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Finished Love Hina 8

Love Hina Thumb

I finished Love Hina 8.

This will be my last volume with Love Hina...
It's sad that I won't see Keitaro and Naru attend Todai together,
but unfortunately scheduling conflicts are too much to continue.

Please continue to check out Love Hina Omnibus, though!

Finished Love Hina 7

Love Hina Thumb

I finished Love Hina 7.

This will be in Love Hina Omnibus 3.
Please check it out!
Especially the extras at the end, because they take the most time...

For Love Hina 7, the extras were postcards/illustrations from the readers.

Finished Shugo Chara Chan #1

I finished Shugo Chara Chan #1, the spin-off manga series to Shugo Chara.

Shugo Chara Chan is a 4-koma manga,
and like the other 4-koma manga I have worked on in the past
(Sunshine Sketch, Shoulder-a-coffin Kuro)
there are a lot of translation notes.

The manga artist for Shugo Chara Chan seems to be a foodie,
so there are a lot of references to food.

Which is fine with me, because I like food.

There is also a section where the Guardian Characters visit other Nakayoshi manga characters
(these manga are drawn by the various manga artists)
such as Hell Girl, I Am Here!, and Arisa.

It was fun looking up the storylines of these other manga.

Please look for Shugo Chara Chan #1 when it comes out later this year!

Hidden References in Love Hina

Love Hina Thumb

I finished Love Hina volumes 4-6, which will be Love Hina Omnibus Edition volume 2.

I included some hidden references that will not be explained in the translation notes.
I discussed this with my editor, and we both agreed that
since the Japanese version has a lot of references that are unexplained,
the English version should have some too.

But I will give a hint and show which pages they are on...

Please let me know if you notice it when the English version comes out!

Love Hina

Love Hina

The second one is not really a hidden reference, but a semi-private joke...
To myself...

Love Hina - Negima Connection

Love Hina Thumb

I wrote this before, but when I first tackled the "new" translation for Love Hina,
I went on a bunch of forums to see what was liked and disliked in the TokyoPop version.

And while reading some of the topics, I found out that Motoko's kendo moves are featured in Negima.


Since Kodansha USA's Negima is released before Love Hina, I thought it was my duty to match the translated terminology used in Negima.

So I asked my editor to direct me to the translators of Negima.

And we got in touch, and the name of the moves match now!

I hope the fans notice this extra effort... :)

Please look for the LOVE I put in my translation when Love Hina Omnibus comes out later this year.

Love Hina
One of Motoko's moves.

Shugo Chara #10

My samples for Shugo Chara #10 arrived.

This is my first printed work for Company KC.
I was curious what they were going to do with the design.

The only thing they changed is the spine and the back.

Shugo Chara 10

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the back.

If you look carefully, the part that used to say "Del Rey" now says "Kodansha."

Shugo Chara 10 is going to be released soon!
Please check it out.

Love Hina Omnibus Announced

Love Hina Thumb

Love Hina, the omnibus version, was announced by Company KC.
When I was first asked if I could translate it, I wondered if my editor thought I was a guy.

Anyway, I didn't have a reason to say no, so I took on the job.

It was soooo much text!
The tight deadline made it worse, too.
I was working on Shugo Chara at the same time, so I had 4 books to translate in 1.5 months.

I also had the pressure of all the fans of the series out there who were expecting it to be perfect.
I read a bunch of forum posts and stuff to see what elements were considered "unacceptable" in the Company TP version.
I never saw the Company TP version, and since it was out of print, I asked my editor if it was okay to just translate it the "Company DR way," which was to keep a lot of the Japanese nuances.

So I am crossing fingers that it meets expectations...

Some big issues I discussed with the editor first.
For example, the way Kitsune talks...
What to call University of Tokyo...
If I can put in a lot of translation notes...

I think the biggest issue I saw with the old version was the way Keitaro called Naru.
I like that Keitaro keeps calling Naru by her last name until the end, so of course I kept that.

Anyway, please look forward to the new Love Hina.

Hell Weekend

After I got back from San Francisco, I was worried that I was going to get sick.
I couldn't afford to get sick, because I had a deadline on Monday,
so I decided to sleep the whole day on Friday.

Besides, it was raining and I couldn't go out, so it was perfect.

On Saturday, I skipped the weekly oyaji tennis round robin and worked.

On Sunday, I also did not go outside.
I stayed at home and worked worked worked.

The manga (title LH) I was working on had a bunch of cultural references,
so a lot of time was spent on research/fact check.

This title hasn't been announced yet, so I can't give details...
I wish I could talk about it!!

Anyway, I finished the manga on Monday and turned it in.

And I immediately went on to work on my next project from Company A.

Utau's Guardian Characters

I'm currently working on Shugo Chara #12.

The volume is broken up into four stories, featuring various Guardian members.
I was actually surprised how the stories turned out.
I guess I shouldn't be, considering this is a shojo series...

I don't want to give away details, so what I'm saying here may not make sense.

Anyway, I think it was a good ending to a shojo series.
Girls with pure hearts would like it.
Me? I'm an impure adult now, so...


So. PEACH-PIT always answers questions from readers in each volume, and in this volume one of the questions was where they got the names for Utau's Guardian Characters, El and Il.
The answer?
Well, you have to buy the manga when it comes out...but man, I wish they answered this question earlier.

Because I always got the two confused, and would double-check, triple-check to make sure I got their names right.
PEACH-PIT's answer totally makes sense and would've made it so much easier for me to remember who's who.