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Bandai Entertainment Party

Tonight was the Bandai Entertainment party.

I saw a lot of old friends, and it was a lot of fun.

Farewell BEI Party

Thanks, Bandai Entertainment!

Star Driver

Star Driver

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

Since holidays are really irrelevant with my job,
I spent the weekend doing the same thing as usual.

Although I did watch a lot of Star Driver on
For work, of course.

The mecha was designed by Shigeto Koyama, an acquaintance of mine.
So I was happy to watch something he worked on.

When what I worked on comes out, I'll post again.

Lelouch 8

I'm currently working on Lelouch 8, the last volume of the manga series.
It's the last book and it's fatter than the other volumes...please check Company BEI's store for the price when it comes out.
It's about 240 pages.

This volume covers the aftermath of the first F.L.E.I.J.A incident until the end.

Please look forward to it!

P.S. Happy birthday, daddy!
(It's my father's birthday today)

Cell Phone Picture

My sister got a new cell phone.
It's a Kyocera Loft, that looks like a BlackBerry.

It's one of those phones that you can assign a picture and a ring tone.
Since I was sickly with the food poisoning and all, my sister took a picture of one of my next assignments that was on the table nearby.

...She took a picture of Lelouch and Rolo cooking on the cover of Code Geass Knights #4.

Not only do I look otaku when I call her, I'll look fujoshi...

Here is the stack of books Company BEI gave me at AX.
It was a bit embarrassing walking the long hallway with it.

Code Geass Anthology

Geass Knight & Queen Announced

I haven't posted for a while.

I have been working, so please scroll down to see what I've been doing the past few months.
At least those that can be announced.

I'm currently working on the Code Geass anthology manga.

As a fan of Tohdoh I would've preferred more Tohdoh.
So far, there's a shot of him wearing a fundoshi.

Not exactly the fan service I wanted.

Please check it out when it's out in May/June.

Finished Code Geass Novel Stage 4

I am just about finished with Code Geass' last novel, Stage 4 - ZERO.

This volume covers a lot, starting from the preparation of the Specially Administered Zone of Nippon until the end when Zero and Suzaku face off.
It's loaded with information, and a lot that was not covered in the anime is described.

My favorite parts are the scenes between Euphy and Cornelia.
There is one section where Euphy reveals to Cornelia that she plans to forgive Zero's sins by giving up her rights to the throne.
An explanation is given on why there is such a privilege, and both me and my adapter thought it was quite interesting.

I've said many times before, but this novel is really the best thing out of all the different ways Code Geass was told. Of course, watching the anime will help visually, but the novel fills in so much of the gaps and gives you so many insights on what all the different characters were thinking.

So I'm really curious why there hasn't been any reviews on the novel.
If anyone wrote one or know of any, please let me know...

My adapter and I really work hard on this project.
We do a lot of back-and-forth to figure out the best way to express what the author wrote.
So I'd like to know there are people out there reading this title! :D

Finished Lelouch #6

Code Geass Lelouch manga #6 is done.
Starting from this volume is season 2.
So we have Rolo and stuff.

There is also some bonus manga at the end.

Code Brown Code Geass

My editor at Company BEI emailed me how he was about to send three books to me:

Nightmare of Nunnally #2
Lelouch manga #5
Code Geass novel #3

He was able to send me Nunnally, but had to wait a few days for the other two because he accidentally "drowned it in coffee."
He said to not worry because he had multiple copies.

For a moment, I thought it was because he had injured his left hand and was only using one hand.
But he said that he was a big clutz and had nothing to do with his hand.

Anyway, I got the other two books yesterday.
I was flipping through Lelouch #5 when...

I noticed that the last few pages were crinkly.

I looked at the bottom and sure enough, it was brown.

I guess the extra copies weren't completely safe.

Lelouch manga #5 has a bonus manga at the end featuring a story about when Lelouch, Suzaku, and Nunnally are younger.
It's a nice story to read along with Novel 0.
Please buy both and support my work!

P.S. "Code Brown" is sort of from Monsters vs Aliens, in case no one notices...

Milly and Lloyd

One cute storyline they have in Novel #2 regards Milly and Lloyd.
In the anime, there's a scene where Milly and Lloyd are doing their arranged meeting at the base.
A chapter in the novel picks up a little bit after that, where they go on a date in a more "normal" setting.

It explains the reason why Lloyd was interested in Milly.
(And it's not her big boobs).

Anyway, please look forward to it when it comes out.

It's BS

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Since I have a ton of work to do I didn't bother wearing green because I figured I was not going to go outside anyway.

There is a part in the novel where Nunnally mentions card games Lelouch is good at.
Unfortunately the names of those games are "Bullshit" and "Assholes."

Now my rewriter and I both agree we don't want Nunnally talking like that.

I gave suggestions to my client to see what they wanted to do with it, so please look forward to what they decided.

Code Geass Lelouch Manga #3 Released

Please check it out.
And the other Code Geass stuff coming out, too!

Finished Nightmare of Nunnally #1

Happy Friday the 13th!

I finished Nightmare of Nunnally #1.
This story has a bunch of new concepts introduced, so those who are used to Lelouch, Suzaku, and Kallen getting all the glory might be thrown off.

I'm really bothered by the young girls' panty shots.
I mean, they're only 14 or so...

So wrong.

Code Geass Novel 1 Shadow Released

This is out.
I haven't looked over it at all, since I'm still working on Novel 2.
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