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An Anime Movie Translation

Today I started working on a rush-rush project for an anime film.
Luckily it's Japanese to English.

So I guess they are planning to release it on the big screen?
Or at least have some screenings.

I am not really fond of the director's work. I think I saw two of his and only liked one.
So I am at 50% with the director.

But actually, I am liking this new film.
Probably because it was originally a novel by an acclaimed writer.
(I haven't read the writer's other works, but I do know about them).

This 1.5 hour film translation is due May 3.
I have another manga due May 4.
I have another project due May 12.
Then a novel is due May 17.


Fortunately, I don't have my weekly translation work from the website.