One Potato Two


into your heart

"into your heart" is the ending theme song for Cutie Honey live action.

Since there was no script for it, I had to translate by ear.

Really hard when they put English sentences in the song!!

Originally I didn't have to translate it, but I guess when they sent it to the subtitling house, they asked for it and decided to put it in.

It was a short song so it didn't take that long.
I got the job at 5:45pm and finished it at 6:30pm.

The transcribing took so much longer than the actual translation.

The coordinator for Company N said the dub came out pretty good.
Please look forward to it.

Finished Live Action

I finished the live action movie with some difficulty. The script I received was not the final version, and it was a little different from the actual movie.


This live action is funny because there are cameos here and there.
I think it would be fun to look for them!

This will be released in 2007.

Live Action Movie

I will be getting a new job tomorrow.
It's a live action movie directed by popular director A.

This is a rush rush job.
I'll get the materials tomorrow (hopefully), and it's due Wednesday.

There goes my holiday weekend.

But that's common, so it's okay.