One Potato Two




Tom Hanks on Conan


The greatest part of tonight's show was Tom Hank's story about going to meet the prime min of Japan.

For people who didn't see the episode:

Sony Pic or somebody offered Tom if he would like to go see the prime min of Japan (Koizumi).
Tom said sure, and he thought he needed to get him a gift.

After a few discussions here and there, someone suggests that Tom give Koizumi a mickey mouse watch because his character wears it in the movie.

So they decide.


Someone high up at Sony Pic says:

"Hey, we spent all this money making this movie, spending more money to send Tom to Japan to see the prime min, and we're giving a watch with a Walt Disney licensed character on it?"

So they decided to just give him an autographed DVC book instead.

That was a great story just because I was in the licensed products business.
Heh heh heh.

The worst part of the show was when they showed a clip of the movie.

It was the beginning of the movie where Tom is giving a lecture about symbols.

Yeah, it was a good clip...

It's just that it was the exact scene I watched many times subtitled in Japanese.

I had the sound off then, so this time I got to hear what Tom was saying in English for the first time, but...

I remember the lecture scene so much I can actually repeat the lines (in Japanese).

Oh well.

Overall it was a very funny night.

The Sun Setting in West LA

The problem with my desk at the company is that there are big windows in the office (which I don't care for. I can work in the basement with a red stapler) and when I sit, I face west.

The problem?

I have a hard time working from 6:20pm to about 6:40pm.
The sun is in my eyes.
I can't wear my new Transitions® glasses because
1) I'm indoors
2) It's prescription and the monitor is too close to me and my eyes will start to hurt

The sun is a bigger problem when I have to translate a rush rush job that's due tomorrow.

It was sadder when the sun got out of the way that I had no lamp to light my area.
Since I'm new and the office is moving in two weeks, I have a very "temporary" desk area.
I don't even have a red stapler.

Another sad story is that some other guy in the International team works at my desk.
And today I came to work and discovered that he spilled juice or soda over the nice and new Dell keyboard.
(I love Dell keyboards!)

And the spacebar was half stuck.

And when the spacebar is half stuck, that's double trouble for Japanese translations.
You use the spacebar to go through the different kanji characters.

So I immediately emailed IT and asked for a replacement.
To show them how badly my spacebar was working, I wrote them something like this:

"Hello. I came to work and it looks like someone spilled juice or soda over the keyboard.
Some of the letters and the spacebar gets stuck.
The big problemis the keyboard andit is delaying my work.
Can somebody comeup and either cleanor replacemy keyboard?
Thank you."

Someone came within 10 minutes because my supervisor told them that the Japanese team has many urgent projects right now and cannot afford to be messing with a bad keyboard.

So I got a nice, smaller Dell keyboard.

And that allowed me to work for about 7 hours on the TV show.
I watched it many times to get the sense of the dialogue.
Luckily the main guy talks like an asshole, and so do I in Japanese.
The hard part is trying to talk like a woman.