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Two Documents for Company JRI

I thought I had a week off from Company JRI (I get work from them weekly), but they sent me some documents tonight.


So I think I'll finish that up first, because they are least time consuming.

I was at my college friend's house today and we were watching a taped Iron Chef episode.
I was trying to make note of the way they describe the food when the judges make comments, because that's my job for JRI sometimes.
I have to describe how the food is great in many different ways.

What About Wasabi

Today I translated a short blurb about wasabi.

The proper way to eat sashimi with wasabi is to not stir in the wasabi with the soy sauce.
This is because the flavor and smell of the wasabi will disappear in the soy sauce.

You're actually supposed to place it on the sashimi and dip a little bit of the non-wasabi area of the sashimi into the soy sauce.

I think I learned this from the great gourmet manga, Oishinbo.

The best way to grind the wasabi is to use a shark skin grinder too.

Of course, this is recommended when you're having delicious wasabi.

I mean, if you're just going to buy some sashimi at the market and eat it, I don't think anything matters.

By the way, reading Oishinbo in the restroom is not recommended.

Rush Jobs

I got a bunch of Japanese culture and food documents to translate.
I little rushy rushy.


I'm just writing this so I look like I'm working and not writing about random stuff...