they also post it online afterwards)

E'S Press Mikomi & Yaoi Version

I worked on E'S Press issue 0.2 today.

It will be distributed at Mikomi Con and Yaoi Con, which will be held the next two weekends, respectively.

Since I made it with Yaoi Con in mind, it is a like a bishounen/biseinen issue.

I finished re-watching Koi no Chikara with Fukatsu Eri in it.

And now I'm watching Yamato Nadeshiko with Matsushima Nanako.
It's weird because 3 actors in Koi no Chikara are in Yamato Nadeshiko.
Tsutsumi Shinichi, Nishimura Masahiko, and Yada Akiko.
Nishimura Masahiko is famous for his role in Furuhata as the idiot cop.
I can see why he was casted, because the producer is the same for both dramas.

I guess it's habit to check the staff credits for anything I read or watch...

E'S #1 Extra Pages

I've been working on the E'S volume 1 extra pages.

Since I'm a very analogue person, I draw out the spreads and give them to the graphic designer.

This is a picture of some of my sketches:

It's Erimiya and Dr. Asakura.

The E'S volumes will be a good deal, because almost always the manga artist will draw "extra comics" featuring the characters.
AND there are the pages I'm working the US fans are lucky!! :D

Japanese Dolls are Still Scary

I saw the newest trailer for Paprika, and although I saw the movie many times already, I still think Japanese dolls are scary.

There's a part where the big Japanese doll laughs and the glasses shatter, but I hate hate hate that part.

I watched it with headphones on too, so it made it worse.

My favorite part of the movie?

Actually, I like all of the jibberish lines the characters in the "dream" say.

When I was given the work, I was told there will be a lot of them and it will be hard to translate.

But actually, I enjoyed it.
They are...I don't know, poetic?
I wrote in my notes to the adapter to please make it as poetic as possible.

Among the jibberish lines, I like Himuro's lines that talk about the sun, shadows, and residents of the dark.

Please look for it when you see the movie.

More Yaoi Work

I received a package today, and inside were three books from Company T.

Of course, they don't expect me to do it all at once.

I've been doing so much yaoi lately I feel ready for Yaoi Con.

I'll be going to work for the booth for Company B.

I wish I have at least one book meant for young boys.
At the restaurant I work, I have regular customers who have one boy and one girl.
I want to give them some of my work, but I don't have anything to give to the boys.
Girls I can give Kitchen Princess or the other shojo from Company DR I'll be working on from volume 2.
But boys...I think Disgaea is a little too complicated (since it's based on a game they probably didn't play).


Kindaichi Shonen Randomness

Happy October!

Before I go back to working on the novel from Company 7S, I have to work on a secret something.

I have to time a part of it, which is a bit difficult for me.

This is because when I'm stuck on something (like how to word it best), I stop.
Sometimes I leave it alone for a whole day, thinking about the terms and how to translate it.

And once I figure it out, I come back.
But then I forget to start the timer.

In the hours I was "thinking," I read Detective Conan and watched Kindaichi Shonen's Jikenbo (live action drama, 1st season).

The main difference between these two mysteries is that in Kindaichi, most of the murderers kill themselves in the end.

I think in Conan, the only one that dies is the piano-playing doctor Seiji in the "Moonlight Sonata Case."

I like watching the 1st and 2nd seasons of Kindaichi live because both actors who play Kindaichi and Miyuki are my age.
I used to watch it as a high schooler.
They also do a good job.
I can't compare to the 3rd and 4th seasons because I didn't see them yet (and I really don't intend to), but it's said that they are not that good.

Which is sad because my favorite cases are mostly in season 3.

One is the "Magician's Train Murders," which introduces Kindaichi's nemesis "Puppetmaster from Hell."

Another is the "Reika Hayami Kidnapping Murders," which also features the Puppetmaster from Hell.

And lastly, the "Russian Dolls Murders." Actually, this one has the Puppetmaster from Hell too.

...I guess I just like the Puppetmaster from Hell.

I also like the "Black Butterfly of Death Murders" because it has Detective (?) Inokawa, which is a character based on Major Eberbach from "From Eroica with Love."
I love love love Major Eberbach.
He is Eber-hot.

Okay, back to blogging about work.
Hopefully I can finish this secret something soon so I can get back to the novel.
KAGETORA is coming soon too.