One Potato Two


Juvenile Orion Illustration Book

Today I worked a lot on changing around the pagination of the Juvenile Orion Illustration book.

We got more images to work with, which is good news for the fans.

So I put them all in, and then I realized I still had to do the Nakai Notes.

What are those?

The Nakai Notes are the descriptions Marekatsu Nakai wrote for the artists to draw the characters.
For example, it’ll say “A young man with blonde hair. He is wearing a high school uniform and his ear is pierced.”
Most of the time it specifies the age.
All of the translation notes come from the Nakai Notes.
So…notes for the notes.

Too Tired To Work

I’m back from Fanime and too tired to work.

I spent the whole day watching DVDs, reading manga and counting how many panty shots are in it, and browsing the web.

I’m leaving for my sushi job (I don’t make sushi, I just seat people) soon.
I’m still on chapter 2 for the shojo manga for Company DR.

I want to finish by June 1st.

Good luck to me!

Fanime Day 2

Today was pretty hectic.

It gets that way when you’re working for two companies…

I went to go help Company B set up the booth, and then left to go interpret a few panels and autograph sessions.
Then back to Company B to help the booth, then back to interpret.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Someone recognized me and said “Wow, you’re busy, aren’t you?”

I did realize that I like selling at the booth more than interpreting.
I think the “sell sell sell” akindo (merchant) blood is in me, afterall.
I probably got it from my dad, who’s from Kobe.
Most people from the Kansai (western) region are said to be akindo.

I hardly got any work done for my manga. I hope to finish at least two chapters before I go back to LA.

Fanime Day 1

I’m at Fanime now on the Fanime WiFi.
I love having internet connection at cons!!

I was expecting work from JRI, but it’s not here yet.
I called their office but they don’t get in until 9am…

I wonder if this week’s work is going to be cancelled?

Today I’ll be pretty busy.

I have to work at Company B’s booth until 12pm.
Then I’ll interpret panels/autograph sessions for Company G until 2pm.
2 to 3pm I’ll have a Company B panel.
Then back to the booth until 6pm.
6 to 8pm I’ll be interpreting for Company G.

It doesn’t look that busy in writing but I have to do a lot of set up and meetings before that.

Usually when I interpret, I like to meet with the client so I know how to lead the panel.
There’s also likes and dislikes too…like if the client is okay with having his/her picture taken.
I think most of the people today are okay with pictures…two of them are voice actors.

I also try to ask their bio.
That way when panel attendees ask a question I would know what they are talking about.

Yamaga-san I hardly have to meet with, since I’ve worked with him for many years now.
But maybe something came up that we should briefly talk about.

Also, this is not Fanime related but I found a new adapter for more DUP USA songs.
So we’ll have more songs in their lineup.
Stephanie (Yanez) and I just finalized the “Million Dollar Smile,” so hopefully she’ll be able to sing it soon.

Leaving for Fanime

I'll be leaving for Fanime in about 9 hours.

I'll be half working for Company B and half working for Company G.

So for Company B I'll be at the booth and their panel, and for Company G I'll be translating most of their panels.
Company G brought 4 people this time: An all-around guy, an animator, and two voice actors.
So that'll be a handful.

Hopefully I can work on some projects for Company DR while I'm there.
I have two manga due next week!
I'm going to only take the NYA (not yet announced) project, because I'd rather do that first.
Then I'll do the easier KAGETORA #7.

KAGETORA is easier because I'm used to all the characters now.
For the new project, I still have to think through the tone of the book and characters.

Finished Title XX

I finished title XX for Company B today! Yes!

I think this title will be announced soon, so hopefully I can take it out of the “Not Yet Announced” category.

Two Projects Simultaneously

I started on the title XX from Broccoli and Del Rey's KAGETORA #7.

For title XX, it was good that I also worked on title X because or else I wouldn't know what the heck is going on.

KAGETORA #7 is actually my favorite volume.
It has, in my opinion, the best cover.
And the inside is very good.
Love triangle!

I'm having a hard time concentrating because the Clippers vs Suns is on.
I'm even having a hard time writing this blog...

Novel Finished

I finished my novel translation today.
It felt good to have that off of my back.

I still have touch-up work to do, but it feels like the day finals are over.

You know, I was so happy to graduate college because it meant I would have no more homework and no more papers. Tests are okay, because I love taking tests.
But now my work as a translator is like having homework...

What happened??

Anyways, update with my workload.
I have a small job due next week.
Then I have two manga due the week after that.
And two weeks later I have another manga due.

I'm still working on the Juvenile Orion illustration book.

I have other stuff pending that I don't have due dates for.
Those are actually the worst.

Good News from a Client

I went to my subtitling company to clean up my desk.
No, I'm not fired...we're moving.

Anyway, I checked my email and there was good news.
One of our clients (SP studios) commented about our English to Japanese translation as "the best they have ever seen."

Wow. That's pretty awesome.

We're going to be getting a video game job at the end of May.
A major game.

Hm. I might not be able to go to Fanime.

New Manga

I didn't recover from E3 yet but I already have a new manga job.
New series! Yay!

I don't know if it was announced yet...I'm assuming it'll be announced at AX.

It's due around the same time as KAGETORA #7, so I really need to finish up the novel.
Which I've been working on nonstop everyday. I haven't gone to my other work this whole week.
And fortunately the Japanese cultural translations are not coming in this week because my client is in Japan.

E3 Half Day

I was at E3 for a while but I think I finished work more than seeing things.
I didn't feel like waiting for 2 hours in the Nintendo Wii line.
I think if I had a DS and people were willing to picto-chat with me, it would've been fine.

I did play the Brain Academy game. It was so cute!
I couldn't tell how light the DS Lite was because of that thing attached on the back.
It's cute, but I don't know if I want the white one.
It looks like an Apple product!

I'm happy that I got some slime keychains from SquEni.
I kept getting the big ugly one (Golden Slime) so my friends traded with me.

I got a Pirates of the Caribbean bag for my dear friend Ards.
Speaking of bags, the Xbox 360 one smelled bad.
I still got a bunch to give to my mom so she can use it.

And I got to translate 10 pages of my novel.

Meeting Friends at E3

My friend is coming to E3 from the east coast, so I decided to meet him there.
It's nice to have businees excuses to meet with a friend.

Think of all the airfare he's saving.

Jobs that give you trips to go see other places are the best.

I wish I can go to Japan more for business trips, but the last time that happened was in the summer.
Never want that again.

Finished the Rush Job

I went to work and finished up the rush job.
It went really fast...I guess it shows that I shouldn't be working when I only had 5 hours of sleep.
It does make a difference.

So now I just have the novel to finish up.

Tom Hanks on Conan


The greatest part of tonight's show was Tom Hank's story about going to meet the prime min of Japan.

For people who didn't see the episode:

Sony Pic or somebody offered Tom if he would like to go see the prime min of Japan (Koizumi).
Tom said sure, and he thought he needed to get him a gift.

After a few discussions here and there, someone suggests that Tom give Koizumi a mickey mouse watch because his character wears it in the movie.

So they decide.


Someone high up at Sony Pic says:

"Hey, we spent all this money making this movie, spending more money to send Tom to Japan to see the prime min, and we're giving a watch with a Walt Disney licensed character on it?"

So they decided to just give him an autographed DVC book instead.

That was a great story just because I was in the licensed products business.
Heh heh heh.

The worst part of the show was when they showed a clip of the movie.

It was the beginning of the movie where Tom is giving a lecture about symbols.

Yeah, it was a good clip...

It's just that it was the exact scene I watched many times subtitled in Japanese.

I had the sound off then, so this time I got to hear what Tom was saying in English for the first time, but...

I remember the lecture scene so much I can actually repeat the lines (in Japanese).

Oh well.

Overall it was a very funny night.

The Sun Setting in West LA

The problem with my desk at the company is that there are big windows in the office (which I don't care for. I can work in the basement with a red stapler) and when I sit, I face west.

The problem?

I have a hard time working from 6:20pm to about 6:40pm.
The sun is in my eyes.
I can't wear my new Transitions® glasses because
1) I'm indoors
2) It's prescription and the monitor is too close to me and my eyes will start to hurt

The sun is a bigger problem when I have to translate a rush rush job that's due tomorrow.

It was sadder when the sun got out of the way that I had no lamp to light my area.
Since I'm new and the office is moving in two weeks, I have a very "temporary" desk area.
I don't even have a red stapler.

Another sad story is that some other guy in the International team works at my desk.
And today I came to work and discovered that he spilled juice or soda over the nice and new Dell keyboard.
(I love Dell keyboards!)

And the spacebar was half stuck.

And when the spacebar is half stuck, that's double trouble for Japanese translations.
You use the spacebar to go through the different kanji characters.

So I immediately emailed IT and asked for a replacement.
To show them how badly my spacebar was working, I wrote them something like this:

"Hello. I came to work and it looks like someone spilled juice or soda over the keyboard.
Some of the letters and the spacebar gets stuck.
The big problemis the keyboard andit is delaying my work.
Can somebody comeup and either cleanor replacemy keyboard?
Thank you."

Someone came within 10 minutes because my supervisor told them that the Japanese team has many urgent projects right now and cannot afford to be messing with a bad keyboard.

So I got a nice, smaller Dell keyboard.

And that allowed me to work for about 7 hours on the TV show.
I watched it many times to get the sense of the dialogue.
Luckily the main guy talks like an asshole, and so do I in Japanese.
The hard part is trying to talk like a woman.

Happy Birthday! Here's a Rush Job

I got another job from Sony Pictures.
Rush rush.

This is English to Japanese! Oh dear. (Sounds like Pooh)

Due May 6.
Are you nuts!?

That means I have to work on it over the weekend...I have a tennis tournament Sunday...

Today was my birthday.
I spent the whole day out...working.
I was working on the novel project, while doing some consulting, and then I went to my Sushi Restaurant job.

So tired.

I got a sushi birthday cake from my co-worker sushi chef Ken.
Rice on the bottom, covered with spicy tuna, egg candles with ikura flame.
So cute! I wanted to take a picture but I didn't think the camera phone would do any good so I didn't take a picture.

Oh well. Back to my novel job.

It's still worth it because I'm my own boss.
I think I'll have a great year.
Yup yup.

Reasons for Being Fast

My editor at Del Rey is a very lovely person.
(Actually I haven't met her in person yet...hopefully at AX)

She always thanks me for "doing a quick job" or "replying so fast with the additional translation notes."

Yes, I usually turn in things before the deadline.
(Well, now I do. I didn't turn in essays before the deadline in college)

This is for many reasons.

1) I like to get on things when they come to me.
So when she sends me a question with a simple answer, I usually answer as soon as the email comes.
I also don't want to sit on it and forget about it.

2) I have dreams about the work that's sitting on my desk.
Not dreams, they are nightmares.
"Ugh, I still have 3 translation jobs to do..."
"The novel text is chasing me..."
Stuff like this.

3) This week I have another reason.
I didn't want any deadlines on my birthday.
It's already bad enough that I'm working at the restaurant on my birthday.
So I recently turned in something for Broccoli.
My editor made it due on my birthday!
And I think he knows it's my birthday too...
I wonder if that was my present.
"Here you go, the deadline for this manga. Happy Birthday."


Three Jobs Done

After spending most of my day at home watching the live coverage of the May Day Protest...

I finished the manga translation.
I finished the anime movie translation.
And I finished the novel job.

Yay! Now I can spend the next two weeks on the other novel translation.

And my birthday.

And my tennis tournaments.

And E3!
Although I might get work at E3.

By the way, there were cops roaming on my street today (probably looking for school ditchers) and they stopped when they saw me.
Did they think I was a kid ditching school?
I did look young, because I was walking home after a visit to Bally's.