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Cigarette Kisses by Company AP

So I guess the news is out that Cigarette Kisses is going to be published by Company AP.

I'm hoping that they use my translation.
The rewriter did an excellent job on it.
The graphic designer, who did everything related to graphics, including logo design, cover design, and lettering, also did an excellent job.
Even the copy editor was one of the best in the industry!
So even if my translation wasn’t perfect, there is no way it's going to be bad.


I'm setting myself up for some bashing if there is something wrong with it.

Oh well.

So let's all cross our fingers and hope that Company AP decides to use the materials provided by Company B.

Walkin' Butterfly #3 Released

Walkin' Butterfly is out.

Walkin' Butterfly #3 Finishing Up?

M-san from Company AP called me today.
She wanted to know how I wanted to be credited for Walkin' Butterfly #3.
Just in case I didn't want my name in it...she said.

That's very sweet of her.

Anyway, I guess they're about to print soon.
I think it's hitting stores in May.

Finished Walkin' Butterfly #3

I finished Walkin' Butterfly #3.

This volume shows a little bit of Mihara's past, which makes him likable.

Anyway, hopefully Company AP likes my first project with them.
Crossing fingers!

I didn't get to sleep much, so I was knocked out for the entire day.
I also had a slight fever...I guess my body was battling something.
I hope it's nothing serious because I have a pretty busy weekend/week coming up, not to mention 3 days in a hotel while they fumigate my condo.

New Project

I went to go see a new client yesterday.
We first met at San Diego Comic-Con, but then again at Yaoi-Con.
I'm glad all these trips I'm taking are giving me work.

So, I got a new project.

It's coincidence that my good friend Ed at MangaCast just reviewed the first volume.

The title is Walkin' Butterfly from Company AP.
I'll be taking over the project from volume 3.

Luckily the project is not due until January 2008.