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This was a really long time ago, but I QC'd some minisodes from SP Studios that were translated into Japanese.

Are you familiar with minisodes?

I'm not either.
According to SP Studios they are your favorite shows, just shorter.
So they condensed a 30-minute show into 5 minutes.

You can check them out here.

The shows the I was involved with (Japanese dubbed) are available on Yahoo Japan Streaming.
You can do a search by typing in "minisode" in English.
But you can't watch it unless you live in Japan.
So please enjoy them in English if you live in the US.

I worked on some episodes for:
Starsky & Hutsch
TJ Hooker
Charlie's Angels
Police Woman
Partridge Family
Diff'rent Strokes

It was fun because I never really watched these as a kid.

Canterbury's Law Pilot Tonight

Canterbury's Law is premiering tonight.
Not another lawyer show...right?
But I will watch the pilot.

Even if I've seen it before.
I translated the pilot sometime last year to Japanese.

I don't remember it at all...

As I watch it, I might be re-translating some lines in my head.
Hee hee.

Paprika Released

Paprika is out today, on regular DVD and Blu-ray.

Regular DVD version.

Blu-ray version.

If you have a PS3, I would recommend getting the Blu-ray version.
It's so much nicer.

When I worked on it I had to watch it on Windows Media Player.

The Forgotten Bonus Features

I had a match today.
My doubles partner was telling me that she recently saw "Letters From Iwo Jima."
Since she knows what I do for a living, I told her that I translated some of the bonus features in the DVD.

Unfortunately, she didn't watch the bonus features and she had already sent it back to Netflix.

It's really unfortunate that people don't watch the bonus features.
Since I work on a lot of them I tend to watch them.

The best ones are commentaries by the director and writer.
The worst ones are red carpet showings (there is some footage in Iwo Jima) and commentaries by the actors.

Anyway, please take a chance to look at the bonus features.


Today I went to S Studios for a QC job.

The people at S emailed me earlier telling me that there were writers on strike around the studio, but not to worry.

And I did run into them as I was walking to the video editing room, but they were really nice to me.

Inside the studio, I don't know if it was because there was a strike going on, but it seemed that less people were actually working.
There was a lot of noise in the other rooms (that distracted me a bit),
and when I was walking down the path outside inside the lot, there were people dancing.

...I don't know, it could be considered "work."

I read manga and that's considered "work" to me, so...

Hope they reach an agreement soon.

Work at Studio S

I went to S Studios today for the 2nd week to work on a project.

It's really just QC-ing something that doesn't really need QC-ing, and I feel really bad getting paid for it.

Because I'm just sitting there next to an editor watching some video clips.
And we laugh at how funny some things are.
The most tedious part of this job is driving down to the studio and going through security.

I can't go next week because I'll be up north.

92% Paprika

As of today, Paprika is 92% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.


It's still not playing here in Los Angeles.
I wonder how many of my friends are actually interested in seeing it?

They all went to see Jack Sparrow this weekend.

Paprika Article

It was posted on ICv2, but I'll post it here too because I think it was one of the better articles about Paprika.

Anime Dreams, Transformed Into Nightmares

I have trouble explaining the story of the stuff I work on.

"What's KAMUI about? What's Princess Resurrection about?"

I never can explain it to make it sound interesting.
No justice done to the wonderful projects I worked on.

Especially with Paprika...well, I did work on it over a year ago and haven't seen the movie's hard to explain.
I first have to explain about the devices known as the DC Mini, and how there's Paprika who is a ****** of another character, etc, etc.

This article had a nice description.

Please read this article...and please go watch the movie!

I can't wait to go watch it again.
I'm not sick of it even after watching it many many many times over and over in a period of two days, so it's that interesting.

TV Work

May sweeps!

May screenings!

May is a busy time in the TV industry because they need to pitch their new shows to different target languages.

So that's what I went in for today.
English to Japanese.

It was dialogue, which is so much easier for me.

I only did half of a full-hour show.

It was about a lawyer.

I'm glad I play Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) and read detective/mystery novels in Japanese.
It went pretty fast.

Oh, and my boss gave me Beard Papa cream puffs for my birthday!
And we got free pizza because everyone was required to come in to finish the tight deadline.
(I'm "on-call" so I didn't help much...sorry)

Okay, now back to the video game due on Tuesday, and the manga due on Thursday.


Paprika Trailer

I guess I should spread the word about Paprika.

Apple Trailers

The frogs are cute.
Where's the fridge?

Paprika Coming in May

According to the Sony site, Paprika is coming to theaters May 25, 2007.

The site plays music and video, so those reading at work, please watch out.

Movie Project, Part 4

I finished my part of the movie project.

The director was on the Today show today, and basically he said the same thing I've heard on my project.

Now I will start on 4 manga, 1 novel, and 1 video game.

2 manga and 1 video game are due the week after the next.

Good luck to me!

Movie Project, Part 3

I did some research on one of the actors in the movie, since he was the only one I've never seen before.
The other actors at the premiere were people I knew.

Anyway, it turns out that he was in Cutie Honey too.
I totally didn't notice.

I decided to look him up because in his speech at the premiere, he said that he used to live in the states.
So in another footage, I understood why he was able to talk to the American director.

His premiere speech was horrible, and he knew it.
He said at the press conference that his parents, who saw the premiere, called him right after and without saying anything about the movie, they pointed out how bad his speech was.

That was funny.

He is also in the "Hachimitsu & Clover" movie.
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