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"Believe in Yourself" Digitally Available!

Believe in Yourself

"Believe in Yourself" is now digitally available on the Amazon Kindle store!

You can buy it here.

It took me months to get this out...sorry for the delay.
But in the end the timing worked out because this book is almost sold out in Japan.

I will forward any comments toward the book to the people who worked on it,
so please feel free to let me know!

Please also give reviews on Amazon!

News About "Believe in Yourself"

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
No drinking for me today...I have a ton of work to do.

I got news from Company G staff that they sold the "Believe in Yourself" charity book at the COMITIA doujin event and sold out of all 500 copies they had in 30 minutes.

They sol everything they had on hand, so not even the staff have a copy yet. Haha.

I'm supposed to get a comp copy as well, but I have to wait until they get the next batch from the printers.

I keep getting inquiries from friends about the availability of this book in the United States.

We started rolling the hopefully I can get an announcement out in the next few weeks.

About Believe in Yourself

I've gotten some inquiries about obtaining the Gurren Lagann charity book "Believe in Yourself" outside of Japan.

We (Company G and I) are trying to figure out a way so people in the US could get this book.

When we decide on something, I'll try to let news outlets know.
Please don't try to buy it at some auction site for double-triple-whatever the amount.
I really hope people won't be reselling the book for a profit, either...
It would really be heartbreaking.

I would even go get the books and ship it out of my house myself to prevent that from happening, so...

Hopefully we can decide soon.

Believe in Yourself

The project I've been working for Company G has been announced in Japan.

It is a charity doujin book to benefit the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Title: "Believe in Yourself"
84 pages (including cover)
Content: "Gurren Lagann" illustration collection drawn for charity. All images were drawn specifically for this book.
Price: 1000 yen
Cover illustration by Sushio.
Back cover illustration by Hiroyuki Imaishi.

All profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Hiroyuki Imaishi
Masahiko Otsuka
Shingo Abe
Akira Amemiya
Kei Anjiki
Syouta Ibata
Shota Iwasaki
Ikuo Kuwana
Keisuke Kojima
Hirokazu Kojima
Nozomi Goto
Sorato Shimizu
Yuka Shibata
Yusuke Tanaka
Hiromi Taniguchi
Hiroaki Tomita
Shouko Nakagawa
Atsushi Nishigori
Hitomi Hasegawa
Akemi Hayashi
Syuhei Handa
Tatsumi Fujii
Ryouji Masuyama
Hiroki Mutaguchi
Yusuke Yoshigaki
Mai Yoneyama
Keisuke Watanabe
Bobby Rubio
Dean Kelly
Grant Alexander
Kenji Ono
Kihyun Ryu
Lauren Montgomery
Michael Chang
Seung-Hyun Oh
Bryan Konietzko
Elsa Garagarza
Ethan Spaulding
Ian Graham
Joaquim Dos Santos

They will be selling this book at doujin events such as Comiket. They are also planning to have this sold online by GAINAX.

A message from Masahiko Otsuka, who proposed this project.
"I would like to express my deepest sympathies to everyone in the stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
This project came from the feelings of a few anime staff wondering what we could do to help. Hence, we came up with creating an illustration book to benefit charity.
Not only did GAINAX animators contribute, but singer Shouko Nakagawa, and creators from overseas participated as well.
The title of the book, "Believe in Yourself," was named by Kazuki Nakashima.
All profits from the sales of this book will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society."

This book was published due to volunteer work of anime staff with the consent of Gurren Lagann Committee and GAINAX Company, Limited.
The Gurren Lagann Committee and GAINAX Company, Limited are not responsible for the publication and sales of this book.

So what did I contribute, you ask?
I translated the correspondence between the U.S. artists and the staff of Company G.
I also translated the artist profiles to Japanese and English.

Other Activities

Other than my project at Company A, I've been busy with semi-work stuff...

I've been helping people at Company G on multiple projects.

I can't give details yet (don't I always say that...), but exciting stuff!

Company G is not a large-large company, but I am working with different people,
so the two projects are unrelated.

Hopefully I can give details soon...

/end quick and boring post.

Unofficial Message from Company G

This morning I got an email from Otsuka-san of GAINAX.
He asked me to translate an update for his friends outside of Japan.

Since it's personal and not an official statement from GAINAX, I can't disclose it fully here, but here's the gist of what he told me:

Everyone and their families are safe at GAINAX.
The studio didn't suffer major damage.

We will continue to work hard to make products so that people could cheer up.

I got the semi-OK to share this information.
I'll just add that Sushio-san (animator for GAINAX) is drawing to encourage people and uploading them here:
Sushio Twipple Pic

San Francisco with Company G Day 3

Day 3.

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to wake up after only 4-5 hours of sleep.
(I usually sleep 9 hours a day...)

But because of my lack of awareness, I don't remember much about the day.

We went shopping...

We went to eat some oysters...
(I didn't have any)

Then we went to Alcatraz.
GAINAX Vacation in SF 2011

This was my second time visiting Alcatraz, so I used this opportunity to rest up a bit.
It would have been funny to go sleep in one of the cells...

Like this:
San Francisco

But I would get kicked out (or thrown into the waters?) so I didn't.
Instead I sat on one of the picnic benches and closed my eyes.

We were invited to a house party so we headed toward San Jose.

We had lots of delicious food.

Kosaka House Party

And headed back to San Francisco...

San Francisco with Company G Day 2

Day 2.

A big day for all of us, as we prepared to visit Company P, an animation studio.

We were asked to do a panel for a group of about 50 people.
I was a bit nervous because I didn't get much sleep, and it's hard to interpret when you're sleepy.

We get to the campus, and even before we sign in, we started to take pictures.

Pixar Visit 2.2011
One of the many pictures taken in front of the main entrance.

We took a brief tour, then went to one of the screening rooms for our panel.

Pixar Visit 2.2011

After a quick hello, we showed a short clip of all the titles Company G worked on.
I've seen this clip before when Yamaga-san showed it at Fanime last year, but it was updated with the recent titles.
"Wish Upon the Pleiades" was in there too! Yay!

I did a short introduction of the panelists, had them say a few words, and went on to some Q&A.

Honestly, I don't remember most of it...sorry.
I'm looking at my notes as I write this entry,
but with 6 people to interpret,
I couldn't write much down and had to rely on memory most of the time.

One of the questions was why Company G titles were different from other studio properties in which a story would have a climax, then another climax, and then even another climax.
The answer was that, in the case of Gurren Lagann, the director and the scriptwriter, would pack so much into one episode.
They would pack maybe 2-3 episodes' worth of content into 1 episode.
Of course, this is like torture to the staff...
But everyone at Company G wants to please the fans, so they do it.
And because they like doing it, too.

The hour went by really fast.
It was a lot of fun, and many thanks to the staff of Company G and Company P for giving me the opportunity to take part in a rare event.

After the panel we had lunch at Company P, and we had a few Company P people join us to talk.
It was fun, but I had to stuff my food down fast in order to interpret.
Fortunately there was a fellow who studied Japanese at Harvard sitting next to me, so he took over most of the interpreting.
(Thanks, B!)

I wish the staff had more time to interact with each other, but it was time to go watch some Company P shorts.
We saw three shorts. My favorite was "Tokyo Mater."

After the screening, it was time for pictures and shopping at the Company P store.

Pixar Visit 2.2011
Sushio-san (not pictured here) bought this huge bear.

Pixar Visit 2.2011
Thank you Company P for the warm welcome!

After we left Company P, we went to a comic shop in Oakland.
They had a huge selection of manga (English) there!!
For example...all the obscure(?) titles I worked on for Company TP!
Foxy Lady, Tokko, Takumi-kun series...
I never got copies of them, so this was the first time seem them in print.
I was a little shocked to see I wasn't credited for Innocent W #3.
But with bad reviews on the title, maybe that was okay... Hee hee.

We then headed for the Golden Gate Bridge.
Last time Company G was here, it was foggy.
This time, the sun was going down, but we managed to barely get enough light for good pictures.

GAINAX Vacation in SF 2011
Yamada-san and Sushio-san taking pictures.

By the way, it was freezing.

But we then headed to somewhere colder, Twin Peaks.
(Which was also foggy the last time Company G went)

San Francisco
I took one picture and went back to the car.
My hands were so cold, I couldn't take any more pictures!

But everyone had fun. They were satisfied.

For dinner we went to Thanh Long, known for their crab and garlic noodles.

Then we went back to the hotel...

And I checked my email.


I had a small piece of work from Company YP, and they wanted it today!!

I did it, but because the adrenaline kicked in to fight my drowsiness, I couldn't sleep for the next 2 hours.

To be continued to Day 3...

San Francisco with Company G Day 1

One day, someone from Company G emailed me asking if I can accompany them for their vacation to San Francisco.
I was actually already quite busy then, but since it's Company G, I agreed.
So after a few weeks of back-and-forth, planning out our trip and figuring out our itinerary...

Here we are in San Francisco!
Six members from Company G coming in from Japan, and me coming in from Los Angeles.

They arrived in the morning, so we had the whole day to do a bunch of stuff.

We first went to Tartine Bakery.
We got croissants, morning buns, and some lemon meringue cake.

Tartine Bakery
Croissants and morning buns.

Then we went to the California Academy of Sciences.
The last time Company G came (when almost the entire staff came to Fanime), we only passed by.
So they wanted to check it out.

GAINAX Vacation in SF 2011
On the way to the Academy.

We spent about 2 hours at the Academy?

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

After we checked in the hotel and dropped off our luggage, we went shopping.
Dinner was at In-N-Out.

They were so nice to bring me some stuff...

A bunch of Panty&Stocking w/ Garterbelt, + Eva stuff.

Some Shtuff About Pleiades

It's been almost a week since the official English subtitles went up for Wish Upon the Pleiades.

I hope the readers of my blog have been watching!
And leaving comments!!
(This is very important!)

The producer asked me for reactions in the U.S.
so if you would like to personally deliver a message to Company G,
please feel free to leave a message here on this blog.


When I was working on the project, I really enjoyed translating the lines of Hikaru.
She's the blonde one.
Enjoyed? Maybe it was just easy...her personality is probably the closest to mine.

So in 3rd Night, the scene after Minato appears in the sky...
Hikaru says, "I don't think so!" and attacks him.

When I was translating off the script, I actually had Hikaru's line as:
"Yours my butt!"
I thought this fit her character very much.

But later as I QC'd the video+subtitles, I realized that there was a break between Minato's line and Hikaru's line.

In the script, it went:
Minato: That fragment is mine. (This is also a bit different from end product)
Hikaru: Yours my butt!

But since the lines are split up into two episodes, I realized the audience won't remember what Hikaru is referring to, so I changed it.

Anyway, if you haven't watched it yet, please do!

Wish Upon the Pleiades

The official English subtitles of "Wish Upon the Pleiades" is up!

So far, I've seen mostly positive reactions, so that's good.

Please leave comments on their YouTube channel.
(Preferably stuff like, "Thanks for the official English subtitles" so more companies would be willing to provide them).

Additional Work on Anime

Last night I got an email with the subtitled version of the anime I recently worked on.

It took about...8 hours? To download?

So today I spent the day QC-ing.

I also got to see the finished product of the anime.
For the initial translation process, in the videos I received,
there were bits and pieces of storyboard art.
And there were no sound effects.

I hope I could mention the project name soon.

I just got an email that the English title was decided,
and that there's an English press release coming soon,
so hopefully in the next few days it will be announced.

Finished Anime

I finished the anime series.

I'm not sure if I can talk about it just yet, but will be able to, soon.

I enjoyed working on this series because I got to interact directly with the producers and creators.
It's a lot of back-and-forth, but thanks to my wonderful client I got quick responses and it went quite smoothly.
(Well, I only had a few days to finish the project, so quick responses were necessary...)

I'll post links to the anime as soon as I can talk about it.
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