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Titles Announced By Company TP

I totally missed the fact that some of my work with Company TP were announced.

This one I worked on a long time ago, but I translated "Liberty Liberty" back in January.

It's been so long I forgot what it was about...

This one, "MADNESS," is something I worked on in February.

This one is an older title from Higuchi Tachibana, the author of "Gakuen Alice" called "Portrait of M & N."
I recently finished volume 2, so I remember what this one is about.
A masochist and a narcissist.

I'm not going to link to Amazon because they don't have an image up. Buh.

And the last one is "Hanako and the Teller of Allegory."

Interesting take on urban legends.

Please check them out when they come out!

Finished Title L

I finished Title L for Company TP.

It is a one-shot volume from an author I have translated before.
I noticed that some of the characters act a little similar.
I think it just shows that the author likes straightforward, clumsy boys.

Hopefully when it announced, I would remember to post about it then.

In the meantime, I have to get back to Suzaku.

Today I also did some minor fixes for Shugo Chara #6.
It should be out in the stores real soon, so please look forward to that too.

Speed Grapher #2 Released

TOKKO #2 Released

Oops, I'm not really sure when this came out, but the important thing is that it's out.
Suzuka (the girl on the cover) looks normal (girly?) here, but she's really weird.
And how does she keep her boobs covered when she fights?
I think that is the biggest mystery of this series.

Speed Grapher #1 Released

Speed Grapher #1 is out.

I've seen some reviews out here and there on the web, but I haven't seen it yet.
(I don't receive complimentary copies).

Please check it out and I hope the anime fans don't mind the differences in the stories.

Finished TOKKO #3

I finished TOKKO #3.
This story is a side story about siblings Itto and Mayu who are phantom hunters.
They continuously eat phantoms to absorb the powers the phantom may have.

So throughout the manga they are munching away.
It's pretty gross, and I kept losing my appetite while working on it.

Now I'll be working on Ghost Hunt #10 until I receive my copy of Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.
I really hope I don't have to take that much work to Comic-Con.
(I will take some, though).

Finished Speed Grapher #3

I finished Speed Grapher #3.

This is the final volume.
The ending is pretty different from the anime (from what I read on Wikipedia), but I think it makes sense.

I don't understand why everyone (the manga artist and his assistants) like Tsujido.
I think he's gross...well, I guess almost all of them are pretty gross...Euphorias...

What's next?
The video game and Kitchen Princess #9 for this week.

TOKKO #1 Released

One word to describe this manga.

Gory gory gory.

Okay, that was three.

I'm going to be working on volume 3 soon.
After Speed Grapher, the video game, and Kitchen Princess #9.

One Week Off

I was so exhausted after Fanime I took a week off.
I even missed Book Expo.

I picked up Ed from MangaCast on Thursday to drop him off, so I did see the outside of the con center...
Thursday was the big game next door at the Staples Center (Lakers vs Spurs), so I wonder how crowded that area got when the con let out?


I've been trying to working on Speed Grapher #3, but I've been on the same page for the entire week.

I'm supposed to receive some Code Geass stuff from Company BEI this week too, so I better get working!

But the French Open is distracting me...

Foxy Lady #1 Released

Foxy Lady #1 is out.

I've seen mixed reviews on this one...
I guess it depends on your taste.

Finished Foxy Lady 3

I finished Foxy Lady #3.
There are so many characters in this story!
I had a hard time keeping track of their names...

I'm staying home today to catch UPS for my small project for Company DR, but in the meantime I'm working on Code Geass manga #2.

Busy busy busy!
And my wrist is still not 100% yet. Sob sob.

Starting Foxy Lady #3

I finished my other project, but I'm waiting on a response from my client.
I completely forgot that she is probably busy getting ready for NYCC, so I might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get it.
Tuesday is my deadline...I hope she notices the email sooner than that.

Anyway, while I wait for the response I am starting on Foxy Lady #3.
Since I need two hands to cut the manga up (I actually rip the pages off of the glue now), I wasn't able to because of my injured wrist.
I tore one page out and it hurt.

So I had a friend do it for me.
Thanks, Dave...

Tales Out of Season Released

Happy April Fool's Day!
Remember to wear green!
Oh, that's a different day...

I usually don't play pranks because I seem to always forget to say, "just kidding" at the end.

Anyway, Tales Out of Season, volume...3? in the Takumi-kun series, is out.
Or should be out soon.
According to Amazon.

Takumi and Gie try to solve a ghost story/mystery in this volume.
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