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Japanese Dolls are Scary

The movie I'm almost done with has Japanese dolls in it.

This is the second anime movie that I've seen with Japanese dolls.
The other one was Ghost in the Shell Innocence.

What is it with the Japanese dolls in anime?

They are scary.
They are scary in anime, with them turning their white heads 360 degrees...

But they are definitely scarier in real life.

When I was a kid we had one in our house.
Freaked me out. It sat in a section in our living room, and whenever I had to pass by to get to the kitchen to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, I tried not to look at it.

When we moved out of that house into a new house, I think mom got rid of the doll.
Or it went into a box and never made it out.
Either way I was much happier.

Now if anime directors could stop using them in their shows...