One Potato Two


Half X Way

I am just about half way done with Devil X Devil.

I don't like using vulgar words, so I usually don't use them in my translations too, but I might have to in this book.

What can I say? They're devils and very emotional.

The first two stories are about devils, the third is a short about angels, then a monk-in-training and his childhood friend, then a spoiled brat and his servant, then childhood friends again.

So far I haven't done any hentai (yaoi or yuri) that use a name I am familiar with.
You know, like a friend or cousin's name.
I hope it stays that way.

Devil X Devil Announced

Company DQ announced Devil x Devil by Sachiyo Sawauchi.

There are a couple of stories in here, but the main one is about a devil named Hotei and a fallen angel Suzaku.
Hotei is a runt among devils who even has a hard time transforming into human. Suzaku always picks on him for that.

One day, Hotei finds a way to transform into a young boy, and decides to have revenge against Suzaku.

...Something like that.

Definitely an 18+ manga.

I will start working on this next week.