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Cigarette Kisses? Really?

Cigarette Kisses is available on Kindle.

I'm sad that they kept the lesser appealing cover and logo design, but at least it's out.

If you're one of the few who has a Kindle, please check it out.
(I don't know ANYONE who owns a Kindle...sorry Amazon).


Finished Cigarette Kisses

I finished Cigarette Kisses.
Well, at least the translation part of it.

The author talks about how it's a change from her other work and it's very serious, but there are funny parts too.

Like the line:
"I can't tell him that my ass hurts."

Now I'm moving on to Shugo Chara 6 and more yaoi.
They're due the same week, so I'm trying to get a head start on one of them.

Working on Cigarette Kisses

I'm putting Code Geass aside to work on Cigarette Kisses.
The author, Nase Yamato is known for her shota boys, but this story is about businessmen.

There's an analogy to smoking and giving up on feelings that "are bad for you."

Anyway, it's been a while since working on yaoi, so I'm struggling.
With the graphics.
Or looking at it.
Luckily there's not much.

After this and Code Geass, my next project will be yaoi again.
I guess I better get used to it...

Galaxy Angel II #3 Released

I don't know when it was exactly released...but it should be out or will be out soon.
I already received my I'm assuming.

Three From Company B Released

A bunch of manga I worked on is out today.

Coyote Ragtime Show #2

My Dearest Devil Princess #1

Pet on Duty

KAMUI #9 Released

KAMUI #9 is out.

I like the version of Kojomaru in this volume better.


Designer C worked on the coding all week,
so I thanked him by preparing some of the text for the little parts here and there.

One thing I found out in this process is the history of the boysenberry.

It's a hybrid of berries that was discovered by a man named Boysen.
So that's why it's called boysenberry.

It was sold at the Knott's Berry Farm.

Speaking of Knott's Berry Farm, I went there the other day for Halloween Haunt.
And today I went to Magic Mountain.

Roller coasters are fun.

Designer C and I are hoping to have the site up by next week.
I think production manager S will send out a press release when that happens.

Until then...there's a mailing list sign up thing if you're interested.

E'S #4 Released

E'S #4 is released.

More psychics!
More mysteries!
More hot Eiji.

Murder Princess #2 Out

Murder Princess #2 is released.
This ends the series, which is a shame.
This is what happens when magazines go down.

It's a short and sweet series.
Please check it out.

A Great E'S Review

I visit MangaBlog everyday.
Even on weekends when she is mostly too busy with her personal life (I'm assuming) to update.
Because I'm hoping that she was kind enough to post...and sometimes I get a treat.

Today was one of those days she updated on a weekend, and it was a HUGE treat.
She reviewed E'S #1 & #2.

MangaBlog reviews are one of the best.
Her amazing talent shows especially when summarizing a complicated series like E'S.
(Her review on KAMUI was superb too).

She picks up important details but is concise.
The review is just the right length...
Okay, I'm not going to get into detail about how great her writing is.
It's already known in the manga blogosphere.

But please please please read it if you haven't picked up E'S yet.

The injustice I do to E'S when I try explaining it on this blog is made up for.
Thank you, MangaBlog.

I like how she noticed the extras in the back.
(Volume 1 has a "Guide to Gald," and volume 2 has a pamphlet-type propaganda-like text to recruit psychics to join Ashurum).
They take a long time to do, perhaps maybe half of the time I spend translating the entire book.
And the graphics person, Keiran, would transform my ugly sketches into lovely lovely layouts.

Oh, I should work on planning out the extras in volume 5.

Title Says All

Today I worked on Sex Friend a bit.

Just like how the title is straightforward, the content (what the characters say) are straightforward too.

So reading it (especially if you read it out loud) is quite embarrassing.

But I don't know which is more embarrassing.
Straightforward lines or sexually graphic art?

Hmm. Maybe lines.
I remember it was really embarrassing to translate the lines of the girl characters in hentai games.
But looking at screencaps or images from the games weren't that bad.

KAMUI #8 Released

KAMUI #8 is out today.

The cover is great.
Please look for it in the stores.

Finished Galaxy Angel II #3

I finished Galaxy Angel II #3.

The stories featured Nano-nano, a little bit of Lily, and Kahlua/Tequila.

You know, I forgot to keep the rating in mind when I was translating.
There was a joke about one of the guys trying to pick up Nano-nano, and I casually put in a pedophile joke.

Bah, maybe they'll take it away.

Pedophile jokes are not funny!
...So people say.

Now I'm working on some more video game stuff.

I need a summer vacation.
(Or was that San Diego Comic-Con?)
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