One Potato Two


May Day Immigrant March

One of tomorrow's march/rally is going to be near my work, so I decided not to go in.
I do have the media and the script for the anime film I'm working on, so I'll be working at home.

I'm almost done.
I'm at...1 hour and 9 minutes or so.

But currently I'm not working on that one.
I'm working on the manga.
I hope to finish by tonight/tomorrow so I can get it out of the way.

Bu- bu-.

Japanese Dolls are Scary

The movie I'm almost done with has Japanese dolls in it.

This is the second anime movie that I've seen with Japanese dolls.
The other one was Ghost in the Shell Innocence.

What is it with the Japanese dolls in anime?

They are scary.
They are scary in anime, with them turning their white heads 360 degrees...

But they are definitely scarier in real life.

When I was a kid we had one in our house.
Freaked me out. It sat in a section in our living room, and whenever I had to pass by to get to the kitchen to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, I tried not to look at it.

When we moved out of that house into a new house, I think mom got rid of the doll.
Or it went into a box and never made it out.
Either way I was much happier.

Now if anime directors could stop using them in their shows...

KAMUI #3 Came Out

KAMUI #3 came out.

Utsuho comes out for the first time.

An Anime Movie Translation

Today I started working on a rush-rush project for an anime film.
Luckily it's Japanese to English.

So I guess they are planning to release it on the big screen?
Or at least have some screenings.

I am not really fond of the director's work. I think I saw two of his and only liked one.
So I am at 50% with the director.

But actually, I am liking this new film.
Probably because it was originally a novel by an acclaimed writer.
(I haven't read the writer's other works, but I do know about them).

This 1.5 hour film translation is due May 3.
I have another manga due May 4.
I have another project due May 12.
Then a novel is due May 17.


Fortunately, I don't have my weekly translation work from the website.

KAGETORA #6 Finished!

I finished KAGETORA #6, so now I will move onto an unannounced title by Broccoli.

KAGETORA #6 gets pretty interesting because Yuki and Kagetora encounter some hardships.
There is also a love triangle that starts forming and continues on through volume #7 (which I have to work on after I finish a manga and a novel).

KAMUI #3 is going to be released tomorrow (though I hear that many bookstores broke street dates), so please check that out as well.

Crunch Time Approaching

While I've been busy training for the new company, I've also been busy with my other translation work.

All the due dates are coming!!!

I think for the next 4 weeks, I have projects due.
Plus the weekly translations I have to do...


I got a new project today too. It takes a while because I have to read a lot.
The actual thing I turn in takes only about 30 minutes.

Hopefully I'll get to finish KAGETORA tomorrow.

Into a Different Industry (sort of)

I've been busy last week training at the new company I'll be doing work for.
This will be QC-ing translations for Hollywood movies, TV shows, and other fun stuff.

It's really exciting because I will finally get into a different industry. Sort of.
In the past I've done video games (mostly hentai), manga, anime, etc...
Never big screen movies and prime time TV shows.

I'm still training, because the software I'm training for is the most difficult in Japanese.

New Project

I got a new manga project.
Of course, it's not announced yet...

Hopefully the company will announce it soon.
This blog has been full of "not announced yet."

Broccoli finally came up with the mock-up of the FLCL t-shirt I designed, so please check it out.

More Projects

I got another small project from one of the companies I freelance for.
This one is English to Japanese.

Today I'll also get the Japanese culture articles around midnight.

And I got a huge project with a video game.
The files are formatted differently from what I used to do, so it's a real hassle.
This one wasn't announced yet, I think...

I also finished a manga today.
Not announced also.