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Hulk vs Wolverine Trailer is Out

I was looking through the San Diego Comic-Con programming schedule when I found a panel called: Hulk vs Wolverine.


It's the project I worked on a while back!

So if anyone likes Hulk or Wolverine (or both!) please check out the Hulk vs Wolverine panel on Thursday at 4:15pm in Hall H.

The trailer is available for viewing here.

The DVD is coming out in January 2009.

Finished Project

I just pulled an all-nighter to finish a project for Company M.
(I know I'm sick and I'm supposed to be resting, but deadlines don't wait for you!)

It was English to Japanese, so it's actually not that hard.
It's interesting because I've worked on the same content (characters) before and that was also English to Japanese.

I wonder if my client knew?
It was on my resume/work list, but I don't think they really look through those thoroughly.

I also did a quick rush job (English to Japanese) for Company DR too.

It's a nice change of pace.

I wish more companies will give me E to J.