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Disgaea Calendars Available Soon

Company B's blog stated that the Disgaea 2007 calendars came in.

I sort of worked on it...I translated the character profiles and stuff.

Please look for it in bookstores, calendar stores, and your local comic/anime store.


'Til Death Premiere

It was the 'Til Death premiere tonight.

I missed it.

Not that I haven't seen it before, but I thought maybe I should support it.

See, this is what happens when you work on something.
You get attached and you like it.

Although I'm not really a fan of EQII or anything.

Anyway, please support 'Til Death.

Here is a screen shot.

This is when Jeff and his wife Steph (the newlyweds) are invited to Eddie and Joy's house for dinner.

Today Brad Garrett (plays Eddie) was on Ellen (I missed it) and Joely Fisher (plays Joy) was on Conan (watching it).

I guess I'll start watching from episode 2.