One Potato Two


Finished KAGETORA #8

I finished KAGETORA #8, and now I’m moving on to NYA #2.

Hopefully Del Rey will announce it at AX.

In between the manga work, I’ve been translating some little stuff for Broccoli International for AX.
The Di Gi Charat panel will feature most of it, I think.
So please go take a look.

I’ll be there translating for 4 people…that’s tough.

I Hear Fireworks...Oh, AX is Coming

Some people on my street are setting off fireworks early.
Nevermind that it's not July 4th yet, and nevermind it's illegal here in Los Angeles...(or was it not?)

That means...Anime Expo is coming!

Unlike the years I was in charge of the booth and the guests and whatnot when I worked for a company,
this year is pretty carefree.

Well, I guess until the actual event.
I'll be interpreting for Koge-Donbo.

She is famous for Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, and etc.
I guess Broccoli Books is pre-selling her newest book Yoki Koto Kiku (I translated it), so please buy it and get it signed.
Another good thing to get autographed is the CHOCOLA art book, but they're heavy.
I know, because I had to lug one around to get it signed by Asami Sanada for a booth staff.

Finished New Project

The RUSH job is done!
I even finished it days early…it was really due Monday.
Luckily there were very few translation notes.
Actually, only one.
About the word “ecchi.”

The main character’s initials were H.H.

Now to finish up KAGETORA #8.

It’s a little hard adjusting back to the slow pace of it.
The new project was boom boom boom!
Because it’s action.
But KAGETORA is wordy and slow.

Not that I’m complaining.

New New New Projects

I got my two manga volumes from Company DR.
But those are due in July, so I don’t have to worry about them for now…

I also got another offer from them.

Due at the end of June!
Rush job!!

…these are the key words.

KAGETORA #8 is also due at the end of June, so I’m trying to take care of that before the new book arrives.
And I want to take care of most of the in-house work before AX and Comic-Con…

Juvenile Orion Illustration Book Meeting

Today I went to go meet with my art person for the Juvenile Orion Illustration Book.

It’s looking nice.

My favorite illustrations in there are probably the ones by Toru Azumi.
Ninja boy!

Very gorgeous.
The backgrounds are Japanese-style and nice too.
I guess because of my Japanese roots I tend to prefer the wafu (Japanese style) backgrounds.

Finished KAGETORA #7

I finished KAGETORA #7 today.
So without break I will start on KAGETORA #8.

I also went to Company B to do some consulting work, and then to Company S to play the game.
Although I didn't have time to play the game; we had to do some translation stuff.

We had to work off of an excel while researching online, so there was a lot of mouse work and my right wrist started hurting.


So I had to stop early.
Sorry to my co-worker SH-kun!

I came home and did more work for Company JRI.

So today I did work for 4 different companies.
Wow, I'm like a true freelancer now. :D

Training with Client Company S(2)

Today I went to Company S to train with a new client, Company S(2).
And I guess they're a part of our best client Company SP.

So we are starting on the game tomorrow.
Apparently, they already need 700 words by tomorrow.

Talk about tight deadline.
Although 700 words isn't much.

But this is what this game is about.
Lots of words and tight deadlines.


I've never played this game, or a similar in the same exact category.
So tomorrow we're going to start by playing around with the game.

Comic-Con Application

I prepared my package for Comic-Con’s Industry registration.
This year is my first time attending as a professional on my own (previously I went with my company), so I have to send in a published sample of my work.

I was wondering if they needed all of them, because manga can get pretty heavy.
And in the way for the people receiving it.

So I emailed them, and they actually emailed back! Wow!
They only need the most recent published work.

Which would be…KAMUI #3?

The “most recent work” I listed on the application won’t come out for a while.
Two of them are TBD, and Yoki Koto Kiku is coming out in July.

Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to my “first” year.
Yesh, I’ll go through that HUGE crowd and some BO…

Finished the Shojo Manga

I finished the shojo manga from Company DR on this hot day while watching the French Open.

This job was pretty fun because I think this was the first straight-out shojo manga I did.
I usually work on shonen/seinen manga, I think.

Now I get to focus on KAGETORA #7.

And on Tuesday, I’ll be starting on the game for Company S.