One Potato Two


Furry Curry

I finished the yaoi title from Company T.
Did it while cooking curry.

The best thing to cook if you work at home is curry.
It's because curry involves a lot of waiting.
On average I let the curry simmer for about 1.5 hours.
I wait until all of the potatoes, carrots, and onions melt.

This is because I hate the texture of onions and carrots.

I think everyone has something special they like in their curry.

My childhood friend's mom used to make amakuchi ("sweet") curry with milk in it.

I prefer super karakuchi ("spicy") curry with Huy Fong in it.
I also like lots of garlic.

Lock Around the Clock

I got locked out of my house today.

Coincidence? I am currently working on a manga about lock pickers.

But the manga doesn't teach you how to pick locks.
So I had to wait outside for an hour waiting for spare keys.


Edo Burning

There is something in Japan called "80% Village."
It started during the Edo period where someone who did something wrong in a village is ignored by the whole village.

The only times it doesn't count is at a time of fire or a funeral.

In the Edo period, during a fire, prisoners were set free.
They had to come back, of course, but I'm surprised people would be so generous.

But as in the 80% village situation, during a fire you have to be nice and fair...I guess.

Edo period and fire reminds me of a story known as "Yaoya Oshichi."
The daughter of a grocery store (Yaoya is grocery store in Japanese), Oshichi, meets an apprentice monk when she evacuates to a temple during a fire.
She falls in love with him, and wanting to see him again, she tries to commit arson.
She gets caught and is burned at the stakes.

Very ironic.

I'm talking about this because fire and Edo are brought up in the manga I'm working on right now.

KAGETORA #3 Released

KAGETORA #3 is out today.

Saw Studio 60

I saw Studio 60, episode 2 tonight on tv.
And then I went to to watch the pilot episode.

I like it a lot.

I never saw much of West Wing, but I knew the people produced pretty good shows because I saw part of an episode at Company S and I saw the last few episodes on tv last season.

It's really a series of events that led me to watch Studio 60.

I mean, if Company S didn't use a West Wing episode as part of the training (subtitles were in French), I wouldn't have been interested in watching the last few episodes, and I wouldn't be interested in watching Studio 60.

Gee, ever since we got the big tv, I've been addicted to it.
Since I can, I adjust my schedule according to it.

I go shopping and to the gym when tv has soap operas on.
Soon I'm quitting my restaurant job so I can watch Law & Order Criminal Intent and SVU.

(Actually, it's really because I'm getting too busy with my main work)

Working on a flexible schedule is great.

E'S #1 Extras

This morning I dreamt about working on E'S #1's extra pages.
So I woke up and worked on it.

Company B wanted to add more content (are they making it a DELUXE line?), so they asked me to help come up with ideas.

It's a little difficult for me because I read up to volume 13 already, and I have more information then people who would only read volume 1. So I can't put characters like the cross-dressing Ashurum member or the genius corporation heir.

Shoot, I also have to work on E'S Press for Yaoi-con too.


Stephanie Yanez & One Million Dollar Smile

It was a while ago, but I finally got the chance to see it...

This is Stephanie Yanez' performance of "One Million Dollar Smile" at Anime Vegas on YouTube.

Stephanie sings the part of Rabi en Rose for DUP USA.

I didn't translate the song, and I didn't adapt it, but I did work on it a bit with Stephanie when she was adapting it.

Maybe she'll be singing it at a con near you!

Continuing Work on Yaoi

I'm not making much progress but I'm continuing work on the yaoi title from Company T.

I think the reason why I can't concentrate is because it's a depressing story.
I tend to like unhappy endings, but this one is not really an unhappy ending. It's just depressing.

Like old Japanese films by Mizoguchi...

Another reason why I can't concentrate is because I was watching a Japanese drama called Suppli.
Since it just ended, I decided to watch it.

I really didn't like Ito Misaki's acting...
Her facial expressions all look the same.
But I guess I can't judge until I see another performance.
Maybe Densha Otoko? Or Maison Ikkoku?

Disgaea Released

Disgaea's release date is today.

Although it seems like it's been out here and there...

Novel Project

I didn't work much again...I think I'm in lazy mode.
I don't know if I should blame Marioball (Although I'm getting frustrated because I can't defeat Bowser) or the TV show premieres.

I at least translated the novel dust jacket, which is due earlier than the book.

I also received notice that I'll be starting KAGETORA 9, 10, and 11 soon.

I knew that it was ending at volume 11 (the order form tells you it's KANKETSU, which means it's the final volume), so I'm very excited to find out if Kagetora is going to tell Yuki how he feels.
Actually, I'm pretty sure he is telling her, but the point is how.

Almost No Work Today

I was out all day and hardly got to work.

I did number the book from Company T though.

I went karaoke-ing tonight.
Cyber karaoke.
They have every single song out there.

It was awesome.

Although I didn't make use of it.

I'm hooked on Super Marioball.
It sounds a little sick.

The fact that he gets squished into a ball is a little sick too.

I went to go eat with a co-worker at my sushi restaurant, to a place called Hazuki.
I was telling my co-worker that Hazuki is August.

I almost completely memorized the old names of the months.
One of them is easy because it's my name.

Another Job

I received another job from Company T.

This is great, because it means (hopefully) that they liked my previous work.

So I'll be working on this title and Company 7S' novel simultaneously.

Starting Novel Project

I received my novel from Company 7S, so I am starting to read it.

Hopefully I can finish reading it by tomorrow and start translating.

It is a novel made for elementary schoolers, so the use of kanji is completely different from what I am used to.
It's like I'm back in Japanese school (that I hated soooo much), and I'm having to read the text books again.


EQ2 Finished

I finally finished the EQ2 document I was assigned.
It wasn't much, but I had so many things on my plate I was overwhelmed and couldn't concentrate.

Juggling Report Update

Company B = Unannounced
Company B = E'S promo

Company DR = Kitchen Princess #5
Company DR = Secret

Company JRI = 2 documents

Company N = Live Action Movie

Company S = EQII

Company 7S = Unannounced

Still waiting for materials to arrive:

Company T = Unannounced

Finished Live Action

I finished the live action movie with some difficulty. The script I received was not the final version, and it was a little different from the actual movie.


This live action is funny because there are cameos here and there.
I think it would be fun to look for them!

This will be released in 2007.

Teen Idols with Glasses

I continued to work on Kitchen Princess #5 today while watching the US Open.

The author talks about a photo book that features teen idols with glasses.

I was like, "What the heck!?" so I had to look it up.
I even asked my friend in Japan.

She was like, "What kind of manga are you working on!?"

But this is a normal shojo manga. Yes.

Kitchen Princess and US Open Day

Since I can't work on EQII or the live action movie while I'm watching tennis, I went back to work on Kitchen Princess #5.

I want to finish it before I receive the book from Company 7S.
I finished the secret project by Company DR, by the way.

In Kitchen Princess #5, Najika talks about "ama natto," which translates to "sweet fermented soy beans."

Uh, that doesn't sound too appetizing.
So I have to think of suggestions so the editor can choose.

By the way, the Nike commercial featuring Maria Sharapova.
It's funny that they changed "gay" to "bright," and to make it rhyme they changed "today" to "tonight."
What, they don't want people to think Maria is gay?
Like other female tennis players...Billie Jean, Martina, and Amelie?
I think it's okay if Maria is a lesbian.
Of course, it's not good for marketing purposes...

Some of my friends don't like the commercial, but I actually think it's a brilliant commercial.
Props to the people who thought of it.

Disgaea Calendars Available Soon

Company B's blog stated that the Disgaea 2007 calendars came in.

I sort of worked on it...I translated the character profiles and stuff.

Please look for it in bookstores, calendar stores, and your local comic/anime store.

'Til Death Premiere

It was the 'Til Death premiere tonight.

I missed it.

Not that I haven't seen it before, but I thought maybe I should support it.

See, this is what happens when you work on something.
You get attached and you like it.

Although I'm not really a fan of EQII or anything.

Anyway, please support 'Til Death.

Here is a screen shot.

This is when Jeff and his wife Steph (the newlyweds) are invited to Eddie and Joy's house for dinner.

Today Brad Garrett (plays Eddie) was on Ellen (I missed it) and Joely Fisher (plays Joy) was on Conan (watching it).

I guess I'll start watching from episode 2.

Juggling Report

I am juggling a bunch of work right now.

Company B = Unannounced
Company B = E'S promo

Company DR = Kitchen Princess #5
Company DR = Secret

Company JRI = 2 documents

Company N = Live Action Movie

Company S = EQII

Still waiting for materials to arrive:

Company T = Unannounced

Company 7S = Unannounced

Oh, and happy birthday, Daddy!
Thank you for reminding me about your birthday.

Shanimuni Go Go Go

This isn't work related, but since manga is a big part of my work I am blogging about it.

I received bad news that Nadal lost in the fourth round.
So the chances of a final between Nadal and Federer is gone.

The reason I like Nadal so much is because he reminds me of Nobucchi from Shanimuni Go.
I'm almost positive that Marimo Ragawa bases his character on Nadal.

So when I root for Nadal, I'm actually rooting for Nobucchi.

The impact of Shanimuni Go is actually big on me.

It was the manga that got me starting playing tennis again (one of my three loves in life).
The sport of tennis she draws is so real, I really had to get back on the court.
I've read other tennis manga in my life:
Ace wo Nerae!
Taiyou ni Smash!
Prince of Tennis (no exclamation point)

But none of them depicted "real" tennis.
I mean, most of them didn't have the ball going in the correct box.

This is a manga all tennis players and tennis enthusiasts should read.
Or those of you who took an interest in tennis because of PoT should read it.

By the way, I really doubt this will come to the States.
Maybe I should translate it on my own.

...When I have time.

...Life list!

Special Project

Today I got a special project from Company DR, so I put Kitchen Princess aside to work on that.

It's a funny manga, and really cute.
I might even like it more than Kitchen Princess...

It'll be released next year, so please watch out for it.
I can't say the title name because of special circumstances.

Paprika in Venice

On the 2nd, Paprika was screened and I guess it was received very well.

Releases in the US and France are already set, but other countries rushed to ask about distributing.

In 2 days Director Kon had over 60 meetings in 30 languages.

They give the awards on the 9th, but Paprika has high hopes.

Good luck to the film!

Disgaea Manga Review by AnimeOnDVD

Anime on DVD's review is up.

Disgaea is my first translator release that is rated E for everyone, and I'm very happy about it.

When I translated Disgaea I haven't played the game.
I knew about it because of the super cute characters.

So I researched the game first, then looked through the art book (which I translated partially later), and then had to read the manga a couple of times before translating.
I had to read it a couple of times because there's a lot going on and there's a lot of text all over the place.

Now back to tennis.

Some Work, Lots of Tennis

I stayed home the whole day today in front of the TV.

Yes, US Open was on from 8am to 3pm!!

So I was glued.

Of course I did some work too.

But I didn't do much...

I started on the Kitchen Princess recipes.
There's nothing much I can make...
The cupcake made with pancake mix, maybe.
I had some before.
It was made for kids, because it had Pokemon packaging.
I think my sister bought it because of the cute packaging, and it was sitting in the kitchen until my mom used it.

I got the media for the live action movie, and now I'm waiting for the script.

Kitchen Princess #5 Arrives

Since my live action movie script is going to be delayed in delivery, I went ahead and went to my mom's house to pick up Kitchen Princess #5.

There's a lot of drama.

Volume 4 ended with sort of a cliff hanger, but volume 5 is like "seriously!?"

Sigh. Now I have to wait until volume 6 comes out.


Actually, I just had to look at Nakayoshi's website and I found out something shocking.

...I shouldn't have looked it up.

Live Action Movie

I will be getting a new job tomorrow.
It's a live action movie directed by popular director A.

This is a rush rush job.
I'll get the materials tomorrow (hopefully), and it's due Wednesday.

There goes my holiday weekend.

But that's common, so it's okay.

Finished Yaoi

I finished the yaoi!

I had to make a note about "oyako donburi."

I think I talked about it in this blog entry, but this time it was for the slang meaning.

It is used when a person has a relationship with a parent and that person's child.

The first "oyako donburi" manga that comes to mind is Yukari Ichijou's "Tadashii Ren'ai no Susume."

It translates to "Recommendations to a Correct Romance." or "The Correct Way to Love."
It actually gives the wrong way to go about relationships, because the main character Hiroaki is going out with Miho, but also has sex with her mother Reiko (without knowing at first) as part of his escort job.

It's bad because he continues the relationships with both Miho and Reiko.

The yaoi I worked on doesn't actually have oyako donburi. Just to clarify.

This is an image of oyako donburi.
Uh, the food.

(My blog is rated PG!)