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Started Work on BLADE

Marvel Anime Blade

I got a new project to work on.
Marvel Anime's BLADE.

Unlike the X-Men I previously worked on, this is a property I know absolutely nothing about.
So of course, I researched the property first.
(I didn't go as far to watch the movie...)

I was assigned episode 2.
Which I was happy with, because episode 1 was pretty...grotesque.
I don't like hospital or surgery scenes, so even if it was only a little, I was cringing.

So Animax is streaming the first episode of BLADE on July 1 at 9:45pm (Japan time).
With live commentary from the director and the writer!!

I have to watch this.

I don't know if it would have English subtitles (I doubt it), but if you can, please check it out.
And please check the English version on G4 later this year!

Anime Episode In, Anime Episode Out

I got a new episode to work on today.
I already had the video, but I was waiting on the scripts, and we were waiting because of Golden Week (which was last week) in Japan.

So I got them this morning.

I was already at Company A for another "let's pretend to be normal and work at an office day."
So I emailed back my client that I would start working on it later at night.

I also mentioned that since there is so much action (battle against a monster), it should be done rather quickly.

I actually finished it in an hour or so.
Pretty efficient!

Well, what usually takes time is the formatting of the script.
Formatting the script:
1) Indicate who is talking
2) Indicate if the character is on screen or off screen...this is labeled as -blank- or OFF
3) Indicate if the character's mouth is shown (sometimes barely shown)...labeled as MNS or MBS
4) Indicate if a sound is made...labeled REAX or EFFORTS
If a character reacts to a monster that appears, I would put (scared reax).

So usually, this part takes waaaay longer.
But since I already took care of it last week, I was able to translate really fast.
By the way, my deadline per episode is usually "within two days from delivery of materials."

As for my project with Company A, I translated about 600 lines.
I also played the game about two, three times.
I had to look online for a cheat sheet to get to the ending I wanted.
Man, these games are hard.

Finished Episode 5 of Anime Project

Yay, I thought it would take longer, but I finished the anime script for episode 5.

Hopefully they'll like my work and continue to hire me for the rest of the series.
(There are 12 episodes total).

I just hope I don't get the script right before Fanime or E3.
I don't want to be staying at my friend's house working rather than meeting up with my clients and friends at Fanime... Knock wood, knock wood.

New Client, Same Property

I got a new client with new work.
I went to visit their office in Burbank today, to get instructions and whatnot.

The funny thing is that I've worked with this property before.
Like, two times in the past...for two different companies.

The series has been announced here in the US (including which network it's airing on), but I'll hold off on mentioning anything until a bit later.

I'm starting on episode 5, so I just finished watching episodes 1-4...
And I will format my script first, then translate.
I have tomorrow plus the weekend to work on this, which is more than enough time,
but I still have the project from Company A to worry about too,
so no time to slack off.

I also have the volunteer project for Company G, which will be announced Monday (Japan time), I was told.

By the way, President Obama was in my neighborhood (few blocks down) today.
Luckily I didn't drive during the time he was here, so I was not affected.