One Potato Two


Moe Factor

I've been working on an otome game.

There's a servant in it, and I was sort of forced to use the term "butler" even though he really wasn't.
I wanted to keep it in because of the moe factor.

I hope it's okay with the otome...
Please don't come after me regarding technicalities.

Pirates in Love

I think a couple of weeks ago I saw a press release about Pirates in Love coming out.

I worked on this a little bit back in January...
I don't think my translation was used in the actual game
(or maybe it was? If someone could find the "have a blast" in the cannon, please let me know)
because they said I was translating text for their presentation or something.

Anyway, you can get the app on iTunes.

Honestly, after translating Flesh & Blood (a yaoi light novel that was never published),
I don't think I would ever want to live like a pirate.

So this game is not really for me...

But if you're into pirates, please check it out!

Finished 1 Episode

I finished one episode for Company V.

I put one pun in there...I wonder if people will notice?

There's a guy threatening to stuff another person inside a cannon.
And the guy says...

"I'm sure you'll have a blast."

...Not funny?