One Potato Two


Finished Manga

I finished Title V from Company 7S.


There were 3 different stories in one volume.

Now I'll move on to Devil X Devil...with a week to finish.

Done with Novel

I'm done with the novel.

I just proofread it and turned it in.

Since this was my first job with Company 7S, I hope I did everything correctly...
I'm sure I did, but you never know!

A few translation notes.

Doraemon, the blue robot cat (with no ears) who can pull various gadgets from his fourth dimension pocket.
My friend Yuri loved him for some reason.

Uwabaki, the "inside shoes" kids have to wear in Japanese schools.
I think it keeps it cleaner. Easier for kids to clean the floors (I hated doing that when I went to a school in Japan for summers...even at that young age, I was used to janitors. Bad habit?)

By the way, visitors to a school would have to wear slippers.
And since Japan has bathroom specific slippers, there are often times when you have to switch slippers.
People who are not used to this (like me) always forget, and wear bathroom slippers out of the bathroom.
This is frowned upon.

Chikara udon, udon with mochi in it. In my opinion it makes it harder to eat (hence the name "chikara," meaning "power"). I prefer to have them separately.

Teru teru bouzu, the rain-repelling mascot you hang in your window. Kids would hang them the night before a field trip or a picnic.

Pachinko, the pinball-like game.
Being in a parlor hurts my ears, so I hate it.
It is also filled with cigarette smoke. Bu-.

Novel Project

I didn't work much again...I think I'm in lazy mode.
I don't know if I should blame Marioball (Although I'm getting frustrated because I can't defeat Bowser) or the TV show premieres.

I at least translated the novel dust jacket, which is due earlier than the book.

I also received notice that I'll be starting KAGETORA 9, 10, and 11 soon.

I knew that it was ending at volume 11 (the order form tells you it's KANKETSU, which means it's the final volume), so I'm very excited to find out if Kagetora is going to tell Yuki how he feels.
Actually, I'm pretty sure he is telling her, but the point is how.

Starting Novel Project

I received my novel from Company 7S, so I am starting to read it.

Hopefully I can finish reading it by tomorrow and start translating.

It is a novel made for elementary schoolers, so the use of kanji is completely different from what I am used to.
It's like I'm back in Japanese school (that I hated soooo much), and I'm having to read the text books again.