One Potato Two



I got a sample of FREEDOM 5.

The footage of Morita-san and Sato-san here in So-Cal is in this volume. voice and my name is in that footage.

Oh no.
My nasally voice is sooooo gross.

FREEDOM is going to end in the next volume?
I can't wait.

FREEDOM at Anime Expo

I guess Company BV announced the stuff happening at AX regarding FREEDOM.

First, they'll be screening FREEDOM throughout the convention.
They're building a "mini-theater" in the booth that seats 30 at a time to show FREEDOM in HD!
It's really nice in HD...
I saw the mock-up layout for the theater, and it's pretty stylish too.

The booth number is 1605.

Director Morita & series planner Sato will be at the first screening on Saturday to interact with the fans.

I already talked about the panel, so moving on to the autograph session.

The autograph session will be at the booth on Sunday at 4:30pm.
Fans who buy FREEDOM DVDs or FREEDOM-related goods are eligible for autographs.

So...see you all next weekend!

The Earth Was Blue

I watched FREEDOM 1-3.
I saw part of 1 at Company BV's office in HD.
It's soooooo pretty!!!

Once you go HD, you really can't go back...

I saw a clip of Blu-ray Paprika in Japan too.
It was nice.

It would be funny if they start making high definition anime where the characters have wrinkles and blemishes, and you can only see them on high definition versions.

Anyway, back to FREEDOM.

I like it.

I'm not a big fan of Otomo's art (they have huge foreheads, no?), but oh well.
I really like the Nissin noodle references.
Especially in episode 3.
"Food supply!"

The only Nissin noodle flavor I like is the SEAFOOD one.
Nissin Seafood Review

There will be a FREEDOM panel at Anime Expo on Friday, 6pm at Live Programming Room #1 (the ballroom?).
Director Morita (he also worked on Kakurenbo) and series planner Sato (screen writer for Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo) will be there.

It seems that director Morita is very fan-friendly.
He's very interested in what the viewers think of his work, and I'm sure he'd love to hear opinions of USA fans.

So please come if you can!
I'm studying really hard to make the panel satisfying for the fans and the creators.

I'm assuming there will be an autographing session too, so please stay tuned for more info.

Gunbuster DVD Released

Gunbuster DVD is out today.

Please look for it.

Anime LA Gunbuster Premiere

I went to Anime LA to help out a little with Company BV's Gunbuster Premiere.
(Episode 1 only)

The president of Company BV USA was there, and he made a couple of big (?) announcements.
Like...something people would be interested in.

I wonder if any reporters were there?
At least forum posters.

This was the first time seeing the Gunbuster packaging, and it's sooooo good.
K-san, the president, was very proud of it.
And he has the right to be.
The booklet is nice too.

The image below is K-san and a major Gunbuster fan holding the DVD, booklet, and a figure set the fan brought to the panel.
(Figures are not part of the DVD set).

And here are some One Piece cosplayers I took that came out well.
(It was outside and still sunny then).

Oh, that was my first time watching Gunbuster, and I fell in love with coach Ohta when he took off his sunglasses!!!

If I tell the Company G staff, they will once again claim I like oyaji's...

Gunbuster Manga Card

I translated something else for Gunbuster.

Company BV announced on their Gunbuster site a while ago that they will be giving away manga cards.

The details from the Gunbuster website:

For a limited time only, we will give away a Trailer Manga Card drawn by renowned illustrator & manga artist Haruhiko Mikimoto (also famous for character designer for Macross) to EVERYBODY who purchases a Gunbuster DVD!! All you need to do is as easy as picking a bean with hands of Machine Weapon.

Step 1: Buy the DVD
Step 2: Watch all six episodes
Step 3: Fill out the survey postcard enclosed in the DVD
Step 4: Mail the postcard (don’t forget to put a stamp on it)
Step 5: Keep practicing Lightning Kick until Gunbuster delivers the Trailer Manga Card to you

The Trailer Manga Card is highly collectible. Do you know why? Because it’s never been available anywhere in the world…or even in the galaxy! It was drawn back in 1988, even before Gunbuster was released in Japan! Don’t worry. We won’t keep you wait for 12,000 years to send you the card.

Though, keep it in mind that this offer is first-come-first-served. This jaw-dropping campaign ends March 30th, 2007 as long as supplies last.

I think the coach drawn by Mikimoto is very hot.

Gunbuster Site is Up

The Gunbuster English site is up.

Although the work I did on it is not up yet...

I'm assuming it's supposed to go here.

In other news...

I got a new client.
Company DQ.

I also got new work from Company T.
I will be taking over from volume 3.
I can't say the title yet, because it's not official.
(It is when I get the work order).

Still working on Title M & Title D.

Finished Gunbuster

Happy Halloween.

The whole day I totally forgot it was Halloween, but the neighborhood kids and TV keeps reminding me.
Oh, and Google, who helped me much during the translation notes.

Anyway, I couldn't go anywhere or do anything Halloween-ish because of my deadlines.

Just an update on all the work I have of today:

(in order of due date)

E'S #1 extra pages
Light novel
E'S #2 stuff
Unannounced manga A
June Pride (deadline not set yet)
Other unannounced manga

Okay, I finally finished the Gunbuster thing.
I learned a lot about stuff that happened before I was born...

I guess it's going to be on their website, so please look for it when it goes up.

Finished Everything But

I didn't work at all Saturday because of the Endless Shrimp(TM) party at Red Lobster, then some geekiness at A's house.

We also had an Ugly Betty marathon.

The telemundo parts are very funny.

I think I like the show because there are a lot of mean people.

I like mean people, because they are funny.
I'm mean but I'm not funny.
Well, it's funny to me and I laugh silently inside my head, but I'm sure the people I'm mean to don't think it's funny.

Anyway, I finished the Company JRI documents first because they were the easiest.

Then I did the English proficiency test thing so I can get that out of the way.

Now I'm back to working on Gunbuster.

What's going to take me long are the translation notes.
I hope I can finish tomorrow so I can go back to working on the manga and the novel...

FLCL All Over Again?

I am currently working on something for Gunbuster.

It's a short blurb about the various movies, books, and etc that influenced Gunbuster.

With the old references, I feel like I'm working on the FLCL booklet all over again.

I never knew the title came from "Top Gun" and "Ace wo Nerae!"
I know it must be obvious, but I really didn't think a tennis manga would inspire a sci-fi anime, you know?

Anyway, I remember talking to Tsurumaki-san, the director of FLCL and Gunbuster 2, and he said he joined GAINAX because of Gunbuster.
So I guess the similarities of the otaku-ness of both work is understandable.

I'm not making much progress because I am distracted by the newest light novel I got.
It's by author Jiro Akagawa, probably most famous for his "Calico Cat Holmes" series and "Sailor Uniform and a Machine Gun" series.
Actually, I haven't read much of both series.

I'm reading his "Sayaka Sugihara" series, where the characters age every year as the book is released every year.
Sayaka was 15 when the series started, she is now 32 in the book I'm reading.
(This book was released last year, she's actually 33 now).

I didn't take it to Yaoi Con because I knew it'll distract me from my freelance work.
And it is distracting me...sigh.
(This is my 3rd time reading the same book).