One Potato Two


March Madness

March was pretty busy.
I got a lot of work from various people.

I finished KAMUI #6.

I will start working on KAGETORA #6 soon.

I got a new novel job (not announced yet).

I got a new manga job (not announced yet).

I have a website to work on (Japanese).

I got six articles for the Japanese culture info website.

I will get a video game job soon.

And stuff that's been pending:
Project DZ
Juvenile Orion Illustration Book
Project SP

Just remembering them to write them down was tough.

KAGETORA #1 Released

It looks like KAGETORA #1 is finally released. Yay!
I started working on this from #3, so my name is not in there yet.
#3 will be available this fall...I think...

Kagetora, an upper ninja from the village of Hoorai, is called for duty at the Toudou house.
There he meets Yuki, a cute but short girl who is the biggest clutz in the history of the Toudou family.
Kagetora's duty is to be her martial arts instructor.
Kagetora is immediately attracted to Yuki, but to fall in love is to break the code of his clan.