One Potato Two


Finished the Classics

I finished the last of the three classics tonight.

It was a difficult job for some reasons:

1) Since the film was old, the audio was hard to hear.
2) Since the movies are old (and some set in the old times), their vocabulary is different from current Japanese.
3) They don't talk clearly.
4) The script is old and handwritten, and the printout was too light. I couldn't read some of it.
5) Since it was black and white, the one set in Edo all the men looked the same and all the women looked the same. I had to check the illegible script to see who was talking.
6) The main character didn't sound the same in different scenes.

Oh well, it's done now.

Now I have to go back to EverQuest II.
Lots of text!!

That Weird Repeater Kanji

I was talking to my friend A because she learned a new Japanese word.
The word is hisabisa, and it's a short way of saying hisashiburi.


Hisashiburi ni niku wo tabeta.

Hisabisa ni niku wo tabeta.

She likes it, because it's handy.
I guess so.

I was telling her that hisabisa just uses the kanji for hisashiburi, and it's followed by the repeater kanji.

She said that her Japanese teachers never taught her that kanji.
(She knew it from somewhere else)

Which is weird, because I think it pops up every so often.
They should be teaching it.

So I told her if she had a teacher named Sasaki, she would've learned it, because they use it in the name.

Other words that use that repeater kanji:


Never the Same Translation

Since I had a film to translate that was due Monday, I had to go to work yesterday.

I had finished on Friday, and I just had to double-check spellings and consistency and whatnot.

I opened up the file and...

Oh my gosh!

Everything I did on Friday was gone.
That was about 4 hours of work.

The backup file was the same file, so I had no other choice but to redo it.

Since the translation was fresh in my mind, it didn't take long.
(It still took me 2 or 3 hours though)

It was funny because some translations I knew they weren't the same as the last time I did it.
That's the thing with translations.
Almost always there is more than one way to translate a sentence.

So usually when I translate, what takes long is trying to decide which translation is more accurate.
When I'm working on film, I also have to worry about word count too.

Anyway, I finished close to midnight.

I'm doing three films for this one sorta-famous Japanese director.
This one about the prostitutes is my favorite.
It really made me want to read Takekurabe again.
I think I have a photocopied version somewhere I used in college...

E'S Press Otakon Version

I barely finished one of the movies for Company S last night, and had to come home to do the E'S Press text for Otakon.

This issue will feature a company profile for Ashurum, another explosion article, Asuka's character profile, and etc.

E'S Press for San Diego Comic-Con was uploaded, and here it is:


Film Festival

I recently found out that one of the movies I translated is going to be competing in a film festival.

I'm glad I didn't know that when I was doing the work.
Imagine the pressure.
I mean, I already have pressure with the little time to work on it.

I saw the final version with my translation, and it came out good.
I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn, but it's good.
The adaptation team did a really good job on it, especially when the words got technical.

And the movie itself is good.

Release is next year. That's a long time.

KAMUI #4 Came out

KAMUI #4 came out.

Incest is best?
And Utsuho is Utsuhot.

Japanese Tests

I've recently updated my resume so that I can have a separate page of my translation experience.
My whole resume used to fit in one page, but now that I'm getting to translate a little bit more, I need to add another page.

I also updated the section where it lists my Japanese skill ability.
I passed two Japanese proficiency tests, the Japan Foundation one and the JETRO business one.
For Japan Foundation I passed the level 1 test, and for the JETRO one I passed the J1+ test.

Now the weird thing about Japanese and their levels...
The smaller the number is, the better it is.

I don't know, this is opposite from those RPG games, right?
I mean, if you're at level 1 you have a hard time killing a cute little slime in Dragon Quest.
(I'm more of a Dragon Quester, not a Final Fantasy-er).

So I used to write in my cover letter that I passed the proficiency tests at the highest level, but I figured I'll save reading time if I put it on my resume instead.

I get questions at conventions on how one could be a translator, but I usually tell them it might be a good idea to get certification.
Although I don't know if it helped.
They might've hired me because of my charms. :D

The JETRO test and Japan Foundation tests are usually held in December:

JETRO test
I guess now it's called the BJT test.

JLPT test

Nice to Know ya, Yoshi...wara

I am currently working on another Japanese movie.
This time it's not sad; it's depressing.

It is about a prostitution "cafe" in Yoshiwara during the post-war era.

Now, Yoshiwara is something I know from "Takekurabe" (translated as "Growing Up" or "Child's Play").
But it's in a different era, and it's a little uncanny.

On another note, I started translating Kitchen Princess volume 3.

Finished PR #2

I finished PR #2 tonight.
Once again, there were very little translation notes.

For volume 1, there was only one, so my editor asked me to write something about the maid craze.

I've never been to a maid cafe yet, but there are many theories saying that Company B's parent company was the one who started it all.
I guess the main retail store had that cafe...

It was funny because the vice president or something would have meetings there with people in the anime/manga industry.

Kitchen Princess Summary

Del Rey has announced Kitchen Princess, but it seems like no one knows what it's about.

Since I can't use the summary I wrote for Del Rey (my work belongs to them), I'll try to re-cap:

The story is about Najika, a girl who enjoys cooking.
She grew up in an orphanage in Hokkaido, and she is always making food for the little ones.
She also has a talent to figure out what ingredients are in food and how it was made.

When Najika was younger, she fell into a river and a boy saved her. She asked why the boy didn't just let her die, because then maybe she could've gone see her parents in heaven. The boy replies that her parents would've wanted her to stay here, so she can keep smiling. He gives Najika his snack (a flan) and leaves.
Najika doesn't remember the boy's face but he left one clue: a silver spoon with an emblem on it.

Najika discovers that the emblem is from an academy. She applies for the academy and goes to Tokyo to find her "flan prince."

It's a shojo title if you can't tell.
The boy is like Cinderella. He leaves a clue (a spoon and not a shoe) and Najika uses it to find him.

Our Newest Client for Company S

I just got an email in my Company S inbox.
The sad, sad Japanese movie work apparently went well for our newest clients.

Yay...I guess, but I'm not sure if they were happy with my translation, or just happy with the fast turn-around.

Oh well, we'll see.

And I just found out the anime movie I did a while ago is going to be released in 2007.
The theatrical release.

I saw the trailer.
It makes it look darker than the actual movie.
I thought the movie was more weird comedy than suspense, but maybe that's just me.

Comic-Con Day 3

Actually, I just stayed at the hotel and worked.
And watched some tennis (Roddick vs Ginepri).

I worked on Company D's manga title PR, since it's due on Tuesday.
I can't work on it much Monday because of Company S' movie.

Comic-Con Day 2

Today I spent most of the day working at the hotel.

It's good that I brought my keyboard.

I did have to go outside for a bit for lunch, because the housekeeping had to clean.
So I went downstairs and ate mediocre food.

I saw a Darth Vader reading the newspaper.

By the way, I'm staying at a hotel with a view of the Star of India.

After lunch, I went back to work, slept a little, and then went back to the con to meet up with some people for dinner.

At dinner, I got a call from Company S saying that I have another movie translation job and there are more video game jobs too.

So I guess that means I should finish the manga before Sunday so I can start working on Company S Monday.

I'm glad I finished Company JRI earlier this morning...

Comic-Con Day 1


I just came back to the hotel from Comic-Con.

I took some pictures:

This is the lobby as the people are going to the registration area.

This is the blown up pikachu.

Batman made of Lego.

Batmobile made of Lego.

After hanging out at the dealer's room, I went to the panels.

Del Rey's panel was first:

They finally announced Kitchen Princess, so now I can openly talk about it here.

Then I went to Bandai's panel:

Here I saw my old industry friends ST & JC.

I also went to Broccoli Book's panel and CMX's panel, but I forgot to take pictures because I was tired.

Broccoli Books announced their "Title G," which is E'S by Satol Yuiga.
This is the 1st promo item I worked on:

(Although I didn't do much; it was my graphics person doing all the work)

Less Salt Tastes Saltier

At the sushi restaurant I work at, there are two types of soy sauce.

Less salt and Regular.

For some reason, everyone uses the Less Salt.
I guess they think it's healthier.

But it's weird because the Less Salt tastes saltier than the Regular.

The term "less salt" is a little misleading.
I think it should say "more flour ratio than soybeans," but I guess that's too long.

I'll be leaving for Comic-Con tonight.

Finalizing Juvenile Orion Illustration Book

Today I worked on making changes and finalizing stuff for the Juvenile Orion illustration book.

I had to send a lot of documents and excel sheets to my graphics person.

It's coming out pretty good.

Do I always say that?

Finished a PowerPoint Presentation

I'm not the best PowerPoint user, but I finished a PowerPoint presentation for Company B.

They wanted to focus on the new title announcement, so there are about 5 pages introducing the characters and the story.

I still have to turn it into my client and get approval.

Finished Promo #2 for Title G

After many back-and-forth's with my client and my graphics person, we finally finished the Title G promo.

Hopefully the licensor won't have a problem with it this time.
Crossing fingers!

Finished KP #2 + Alpha

I finished KP #2 today.

I also finished the sad Japanese movie this morning.
And the translation document for Company JRI.

I'm on a roll!

So now I'm going to start working on PR #2.
And the promo stuff for Title G.

Hopefully I can finish a lot by Comic-Con, so I don't have too much on my mind.

Sad, Sad Japanese Story

I am currently translating a sad Japanese movie.

I don't know why the Japanese have to write such sad stories.

It is a folk tale about a young boy and a girl.
Their father, a local governor or something, opposes the officials and is exiled to a far away land.
The mother, boy, and the girl are left to stay with the mother's parents.
But the mother's parents die and their uncle kicks them out of the house.
They decide to go to their father's place, but on the way they are tricked by a fake priestess and sold off as slaves.
The boy and the girl are sold to a bailiff, while the mother is sold as a courtesan.
Ten years pass by and the boy and the girl grow up as slaves.
They finally decide to run away, but the girl doesn't go but instead kills herself.
The boy arrives in Kyoto and miraculously moves up to become a governor.
He then passes a law banning slavery and frees the slaves of his former master.
After he exiles his former master, he resigns as governor and goes to find his mother.
His mother is found but now blind.
They both cry saying how happy they can be together again.

So where's the moral?
I think it's something about having mercy on one another, and how all men are born equal.
If you act upon that belief, you can see your loved ones again.
(Even if they are old and blind by then).

It's so depressing.

I really hate sad stories because they stay with me, sometimes coming up in my dreams.

I should work on something more upbeat before going to sleep tonight.

Left Shoulder Blade Pain

Today I had so much pain in my left shoulder, I couldn’t work all day.

So after my restaurant job I went to my usual massage place.

Jay, my guy, said that my whole shoulder is hard like a rock.

I do feel a little better but I think I need to go back later this week.

The next 2 weeks will be really busy.

One of my deadlines for Company DR bumped up, and I haven’t even touched it.
It is now due July 25.
I still have Title KP that’s due next week on July 19.

Plus, I got a call from Company S saying that they just got a bunch of work, so they want me to come in.

Hopefully Company B won’t be that busy, but I guess with Otakon coming up, I have to work on more stuff for Title G.

Speaking of which.
One of the promo items for Title G is done, and it looks awesome.
And the other promo item I just got in the email looks good too.
I just made a mistake in the “preview section.”
I forgot we read right-to-left.
Sorry to my graphics person!!

Galaxy Angel II & Kon Kon Kokon

Just trying to promote one of my clients.
I don’t think I’ll get the translation job though…

If Bro-USA staff is reading this, please give me Kon Kon Kokon…
It’s so cute!
Just like Yoki Koto Kiku, there are cameo appearances by characters of other Koge-Donbo work.

For Immediate Release

Broccoli Books Acquires Galaxy Angel II and Kon Kon Kokon

Los Angeles, CA (July 10, 2006) - Broccoli Books has announced the acquisition of two manga titles, Galaxy Angel II and Kon Kon Kokon at Anime Expo 2006.

Galaxy Angel II is the third installment in the popular Galaxy Angel series, focusing on a new group of girls known as the Lune Angel Troupe. One of the girls, Apricot Sakuraba, is determined to find other “gate keepers” to free her older sister Milfuelle from the doomed fate. The original Galaxy Angel cast of the now disbanded Moon Angel Troupe also makes an appearance in the Galaxy Angel II manga series. Galaxy Angel II is illustrated by Kanan, and the story is written by BROCCOLI. Galaxy Angel II is slated to be released in Spring 2007.

Kon Kon Kokon is a romantic comedy about fox girl Kokon, who came to Tokyo to repay her thanks to Ren. Ren is a country bumpkin who is trying to hide the fact that he is a Japanese demon otaku. Kon Kon Kokon is the newest series by Koge-Donbo, the creator of Di Gi Charat and manga artist of Pita-Ten. Kon Kon Kokon will be released in the United States in Spring 2007.

Managing Editor Shizuki Yamashita comments, “We are pleased to bring more Galaxy Angel and Koge-Donbo goodness to the United States. I believe both old
fans of the Galaxy Angel series and new fans that are going to start reading with Galaxy Angel II can enjoy the newest installment of the Galaxy Angel universe. And for Kon Kon Kokon, Koge-Donbo herself mentioned that it is similar to Pita-Ten, so those who liked Pita-Ten will surely enjoy Kokon and her adventures.”

Project G Prep Starting

Broccoli Books did announce that they have a new title other than Kon Kon Kokon and Galaxy Angel 2, but they had to wait until San Diego Comic-Con to announce it per SQUARE ENIX’s request.

They have reasons for it, but it was good because that gave me more time to do the promo items.

So I’m working on some stuff for them with my graphics person.

One was easy; I just had to choose an image and tell the graphics person what to do.

The second one?

A little harder, because it involved more text.

And I had to do it in a few hours, because Broccoli Books gave me the assignment around 8:30pm, and I turned it in for their approval at 11:25pm.
So about 3 hours.

During that time I had to skim through the multiple volumes (although mostly just volume 1) and decide the content.
I also had to do translations too. 2.5 pages of volume 1.

Well anyway Broccoli Books will have it ready by SDCC, so please look out for it!
I don’t know their booth number or when their panel is.

Finished AX...But More Work Keeps Coming In

I finally got home today.

I know, AX was over on the 4th, but I had to stick around to deal with guests.
Circus people.
I took them to Downtown Disney, Hollywood/Highland, and the sushi restaurant I help out.

And then today I took them to the airport.

As soon as I thought I can go home and sleep (or lay around watching Wimbledon), I get phone calls.

From Company S: There’s a new project from Japanese to English, so I have to go in Friday.
From Company JRI: Seven documents to translate, one by Friday.
From Company Go: Secret
From Company TB: Japanese to English

And of course I still have the Juvenile Orion Illustration Book by Company B, Company DR’s manga x4, and other consulting work.

I also have an English Proficiency Test to interview for on Sunday.

All this work makes it look like I’m making a lot of money.

So where is it??