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Victorious Boxers Released

Victorious Boxers Revolution on Wii is out.
Check it out for some butt-kicking action!


Victorious Boxers: Revolution Announced

This is late news, but Company X announced the video game I worked on.

Victorious Boxers: Revolution!
It's for the Wii.

As the title suggests, it's a boxing game.

There are many control options you can choose, but the main thing is to use the Wii mote and nunchak to punch, sway, duck, etc.

For someone who's never read Hajime no Ippo, this was hard.
So I researched websites, borrowed the DVDs from my friend S from Company G, etc.
I didn't know anything about boxing either, so I looked up rules and stuff too.
Now every time I see boxing on TV, I watch it for a while, now that I understand the sport.

The video game follows the story of Hajime no Ippo (manga) closely, so fans of the manga should enjoy it.
But you don't need to know the manga to enjoy the boxing elements.

It's coming out in Fall of 2007.

I think I like Volg the best.
He looks pretty cute in the video game.
Cuter than the manga, at least.