One Potato Two




Fanime Day 2

Today was pretty hectic.

It gets that way when you’re working for two companies…

I went to go help Company B set up the booth, and then left to go interpret a few panels and autograph sessions.
Then back to Company B to help the booth, then back to interpret.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Someone recognized me and said “Wow, you’re busy, aren’t you?”

I did realize that I like selling at the booth more than interpreting.
I think the “sell sell sell” akindo (merchant) blood is in me, afterall.
I probably got it from my dad, who’s from Kobe.
Most people from the Kansai (western) region are said to be akindo.

I hardly got any work done for my manga. I hope to finish at least two chapters before I go back to LA.