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Small World

It's a small world here in LA and if you work in the entertainment industry.

For starters, I live in a condo with six units,
and half of the condo are people who work in the industry.

During Comic-Con, our condo is pretty quiet...

Anyway, I joined a tennis league this summer.
Just to get some singles practice,
and it was free to join because they needed more people.

I scheduled a match with someone in Encino, CA (30 minutes north from West LA).
It turned out that she worked for the SyFy channel,
and knew my neighbor's friend D who writes for Warehouse 13!

So during the match, we talked a lot about the industry and Comic-Con.

She was a great player and very nice, so I hope I can see her again.

Steamed Sweet Rice Meatballs

Writing a translation note about a Japanese dish motivated me to cook.
I wanted to try new things, so I looked online for a recipe for "Niku Dango no Mochi Gome Mushi."
This translates to Steamed Meatballs Covered with Sweet Rice.
They have it at dim sum, where they serve shrimp balls.
They look like this:

888 Seafood

I found a recipe and it looked pretty easy.

So I tried it out and it came out like this:

Pearl Balls

My meatballs were a mix of shrimp and pork.

Translation of a Self-Published BL Novel on Kindle

My friend pointed me to a news item on Anime News Network.

Mariko Hihara self-publishes BL Novel in US on Kindle

And to the comments by those who bought it.

"...the translation seriously needs to be done more professionally."
-sunflower, ANN user

The user gives more details, so please read the comment if you're interested.

Anyway, it got me curious.
So I went to the author's website to see if there was information on who translated it.

It looks like she used a translation software (!!!!!!!) and asked her older sister(s) to "clean it up" for her.
She has two older sisters who graduated from universities in the U.S.

This is the explanation for the translation...
Let's all hope she does something else for future self-published work.

Hm. Maybe this author could hire me instead.
Haha :D

My Mother's Shirts

Today, my mother, my sister, and I decided to go to a Korean spa to get a body scrub.
It's called "akasuri" in Japanese.
"Aka" is, in this case, not "red" but actually "scurf."
Dead skin.
To "suru" is to "scrub," so these Korean ladies scrub off the dead skin.
You end up with soft, smooth skin!

I know some celebrities do it too...I remember someone mentioning it on Conan's Tonight Show.

My mom shows up in a "Nyo" shirt from Di Gi Charat...
This is the one with a stretched out face of Dejiko worn by the fat guy in the show.
Company B gave it for free with the purchase of a DVD.
The one my mother was wearing was a sample that I received.
(I'm listed as a...producer in the show? I think?)

It was a bit embarrassing, but also funny.

After the spa, she changed into a new shirt...
A Meltdown shirt.

I don't know where she got that shirt (probably from my sister?).

I wish she would consider the content of a t-shirt before wearing one.
Well, I guess I should be glad that it's not a t-shirt that says I [heart] Yaoi or something.
(I don't have that shirt anyway, and no, I don't want one either...)

AX is Like an Airline

I was looking at the AX website and looking at the various events and services they offer.

It's nice that they have shuttles, but they charge for it, don't they?
And I guess it was like this from before, but they charge per concert and stuff.

It reminded me of the recent trends with airlines, of how they charge for extra bags, and even blankets or peanuts.

This year I'm not working for anyone in particular, so I might go just for fun.
Okay, even as I type this now I'm sure I won't drive ALL THE WAY to downtown for it.
(Just to let people know, I barely live 15 minutes away...)
Besides, Wimbledon is, as always, on the same weekend, so I might be at home watching that.

I might go at night to have dinner with clients, I don't know.


My friend A is working on editing translation for a hentai game.
This particular company X is known for hiring very bad translators, and A is always struggling to fix the work they do.

The current translation she is working on is pretty bad.
A was complaining about it:

A: "This translator has the girl calling the guy 'metamorphosis.' What could that possibly mean?"

I let her know that "metamorphosis" is translated to "hentai" in Japanese.
In kanji, it looks like this: 変態

One would wonder if the translator is using Google to translate the text...

Because really, there is no way, when you're translating a hentai game, you could translate 変態 as "metamorphosis."

Manga for Mother's Day (Not Really)

Oops, I was going to write this for Mother's Day, but my wrist has been acting up.

I was going to introduce some manga that my mother reads/likes.

She doesn't read much manga, which is odd, considering how much manga she's been around, but here they are:

Jaja-uma Grooming Up!
by Masami Yuuki

My mother likes horse this is an obvious choice.
It's about a guy who travels to Hokkaido and decides to quit high school to live at a horse-breeding ranch.
It follows a span of 4 years of him, the people around him, and the horses as they grow.

What I like also about this manga is that the horses are drawn so cute!
I used to HATE going to the race tracks when I was a kid, when only my father was into it.
I hated the smell of the horse poo.

But now I'm more aware about horse racing...I don't know if that's a good thing, but...

Eiko Kera

The first time my sister and I read this, we laughed so hard because the mother in the manga acts so much like our own mother.
This manga is presented in equal-sized panels that go down.
They look like 4-koma but there's no punchline at the 4th panel, but a chapter goes for about 3 pages.
The story is about everyday life of a family.
It's all in color and very cute.

Seigi no Mikata
Chiaki Hijiri

This is about a pretty evil, selfish lady (the older sister of the main character) whose evil comments or acts end up saving other people.
This was made into a live-action drama series (Japanese dorama), which is why my mother showed interest.

My mother and sister say that the evil sister is a little bit like me.

Sakura Mochi

I bought some sakura mochi the other day.
There were four in the package, so I gave one to my friend.

He later messaged me, "Do you eat the leaf too?"

I told him no, but actually there are people who eat it along with the mochi.


I think the salty taste that sticks to the mochi from the leaf makes it taste better, but I don't think I will enjoy the texture of a pickled leaf mixed with the sticky rice and sweet red beans.

The leaf is a sakura leaf, specifically the ooshimazakura leaf.
They are soft and not that hairy(?)

It's important that the mochi is colored pink with food coloring, because it has to be sakura-colored (pink).

Sakura Mochi

Left 4 Dead

Sorry I haven't been posting.
I have been working a little here and there, but I was mostly spending my time playing this zombie game called Left 4 Dead.

I usually never play these kinds of games, but three of my nerdy gamer friends have been playing it, so I joined in.

It's quite fun!
The best part is how you can play online with different people, and take turns being the zombies.
We wear headsets so that we can communicate with each other, but unfortunately I don't really use the headset efficiently.

I tend to get surprised often, and when I am surprised, I yell.

"Aaaaghh! Zombie got me! Aaaagh!"
"Kyaaa! He sprayed stuff on me! Eeeek!"
"Oh, I died. How sad."
"Oops, I pushed the wrong button."

I keep saying these irrelevant things.
I wonder if people turn me off on the other end.

Anyway, it's a great game!
There's a commentary mode where you walk through the game and can hear various comments and insights from various people who worked on the game.

On the work side, I'm still doing all things Geass and Lelouch.
I am kicking some Geass.

Dream Dream Dream

I finished Code Geass Suzaku manga #2.
Now I will move on to Lelouch manga #4.

For some reason, I've been dreaming about the manga I work on.
For example, the other day I dreamt the ending for Princess Resurrection.

Of course I know it's not going to happen as I dreamt because Hime kills herself.

And the other day I dreamt about Shugo Chara.
I don't remember what happened in my dream...
But I do remember it was a battle scene between Amu and Easter.

These manga dreams aren't exactly dreams about work, but I guess it does show how much work takes up my life... including my REM life(?).

We Cheer!

I’ve been playing We Cheer that I got myself for the holidays.
I first heard about this game when my friend, voice actor SS, contacted us saying that she just finished recording for a cheerleading game.
And it was on sale at Amazon, so I bought it.

I didn’t know that this game got horrible reviews…
It’s sad because it’s really cute!
(And quite easy…I passed the game on “Easy” in three days).

You get a lot of uniforms you can switch around, and you even get to decide what it says on the logo.
(The best part!)

I’m almost completely done with the entire game.
Does anyone else out there play this game?
If anyone’s been pondering about whether or not to get this game…I would recommend it!

About work…I recently found an article indicating that Kagetora got better after the switch in translators.
I’m sure the other translator was fine too, but it makes me happy to see people notice the difference in translators. :)

Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a very good 2009.

Day of Raw Egg (and Soy Sauce) Over Rice

For some STRANGE reason, my calendar (the one with all the deadlines) has today marked as the Day of Raw Egg (and Soy Sauce) Over Rice.

I don't know why I have that...

It's called tamago kake gohan, and there's even a Wikipedia article (in English) for it.
Please try Wiki-ing it.

I used to eat this a lot as a kid...
I don't anymore, because I don't eat much raw egg lately.
I think I'm more picky with food than when I was younger, so egg and rice is probably not enough for me.
I need natto!
And I always have natto in my fridge (freezer!)

Anyway, happy tamago kake gohan day!

Mahojin Guru Guru

I was reading some Japanese news today and OMG!

Mahojin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru) is coming back!

And there will be a spin-off manga about the Kita Kita Oyaji on the web.

For more information please check out the Square Enix GAN GAN Online page.

I'm wondering with Dragon Quest being released on DS here in English, if someone will license Guru Guru.
It will be hard to translate though.
Very specific Japanese jokes.
But Sunshine Sketch is like that too, so...
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